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Funny Birthday Gift Ideas For Women That Will For Sure Draw a Smile

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Want to get something light-hearted and fun for her next birthday?

Whether it’s combined with a more serious gift, or a stand-alone, it can often be a great idea to just gift something that will at least put a smile on their face!

In this guide, I’ll go over 9 proven successful gifts that are not just lighthearted and funny, but actually has a purpose and use to so it just doesn’t end up in the trash.

Let’s get into it!

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Gift her a jigsaw puzzle with her face on it, but don't make it flattering

Alright so this is what you're going to do:

Find the most unflattering, hilarious photo of your friend. Not something mean, but something where she definitely do not look like she'd be on the front page of Vogue.

Then you go right here and slap on a Jigsaw puzzle.

It's hilarious and she's going to love it.


Brighten up her toilet, because that's what good friends do

Make sure her toilet really stands out with these super cool and fun toilet bowl night lights. It will literally illuminate her toilet.

It's fun, cheap, and undoubtedly unique.


Get the best one here.


Turn her into a wuggly bobblehead

Did you know you can get customized bobbleheads of people?

It's awesome, and people love it.

I mean, who wouldn't want a bobblehead figurine of themselves?

Go right here, upload a photo of her as directed and they'll ship you a bobblehead that looks just like her.


Gift her a fidget toy that is also very educational with a coloring book

Get her a coloring book!

But like, a fun one. With bad words in it.

"50 Shades of Swearwords" is my favorite. And of course you gotta buy her some coloring pencils to go with it.


Let her set up warnings for unknowing intruders with a mood swing sign

I don't know I just think it's cute.

Especially if she's got a partner who has to deal with a lot of sass on a regular basis.

Get in here.


Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure.


Get it here.


A wine glas that is actually big enough

Sometimes all you need is a little glass of wine to rewind after the evening.

And sometimes that glass can hold an entire bottle.

Who's to judge?

Get it here.


Get her the greatest gift of all: a Nicolas Cage sequin pillow

Wanna be really quirky and different?

Why not bring a Nicolas Cage sequin pillow?

Alternatively you can get some other celebrity she likes, but there's something indescribably hilarious about Nicolas Cage. Not sure why.

Get it here!


Keep her warm and cozy in a lighthearted and intuitive way with a wearable blanket

If you wanna get something lighthearted that's gonna be used and appreciated, I recommend you go with this wearable blanket.

Perfect for any girl who loves to go full cozy mode.


And There You Have It! 9 Funny Birthday Gift Ideas For Women

No matter what type of gift you decide to give for her upcoming birthday, the most important thing is that it comes from the heart. Or that is funny.

If you’re not sold on any of these, that’s okay! We happen to have lots of other guides for you to browse through right here.

Good luck!

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