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The Perfect White Elephant Gift Ideas For Less Than $20

It’s that time of the year again!

White Elephant is a fantastic activity for any classroom, work bonding activity, family get-together, church or even drunken hangouts with your friends.

Getting the perfect white elephant gift is an art in itself; it has to be funny, unique, cheap, but also just not stupid enough to where it gets thrown out right away.

I am the champion of White Elephant gift-giving, so let me give you 19 great white elephant gift ideas under $20 for this year’s round of every American’s favorite gift-giving game!

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Get a quirky coffee mug

The most common, useful, and fun gift to give at any White Elephant game is a quirky coffee mug.

I personally love this one the most!


Illuminate their toilet bowl with this toilet night light

Make whoever ends up with this one toilet bowl stand out!

It's fun, it's cheap, and it's undoubtedly unique!

Get the best one here.


Hilarious socks are always a big hit

Funny socks are a true classic because there are so many things you can do with it.

I always love to personalize it to whichever group I'm in, but a fan favorite is this pair right here.


Help relieve some stress with a desktop punching bag

Let your recipient release all the frustration that comes with sitting on their desk doing work or homework for hours with a desktop punching bag!

I got the inspiration for this one when I saw my little baby cousin hit it any time he got mad at his video game.

Get it here.


Make sure they got a +1 for the next party with grow-a-boyfriend/girlfriend

Okay, this one is for older teenagers and above only!

I just couldn't resist putting these on the list because it was such a success at a White Elephant I played years ago.

Bring a pair of grow-a-boyfriend and grow-a-girlfriend for some hilarity and opportunity to make fun of your favorite single friend (its me, I'm the single friend).


Prevent overly long bathroom breaks with a silly toilet sand timer

Especially great for the teenage boys and dads of the house, this funny toilet timer is a great addition to any bathroom.

If kids are playing at the table, they're gonna cackle at this one.

Get it here!


Allow guests to leave humorous remarks with this bathroom guest book

Saw something like this at a frat party a million years ago back in college and found all the entries from drunk frat boys hilarious.

Turns out it's also a fun and great present for any household, regardless of age and sobriety levels!

There are bunch of different ones, but I personally like this one the most since it's more of a fill-in-the-blank kinda activity.


Get answers to all your most pressing questions with a sassy, sarcastic magic 8-ball

It's like an 8-ball, but way more sassy and sarcastic.

Just ask it a yes or no question, and it'll respond like a 10-year-old girl who just discovered sarcasm.

This one has over 15 different responses!


Keep'em cool in a cute manner with a piglet USB-powered dektop fan

Bring this super cute and wholesome piglet USB-powered desktop fan!

It's useful, cute, decorative, and funny.

The perfect White Elephant gift.

Get it here.


Keep their fingers clean with a potato chip grabber

A genius, innovative, quirky and fun present: a potato chip grabber.

The perfect gift for anyone who wants to enjoy some snacks while gaming, using their phone, or doing anything else that wouldn't do well with greasy cheeto-fingers.

I unironically bought this for myself years ago so I could snack while writing my blog posts.

This is the one I got!


Help them store things in a slightly gross but funny way with a belly wait pouch

Why get them a boring ol' fanny pack when you can help get that dad-bod going with a hairy belly waist pouch like this one!

Is it gross? A little.

Is it functional? Yes!



Remind the boys to flush with a glow-in-the-dark Yoda toilet decal

Going back to the theme of toilets... did you know that toilet decals exist?

Well now you do, and they're hilarious!

Make sure every boy in the house is reminded to flush with this Yoda flush decal.


Keep them warm in a fun manner with a mermaid tail blanket

This one is mostly targeted at kids under 13-14, so keep that in mind.

But this super cute mermaid tail blanket is the perfect gift to any kid or preteen White Elephant party!


Nicolas Cage Sequin Pillow. Enough said.

Wanna be really quirky and different?

Why not bring a Nicolas Cage sequin pillow?

Alternatively you can get some other celebrity you like, but there's something indescribably hilarious about Nicolas Cage. Not sure why.

I chuckle every time I look at this.

Get it here!


Who doesn't love pizza? Why not make sure they can wrap themselves in it?

If you wanna go with a blanket that fits all ages but is still hilariously funny, this is the one for you.

This pizza blanket is scarily realistic looking, and is a hilarious addition to the game.

It's also always fun to play with gifts that have a little extra volume!


No more boring ol' jigsaw puzzles with nature fonts. Get them 100 pooping puppies.

Jigsaw puzzles are always great additions to games of White Elephant, you just gotta make sure you make them funny.

A big hit I've seen with all age-ranges is this 100 pooping puppies 1000 piece puzzle!


Keep them dry from the rain in the most innovative way possible with a hand-free umbrella hat.

It's unique, it's funny, and you probably didn't even know it existed.

This oversized umbrella hat is a great white elephant gift, because it's useful and super stylish.



Bring some humor to the party with an (in)appropriate joke book

Get this extremely inappropriate dad joke book for your next round of White Elephant, and I guarantee you that the eye-rolling aftermath of overtly silly dad jokes is going create at least some extra entertainment.

Functions wonderfully as table decor as well!

If you're looking for something appropriate for kids, you can go with this one instead.


Help keep their money save in the most creative way possible with a Peanut Butter & Jelly wallet.

Is it a PB & Jelly sandwich, or a wallet? We may never know!

Either way, it's a super fun White Elephant present! And functions great as a decoy from pesky thieves and pickpocketters.

Get it here.


And there you have it! 19 Fun and quirky White Elephant presents to make you the favorite of the party this year!

The wonderful thing about White Elephant is that you don't actually have to put that much thought into it.

Most of the time, you just want to aim for something cheap and unserious that will make people still fight for it because it's unique and funny.

If the pressure is getting to ya, you can go with literally any one of these one the list and I promise people are going to be fighting to have it on their side.

Looking for other gift-giving guides? I have a ton of birthday gift ideas for all sorts of people that you can find right here.

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