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Geeky Birthday Gift Ideas For Men That He’s Going To Love

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If you need to get a gift for a boy or man who’s obsessed with all sorts of games, movies, TV-shows, or any fictional franchise — this is the guide for you!

In today’s age, a lot of men’s hobbies tend to be more on the geekier side, and there is nothing wrong with that! In fact, it makes them incredibly easy to shop for, so I always appreciate it.

In this guide, I’ll go through a variety of fun and great gifts that you can get your recipient that will not only make him happy to receive a present, but giddy with joy. They’re personal, they’re fun, and best of all: they’re wants, not needs.

And those are the best presents.

Let’s get into it.

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Gift him a fancy colorful mechanical keyboard

If your geeky recipient is a PC gamer, then he's going to need a proper gaming keyboard.

That also looks super cool of course.

This one from Corsair is a mechanical gaming keyboard with customizeable color schemes that light up depending on which game he's playing, and comes complete with a wrist rest and good vibes!


... or a high-quality gaming mouse

In the same vein as the keyboard, all gamers need a good gaming mouse with all those extra buttons for... whatever it is they do.

Get him the hottest and most popular option on the market with the Redragon!


Help him truly immerse himself in his games with noise-canceling gaming headphones

Regardless of what console he plays on, a gamer needs some nice noise-canceling gaming headphones with a high-quality mic attached.

That's why I recommend this one for your recipient!


Give him something fun to put on display with funko pop figures from his favorite franchise

Funko Pop Figures are cute figurines that have character from pretty much any comic, franchise, TV show or game ever made. They're wonderful affordable gift for any geek, regardless of what they love.

Big Game of Thrones fans? Get him something like this!

Star Wars?

Harry Potter?

Literally anything else!?


Help him decorate with vintage posters from his classic movies, series or games

Vintage posters exist of almost any franchise, movie, game and show as well -- so find out what their favorites are and go with that!

For example, I got these great posters for my Star Wars-obsessed uncle and he loved them (my aunt not so much when he insisted on putting them up in the living room).


Gift him a personalized hoodie customized for his favorite media interests

A big part of getting gifts for geeks is to simply customize pretty much anything tailored to their favorite hobbies and franchises.

One great gift I've noticed captures a lot of joy are customized hoodies from their favorite franchises!

Loves Harry Potter? Just put in "harry potter hoodie" in Amazon and you'll be drowning in results. Switch out for whatever he loves the most.

If it exists, someone has made a hoodie of it.


Let him indulge in the lore and beauty of his favorite franchise with a hardcover art book

So many franchies have these gorgeous hardcovers art books available, and I guarantee you that if he's obsessed with any of them he's going to love it.

A lot of these books contain lore from the franchises, concept art and beautiful depictions of characters and locations.

Things like the World of Warcraft Chronicles for the WoW-geeks, or the Galaxy's Edge for Star Wars fans. Again, every franchise has a book (or several!) like this, so I recommend you check it out as a potential gift for your lucky recipient.



Help him gear up against his enemies with a SWORD

Now if you really wanna see them geek out, get them weapons or props from their favorite franchises!

Get a customizable lightsaber for Star Wars fans.

A medieval sword for Game of Thrones fans or the role playing enthusiasts.

Or maybe a wand from Harry Potter?


Encourage social pursuit of his favorite geeky hobby with convention tickets

Every year there are a wide array of conventions for all sorts of geeks.

Massive gatherings where gamers, nerds, and geeks from all sorts of franchises and preferences meet up to enjoy sharing in their hobbies together.

If you happen to live in a place where these are hosted (most major American cities), I recommend you get him some tickets!

Look up tickets for Comic-Con, PAX, AnimeCon, BlizzCon or "gaming convention near me" might do the trick as well.



Gift him a personalized puzzle featuring prints from his favorite franchise

Get them a personalized puzzle from their favorite franchise!

It could be a map of a fantasy world, or just scenes and characters from their favorite movies, shows, comics, or games.

I always love gifting puzzles in this fashion, because when they're done with it, you could also provide a puzzle frame so they can hang it up on the wall once finished!


Get him something fun and unique that lasts for months with a Loot Crate subscription box

Get them a Loot Crate box subscription!

These are super fun boxes that'll come to his door once a month with tons of goodies. Merch of all kinds of games and shows, coupons and limited edition items that he's guaranteed to love.

Every arrival is like a little mini Christmas mornin'!

Happy man unboxing home delivered package.

And there you have it! 11 Geeky Birthday Gift Ideas For Men

Picking out the perfect present is always difficult, but I guarantee you that by simply catering just a little to his interests, hobbies and passions you're already taking a great step forward in your gift giving skills!

For gifts like these, you're not getting needs, you're getting fun gifts that they want but wouldn't treat on themselves, and those are the best gifts in my opinion.

Looking for other gift ideas? Check out our library of gifting guides here!

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