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Birthday Gift Ideas For Women Who “Have everything”

Is the woman who seems to have everything in life having a birthday any time soon?

Are you doing some wack mental gymnastics trying to find a present for her that wont just be tossed aside like most materialistic presents often are for the woman who “has everything”?

I got great news for you, because you’ve stumbled into just the right place!

In this edition of my gift-giving series I’ll be giving you 11 amazing birthday gift ideas for women who claim to “already have everything they need”

Let’s gift into it!

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Gift her an antique wine from a meaningful year

Treat her to a bottle of wine from a year with some meaning to her or your friendship!

She can choose to keep it for a specific occasion, display it somewhere nice or just crack it open right away!

If her birth year gets a little too expensive, it could be the year you met, or she graduated, had her first child, ran her first marathon, got her first big-girl job... anything!

Go to Total Wine or The Wine Connection and check out their selection for the specific year you're thinking of.

Bottles of Red Wine

... or the gift of a star map from a special day

Keeping it in the same vein as highlighting special dates, there are many ways to commemorate an important date.

One of my favorite ways of doing so is gifting a star map of their birthday, or when we met!

Go to thenightsky.com and choose either a framed photo or jewelry option, then customize it to look just the way she'll like it.

And trust me, if she has any interest in either astronomy or astrology she will absolutely ADORE this gift.

Galaxies in starry night sky

Gift her a custom portrait of herself in as style she'll love

It's okay to be a little vein for others sometimes.

Get her a custom portrait of herself commissioned by a professional artist! Make sure it's in a style she wlll appreciate.

I would also recommend staying away from doing caricatures, because even if she does have a self-deprecating sense of humor it is her special day and you'll want the painting to make her look as flattering as possible!


Gift her personalized wine glasses with her initials or family name

These are so easy and such a big hit in almost every household.

You can cop these great customized wineglasses off of Amazon, and put whatever text you think will be best!

I always recommend just going with their last name, or initials. Keep it simple.

Female holding a wine glasses for a date on checked cloth with grape and croissants.

Go all out on personalization and gift her an engraved locket!

You know the drill.

Get her one of these lockets, choose an engraving that she will love, and put a photo of something that means a lot to her inside.

It doesn't have to be something super major (although that's a great ideas as well!) - it can simply be her pet, a photo of grandma, mom, daughter, you or her favorite location.

You know her best so get creative!

Pendant Gold Heart

Boost mental health and air quality by gifting her some beautiful air purifying plants

More plants can never hurt, and I trust that she'll be able to take care of them just fine.

And if you're going to get her a plant, get her something with a few benefits attached to it!

I'd personally recommend going with either peace lily, aloe vera, dracaena, spider plants, Boston ferns or a chrysanthemums.

These plants all look good and help naturally purify the air the household!

Aloe vera. Green tropical plant in a white pot. Green background

Gift her a personalized birthstone bracelet

These are so cute!

Every month has a birthstone, so a beautiful, meaningful and simple gift would be to get her a bracelet like the one linked.

What's convenient about that particular one is that it's minimalistic, affordable and you can simply choose the month right as you buy it.

If you want to get real fancy with it I'd recommend going to a jeweler, but I kinda make the assumption that you're not looking to spend $200+ (though if you are that's great!!)



Remind Her How Beautiful She Is With A Professional Photoshoot

I have a feeling that the woman you are shopping for does not have enough recent professional photos of just her. Family don't count!

Hire a professional photographer, or get a friend to come take some great new photos of her to remind her just how beautiful she is!

Better yet, there are lots of ways to make a whole day out of it. Get some cute outfits, put on some make-up and pick a cool location for some beautiful new photos. Why not grab dinner or drinks after as well?

It's always nice to update the social media profile picture (or even dating app!)

Professional Photography Equipment, Photographer Work Kit.

One Of The Most Underrated Gift Ideas: Concert Or Event Tickets!

Seriously, I don't get why people don't do this more for birthday gifts.

You are never too old to go to a concert (and no, I'm not saying 50 is old)

Check out her favorite artists and see if they're going to be in town, or a nearby town, any time soon.

She will love this!

... also, it doesn't have to be a band. It could be a musical, theater performance, symphony, improv, stand-up -- you name it!


Spice up her bedroom by gifting her some luxury silk bedsheets

"Spice up the bedroom" might be a bad use of words here, but you get what I mean.

These are a game changer when it comes to bedsheets.

No more of that Costco crap, get her some real quality bedsheets. She'll thank you for ever.

home interior, scandinavian style bedroom mock up, bed close up, 3d rendering

Make sure she has the opportunity to really make herself feel beautiful with a professional hair stylist appointment

If she has mentioned even one time in passing that she is remotely interested in doing something different with her hair, this is the way to go.

Not just because you want her to have the best, but because sometimes we need a little push and approval from our friends or loved ones that it's okay to switch things up!

Cover her appointment for a professional high end hair saloon to get her hair done just the way she wants it.

And of course, tell her how beautiful she is after.

Hairstylist curling the customers hair at a beauty salon

And There You Have It! 11 Great Birthday Gift Ideas For The Woman Who Has Everything

No matter what type of gift you decide to give for her upcoming birthday, the most important thing is that it comes from the heart.

Whether you pick one of our recommendations or come up with something entirely unique on your own, just try your best to put some thought and effort into making her feel special.

Need gift ideas for someone else? Check out our other gift-giving guides right here.

Good luck!

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