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Personal Birthday Gift Ideas For Women

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Looking to really knock it out of the park with your birthday present this year?

I got you!

A good present doesn’t have to be an expensive one, but rather one that is personal, customized and truly embody the person you are gifting it for.

That is why this edition of my gift-giving guides will cover 11 of my favorite personal birthday gift ideas for women that are sure to impress both your recipient and party.

Let’s get into it!

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Gift her a custom-made photo book that showcases the last 50 years!

Collect as many photos that you can muster from their last 50 years, including old photos of relatives, friends, colleges, towns and anything else they've lived in.

Compile everything and use Shutterfly to put it all together in a beautiful custom photo book with messages and notes.

The closer you are to your recipient the better of course, but this can be a wonderful presents for all kinds of people - just tailor it to match the exact vibe of your recipient!

Cheerful fancy mother and daughter flipping through photo book on couch in living room

Gift her relative immortality by naming a star after her

Pick a star or area right here and literally name a star after her!

This way the universe will always have a piece of them floating around up here.

Bonus points if she's into astrology of course.

I always recommend not just naming the star their first name, but rather a nickname that means a little bit more and creates a form of uniqueness.

But you know best of course!

Stars of the milky way

Create a custom storybook about her life

If you can pull this off I guarantee that you win all the bonus points that come from getting the best gift this year.

At Wonderbly you can create your very own illustrated book.

So make one about her life!

Tell her life story the way you know it best, get some illustrations in there and gift her her very own illustrated biography.

It'll make her feel super special, guaranteed.

Matured caucasian grey-haired woman reading a book at office desk

Commission and artist and gift her super personal artwork

I'm a big fan of supporting artists, and what better way to do so then commissioning a personal painting for her?!

It could be her portrait, her family, her pet, her home or anything else you could think of.

It's a beautiful, personal present that will last on the wall for a lifetime.


For her 50th, gift her a 50 year old vintage bottle of wine!

Alright here is what you do:

Go to Wine-searcher, and put in their birth year. For example 1973 for their 50th birthday.

Read a little about the year, and put that information on a card.

Then select a bottle out of their selection from that year. There are bottles below $100 so you don't need to sell your first-born child to afford this present!

Once the bottle arrive, wrap it up, tell them about their birth year in wine and BOOM: a personal vintage present that can also get you drunk should they choose to open it, or look great on the shelf.

Cool collectors item to have!

Bottles of Red Wine

Find her favorite band or performance' next show and gift her tickets

You know what people don't do enough?

They don't go out to see their favorite bands or theater performances.

A wonderfully underrated personal present is getting them tickets to something you know they'll enjoy. It shows that you know what she likes, and that she gets to watch her favorite band or performance!


Ready for the show

Gift her a custom-made collection of newspaper stories from her birthday

Go to historic-newspapers.com, select her birthday, and get a custom-made collection of the major headlines from that date in a beautiful custom-made leather-wrapped book!

What a fun and unique present!

Closeup Of Pile of Old Newspapers for Recycling

Present her with ultimate personalized comfort with an engraved luxury bathrobe

A woman in comfort is a happy one, and make it personal by customizing it with engravings!

Get her a personalized luxury spa bathrobe with her name, initials or anything else you think would be cool.

Personal and comfort are two buzzwords that go hand in hand for a great present regardless of which direction you decide to take it!

Beautiful mature couple in bathrobes enjoying breakfast together

Make her a true Lady by gifting her a piece of land from her favorite country

Seriously, by her a piece of land!

No, not like a 1000 acre property to built a house on.

Unless you have the money to do that, then definitely do that.

No I'm talking about a tiny piece of land in a country that comes complete with a bunch of history of that land, a certificate and framed photos!

Right here you can select between 12 different countries, or even some American states. If you know their heritage goes back to a certain country, see if you can't get some land there!

Such a fun gift that people love!


Turn sound into art by gifting her custom-made personalized voice art

Now this is the epitome of a personal present if I've ever "heard" one!

Gift them custom voice art that you can generate right here.

It can be of their favorite song, their voice, their children's voices, your voice, the alma maters school song... anything!

Get creative with it and customize it to look as cute as possible, and you have one of the most unique and personal presents you could ever get ahold of.


Remind her of her beauty with a personal photoshoot

I have a feeling that the woman you are shopping for does not have enough recent professional photos of just her. Family don't count!

Hire a professional photographer, or get a friend to come take some great new photos of her to remind her just how beautiful she is!

Better yet, there are lots of ways to make a whole day out of it. Get some cute outfits, put on some make-up and pick a cool location for some beautiful new photos. Why not grab dinner or drinks after as well?

It's always nice to update the social media profile picture (or even dating app!)

cropped view of professional male photographer with digital photo camera in photo studio

And There You Have It! 11 Personal Birthday Gift Ideas For Women

No matter what type of gift you decide to give for her upcoming birthday, the most important thing is that it comes from the heart.

If you’re not sold on any of these, that’s okay! We happen to have lots of other guides for you to browse through right here. For example, if you're looking for a present aimed at the greatest mom in the world, you can check out 13 great gift ideas for supermom.

Good luck!

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