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Birthday Gift Ideas For Men Who Love Animals

Outdoor nice portrait of adult caucasian man with dog

Like, really loves animals.

Whether he’s been raising all sorts of pups and kittens throughout his life, likes to spend time on the farm or simply just adores animals in general, this guide has got something for him!

When trying to find the perfect gift for someone, you need to channel their passions and personalities to find something that they will truly appreciate. If this man loves his pets, then fuel that love with a fitting gift!

I will be completely honest, a majority of these ideas might just benefit his pet more than him personally – but I left a couple more general ideas at the end as well!

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Gift him a Picturesque Personalized Pet Portrait

Now say that 5 times really fast.

Over at Crown & Paw, you can upload any photo of his pets and customize the perfect portrait!

They have all sorts of paint styles, frames and ideas so knock yourself loose and get creative with it.

As an example, my older brother is a commercial airline pilot, so I turned his golden retriever into a pilot portrait, with a uniform and everything.

That photo still hangs in the entrance hallway of his house, and I will make sure it never leaves.


Help him keep track of the felines with a GPS-activated AirTag!

You might have heard about these before, and that is for a reason.

Apple's AirTags are easily attached to the dog using a collar, and it ensures that the owner can always see where he is. This is especially great for owners who might still be training their dog, have one that loves to run away, or a brand-new puppy.

It also works for cats!

He'll never lose track or sight of his pets again.

You can get the AirTag here and the separate collar that holds it in place here.

Labrador Retriever Dog breed on the field. Dog running on the green grass. Active dog outdoor.

Create a custom-made illustrated book featuring his pet

If you can pull this off I guarantee that you win all the bonus points that come from getting the best gift this year.

At Wonderbly you can create your very own illustrated book.

I unfortunately cannot make one for you, because I don't know your guy or his pets, but if you're familiar with his animals and have access to some photos, you can make an entire book about their pet.

It can be fun facts, a story, just some photos, memories etc.

Get creative with it, and it'll be both a laugh and the memory of a pet saved for a lifetime.

A beautiful cat laying on a bed and holds an open book in its paws

Gift his pet a life of luxury with this fancy-pants pet bed

Why spoil him when you could spoil his pet instead?

Get his pet a luxury pet bed.

It's big, it's comfortable, and it looks great.


Feed the beast by gifting him some high-end pet food or treats

Good pet food, whether it's for dogs, cats or anything else, is not cheap!

Save him the hassle and some money and simply figure out which food he serves the pets, go to the pet store and stack up on as much as you're willing to get.

This is always going to be a good present because regardless of how much they got already, they're gonna at some point have to head out and get more. This saves them both time, money and the hassle.

... and please get him what his pet actually eats, not some Walmart brand. If you don't know what the diet is usually like you can get some fancy pet treats instead!

Dog eating dry feed grom food bowl

Gift him (his pet) some fancy grooming products to stay fresh and fine

Again, this might spoil the pet more than him - but why not get some luxury pet grooming products?

You don't need to go to a fancy groomer to get your pet looking fresh and clean. Get them this kit that ensures they can take care of all of that at home, by themselves.

Always a hit!

Puppy dog grooming, washing or treatment

Prep the pups LinkedIn with a professional photoshoot and headshot

Find a studio near you that do pet photoshoots, and gift them a session!

These photographers are trained to get the best shots possible of their animals, and having some high-quality professional headshots of the family pets is a great addition to any home.

I used Venture back in my New Jersey days, but for the rest of you lucky fellows that don't have to live in NJ, just google "pet photoshoot near me" and you'll be all set.

Black dog pug in a hood in a funny costume. Funny pet portrait

Capture the local birds by gifting him a wildlife camera

Wildlife cameras are so fun, especially if he lives somewhere close to nature.

Even out in the suburbs, setting one of these cameras up next to the bird feeder is a spectacular way to get a close-up shot of the local aviators.

Get it here!

Trail camera for wildlife monitoring attached to a tree with green strap

Set his local birds up with some treats by gifting him a high-quality bird feeder

If he doesn't have one of these bird feeders I cannot recommend getting this enough, especially if you combine it with the wildlife camera!

And of course, you gotta buy him some bird feed to go along with it as well.

You don't need to have pets to attract beautiful animals to your garden, and a bird feeder is the best way to do so.

Three American Goldfinches at the backyard bird feeder

And There You Have It! 9 (p)Awesome Birthday Gift Ideas For Men Who Loves Animals

No matter what type of gift you decide to give for his upcoming birthday, the most important thing is that it comes from the heart.

Whether you pick one of our recommendations or come up with something entirely unique on your own, just try your best to show some interest in his hobbies and you'll already be doing great.

Need gift ideas for someone else? Check out our other gift-giving guides right here.

Good luck!

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