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Funny Birthday Gift Ideas For Men That Are… Unique

Man celebrating his birthday on a video call.

Want to go with something funny or light hearted for his birthday this year?

Maybe you’ve already gotten him something else but also want to go with a gag gift. Just because it’s fun.

I think that is great! And lucky for you, I’m a self proclaimed hilarious person that knows all about the best gag gifts that are funny but actually also have some use so it don’t just end up in the trash.

I’ve collected my top 9 funny birthday gift ideas for men right here in this little guide.

Let’s get into it!

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Personalize some socks for him. With his face on'em.

You know what I guarantee you recipient does not own?

Socks with his face on them.

Even better, it could be socks with your face on them.

You decide!

It's super easy to get done, just go right here, hit customize and follow the instructions. Easy peasy.


Light up his toilet in the best way possible, because that's what you do

Make sure his toilet really stands out with these super cool and fun toilet bowl night lights. It will literally illuminate his toilet.

It's fun, cheap, and undoubtedly unique.


Get the best one here.


It's strange being the same age as old people, don't you think? Get him a tumbler that reminds him

Sometimes I really do want to get my recipients something useful that they can enjoy in every-day life; but I also don't want to let them get off the hook easy.

Always remind him how old he is now. Acceptance is the first stage.

Get him this high quality 40oz tumbler that will remind him of just that.


When a normal flask just wont do it, get a bigger one

Get him a comedically oversized flask in the shape of a barrel.

It'll be useful for him, I'm sure!

Get it here.


Get him a fun little jigsaw puzzle for him. With the most unflattering photo imaginable.

Alright so this is what you're going to do:

Find the most unflattering, hilarious photo of him. Not something mean, but something where he definitely do not look like he's a Calvin Klein model.

Then you go right here and slap it on a Jigsaw puzzle.

It's hilarious and he's going to love it.

Or hate it a lot and that is equally as great.

Hate is the highest form of flattery after all. I think.


He'll actually love this one: a bobblehead that looks like him

Did you know you can get customized bobbleheads of people?

It's awesome, and people love it.

I mean, who wouldn't want a bobblehead figurine of themselves?

Go right here, upload a photo of him as directed and you'll be shipped a bobblehead that looks just like him!


Nicolas Cage Sequin Pillow. Enough said.

I just like Nicolas Cage and think it's funny.

Did you know he's already bought and built his tomb for when he dies? It was a question in Trivia last week and it boggled my mind. Seriously, go Google it.

If you're not a big fan of Nicholas Cage and his tombstones, find something else you think would be funny on a sequin pillow!

You'll find Mr. Cage right here.


Make sure he punches something useful instead of the screen with a desktop punching bag

Let your recipient release all the frustration that comes with sitting by his desk doing work or homework for hours with a desktop punching bag!

I got the inspiration for this one when I saw my little baby cousin hit it any time he got mad at his video game.

Maybe your guy also sometimes gets mad at video games.

Get it here.


Who doesn't love pizza? Why not make sure he can wrap himself in it?

Hey, all dudes love pizza. That's just a fact. It's biologically wired into their brains.

This pizza blanket is scarily realistic looking, and is a way for him to really wrap himself in what he truly loves.


And there you have it! 9 Funny Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

No matter what type of gift you decide to get for his upcoming birthday, the most important thing is that it comes from the heart. Or that it's funny.

If you’re not sold on any of these, that’s okay! We happen to have lots of other guides for you to browse through right here.

Good luck!

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