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Romantic 50th Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Wife

Present for wife

Is your wife’s birthday coming up? Are you panicking because you’re “so bad at getting presents?”.

Don’t worry my dear friend, because I have your back!

Not only am I a literal professional gift-giver, but I also double as a wife who knows exactly what she likes — and what her friends like.

When you’re getting your wife a birthday present, you want to find the perfect line between romantic, personal, and unique and this edition of my gift-giving guide will cover just that.

Let’s get into it!

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Sometimes cliche is good, so gift her some personalized jewelry

The most beautiful, romantic and personalized gift of all is personalized jewelery.

And no, I don't mean going to your local Fred Meyer's and just picking whatever you think looks good.

It also doesn't have to run you a grand.

Get her a decent personalized, engraved and customized piece by you from either Kendra Scott or Myka.

It could be her birthstone, a necklace with your wedding date engraved, your initials together or anything else you think she'd love!

Wedding bracelet and necklace. Woman trying on jewelry bracelet. Bride with treasure. Woman with

Go all out with a planned and romantic getaway

Plan a nice trip somewhere she'll enjoy!

It doesn't have to be to Bali or Paris, it could just be a nice getaway to the town or state over. The place doesn't matter as much as you planning something for the two of you to have some alone time.

Even more importantly, plan it so she doesn't have to worry about any of the details or paperwork. Make sure you've taken care of accommodation, transportation and a babysitter and enjoy some well-deserved time together!

... the effort here is the real gift.

Senior couple, beach and picnic on blanket for romantic getaway, travel or valentines day celebrati

Gift her the ultimate romantic gesture by renewing your vows

If planing a trip is about out of your budget, you can plan a renewal of your vows!

It's a beautiful and romantic gesture, and though it of course will cost a bit it's a great way for your to put together a vow renewal ceremony with close friends and family.

It can be at your house with a potluck, as long as you're the one hosting it I guarantee she will appreciate it so much (but make sure to also get her a little present to go with it!)

Closeup of the hands of a couple holding each other over a bouquet

Let her reminice in your beautiful relationship with a curated photo album

Make a photo-album compiling all the memorable photos of your years together.

You can simply go to Shutterfly and put together some wonderful memories and some added notes.

The beauty of our modern day lives are the constant documentation of our lives, memories and important events.

Frame it like a timeline: from when you first met, to the first date, first few dates, engagement, wedding and everything since.

Beautiful, simple, affordable, romantic and so so appreciated.



photo books and flowers, photo album

Gift her a custom, commissioned portrait of either her or you

Commission a beautiful portrait of either just her or the two of you.

Not only are you gifting her beautiful and personalized artwork, but you're supporting local artists!



Let her take a day off with a well-deserved spa day


Especially if your wife doubles up as a mom, you want to make sure she gets a real day off -- so take her to the spa!

Make sure she has no responsibilities that day, with no kids or family tasks and let her enjoy a day of pampering.

A facial, warm bath and a good massage does wonders for the stress and psyche.

... and maybe you can do a couples spa day for some extra romantic bonding time?

Spa day

Gift her the night sky by gifting her a map of the stars from a special day


Gift her a star map of her birthday, the day you met or your wedding!

Go to thenightsky.com and choose either a framed photo or jewelry option, then customize it to look just the way she'll like it.

And trust me, if she has any interest in either astronomy or astrology she will absolutely ADORE this gift.

Galaxies in starry night sky

... or name a star after her to immortalize her in the sky

Pick a star or area right here and literally name a star after her!

This way the universe will always have a piece of her floating around up there till the end of time.

Bonus points if she's into astrology of course.

I always recommend not just naming the star their first name, but rather a nickname that means a little bit more and creates a form of uniqueness -- but you know best of course!

Stars of the milky way

Get creative with it and gift her a personalized wine

Did you know you can personalize wine?

Get her a bottle of something you know she'll enjoy over at personalwine.com and customize the label, box and card into a beautiful romantic and personal gesture.

It's sweet, affordable and super personal to her!

Bottles of Red Wine

Gift her the ultimate gesture with a personalized and grand flower arrangement

I absolutely love receiving flowers.

Now of course, if you're a good husband/partner, you're already getting her flowers all the time just because she's the most beautiful woman on the planet - but this time, go overboard.

Go to your local flower shop or order them online at The Bouqs Company, find as elaborate of an arrangement as you're willing to spend money on, write a note and make her birthday both special and romantic.


Flower arrangement background

And There You Have It! 10 Great 50th Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Wife

No matter what type of gift you decide to give for her upcoming birthday, the most important thing is that it comes from the heart.

Whether you pick one of our recommendations or come up with something entirely unique on your own, just try your best to put some thought and effort into making her feel special and loved.

Need gift ideas for someone else? Check out our other gift-giving guides right here.

Good luck!

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