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11 Unique Birthday Gift For Men That Will Really Make You Stand Out!

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Want to stand out with your gift for his next birthday? You’ve come to the right place!

There are hundreds of gift options you could get your lucky recipient, but why not get something more unique that really stands out?

In this edition of my gift-giving guides, I’ll give you 11 recommendations for unique and unconventional gifts that he’s sure to love.

Note: I’m not affiliated with any of the sites I’m linking to, I simply just recommend their products!

Let’s get into it!

#1 Help Him Trace His Bloodline Back With An Ancestry DNA Kit

Get him a kit from Ancestry that’ll allow him to trace his genetic heritage and explore his family tree! This is an excellent way to learn all about how he specifically ended up where he is through hundreds of years of ancestors coming together.

Most Americans and Canadians are a mix of tons of different races and ethnicities, and this is a great way for him to connect with his ancestral past and identity.

Unique 50th Birthday Gift For Men

#2 gift him good ol’ nostalgia with a Retro arcade machine

Get him a mini retro arcade machine, which is a small little cabinet filled with all the classics for some nostalgia-filled fun.

If you know that he frequented the arcades as a youngster, or maybe even owned some games himself, this is the perfect present for him to relive some of those memories.

Check out your options right here!

Retro styled arcade games joystick

#3 give him the gift of class with an engraved Pocket watch

This one is a guaranteed big hit, regardless of your recipient’s style.

A personally engraved pocket watch is a beautiful and elegant timepiece that, in addition to being a beautiful present, may remain a family heirloom for years to come.

Head on over to, browse their selection of watches and chains, and select a message or engraving you think he’ll enjoy the most.

We can’t tell you exactly what to engrave, since only you know your recipient – but engravings like the family name, his name, his children’s names, a message of love, or a quote from his favorite artist are all good choices.

Old pocket watch in the hands of a man

#4 gift him brand new flavors with Gourmet salt collection

There are so many options to really enhance the flavor of food and cooking, and even if you guy isn’t a top-tier chef – even he can appreciate new flavors and salts from around the world.

That’s why we recommend getting a gourmet salt collection like this one! This way he can try all sorts of fun and tasty salts, and maybe even find a new favorite!

Mix of different salt types on grey concrete background. Sea salts, black and pink Himalayan salt

#5 Bluetooth vinyl turntables are amazing and unique gifts

Get him a modern “vinyl” record player that connects wirelessly from your phone! These look beautiful in the home, sound great, and are an excellent way to mix the old-fashioned and the new.

I can guarantee no one else is getting him this one!

Check out the most affordable options here.

Close up of turntable neede on a vinyl record

#6 step up his mixology game with a DIY cocktail kit

There’s a reason every bar you go to has all these fancy and unique house cocktails you’ve never seen before: it’s because mixology is an entire profession with literally millions of flavor profiles.

Get him a DIY cocktail/mixology kit that comes with a variety of spices, bitters, and aromas so that he can experiment with making the perfect cocktail!

Just pick a kit that uses his favorite alcohol and you’re all set.

My top recommendation is definitely the old-fashioned whiskey set, that comes with a smoker. But there are separate options for gin, tequila, vodka, and rum as well, so pick what he’ll enjoy the most.

And of course, you’ve gotta get him a bottle of his favorite liquor to go with it so he can get started right away.

Smoked rosemary old fashioned cocktail on a table

#7 Gift Him Infinite Herbs With An Indoor Hydroponic Garden

Gift your recipient the dopamine boost that comes from growing his own herbs by getting him an indoor hydroponic garden!

These mini-gardens function the same regardless of the climate you’re in, and allow him to grow his favorite herbs a-plenty – as well as receiving the satisfaction of having some plants around.

Check out all the options you got right here.

From: Amazon

#8 Personalized sound wave art for maximum uniqueness

Did you know that you can turn sounds into beautiful art? Over at or, you can order beautiful art pieces, accessories, or anything else sound wave-related for your recipient.

The process is simple, you simply turn something of significance to your recipient into sound waves. It could be his favorite song, the heartbeats of his children, you telling him how much he means to you, an “I love you”, wedding vows, or anything else you can think of.

Be creative with it, and create a truly personalized and unique gift!


#9 get crazy with it by gifting him an Adventure experience

Gift your recipient a unique experience they’ve never had before, like skydiving, a helicopter ride, a hot air balloon ride, shark diving, or anything else under the sun that you can think of.

Go to, put in your ZIP code, and see what fun stuff is near you! Make sure the family or friend group tags along as well of course!

Helicopter ride in the setting sun, person from behind

#11 bless those tastebuds with an Exotic spices and seasoning collection for his 50th!

This one is especially great if your recipient likes to routinely fire up the grill, or knows how to prepare a good steak.

Get him a set of rare and flavorful spices from all around the world that can really enhance some of his culinary adventures. There are tons of options all over the internet, so get something that looks the most fun.

To make the gift even more unique, go to the local butcher and get a nice couple of nice cuts for him as well as a bottle of his favorite liquor.

If cooking happens to be a passion of his, consider checking out my gift-giving guide for men who loves to cook!

Still life of exotic and hot spices

And There You Have It! 11 Unique Birthday Gift For Men That He Is Sure To Love

No matter what type of gift you decide to give for his upcoming birthday, the most important thing is that it comes from the heart.

If you’re not sold on any of these, that’s okay! I happen to have lots of other guides for you to browse through right here.

If your recipient is obsessed with sports, check out our gift-giving guide for the sports-obsessed dad right here. If you’re looking for gifts for Dad we have a great guide right here, and if he already claims he has everything and doesn’t want a gift, check out our guide for the man who has everything.

Good luck!

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