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Creative 50th Birthday Gift Ideas For Dad

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If you know a dad who’s got a birthday that really needs celebrating coming up, you’re going to want to get them a nice present!

It can be difficult and daunting to try and find the perfect present for our dads, because too damn often do we have to hear that they already have everything they need in life.

Well I won’t stand for it!

In this edition of my gift-giving guides, I will give you 11 creative 50th birthday gift ideas for dad (or father figure) that really showcases the lose that comes through for family.

Let’s get into it!

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Gift dad a personalized storybook about his life

If you can pull this off I guarantee that you win all the bonus points that come from getting the best gift this year.

At Wonderbly you can create your very own illustrated book.

So create a storybook of his life! Based on everything you know and information you can collect build a little tale of his life that eventually leads to him having his kids all the way to his 50th birthday.

It's fun, unique, easy and affordable.

Senior man reading book

Commission art of him, the family or anything that you think he will love

Commission an artist to create a custom portrait of the family (make sure to include the dog).

Alternatively, if that gets too pricy, you could commission a photo of him where he looks like the powerful dad he is.

Guarantee you he's dreamed of being Al Pachino in the God Father at least one time in his life, and you could easily make it a reality!


Create a vinyl mixtape with a record player for cool, old fashioned and personalized fun

Get him a modern vinyl record player that connects wirelessly from your phone! These look beautiful in the home, sound great, and are an excellent way to mix the old-fashioned and the new.

To make it personal, go to Vinylify and make him a vinyl mixtape with his favorite songs!

I can guarantee no one else is getting him this one!

Check out the most affordable options here.

Vinyl record player with a plate

Engrave a beautiful watch to give him the perfect personalized dad present

Get him this beautiful engraved watch that is super affordable!

On the back you can put absolutely anything you feel like he would enjoy, related to his fatherhood and great job as a dad.

It's personal, stylish and can work as a functional piece or a decorative heirloom.


Man watching tv cheering for team

Gift him the day off doing his favorite activity

Treat him to a day of fishing, golfing, camping or whatever else he enjoys the most.

Plan a day for him to be able to completely shut off and just enjoy time with his buddies, or you.

Regardless, it's the thought that counts.

I would always get my dad a round of golf for his birthday and he was equally as excited every single year.

Men are simple creatures; let them hit a ball or drink and they're happy.

Man playing golf

Introduce him to brand new flavors every month with a Craft Beer Club subscription

Get him a subscription to the Craft Beer Club!

It's a fantastic subscription service that will provide him with 12 handpicked and unique craft beers every single month.

It'll be like Christmas morning, every month!

Glass beer on dark background

Show him the significance of his birthdate with a historic newspapers!

Go to historic-newspapers.com, select his birthday, and get a custom-made collection of the major headlines from that date in a beautiful custom-made leather-wrapped book!

It's a fun, unique and super personal present.

... and I feel like there's some magical, historical connection between dads and newspapers, even if they don't really read them anymore.


Closeup Of Pile of Old Newspapers for Recycling

Celebrate his previous, current and future generations with custom family tree art

Go to familyartshop.com and create beautiful custom and personalized family tree art going back as far as you know is possible!

This is a beautiful piece of wall-art that really showcases the beauty of family, not to mention his part in the system as well.

Don't worry, the gruesome AI-generated photo example I have attached is not what it will actually look like!


Gift him a fun and personalized apron

Get cool with it and get a custom apron with his name on it, a fun nickname, something related to just being a fantastic dad, or a funny quote.

Opportunities are endless here for a fun, personalized and cute present and it's great for dads who also double up as household grill master.


Up his classy drinking game with beautifully engraved whisky glasses (and a bottle to go with it)

Get him these beautiful custom-made engraved whiskey glasses that come with a 24 karat gold rim!

Make it an even better present by packing it together with his favorite liquor.

Sometimes dad just deserves a nice drink.


Still at a loss? Revert to his hobby!

Get him something related to his hobby!

A dad in his 50s has probably either continued an old hobby or made a brand new one sparked by his midlife crisis.

The easiest gift you can get someone is something related to their passions and hobbies.

I have already covered a bunch of different topics for men in their 50's, with a few examples below:

And a bunch others! Just put his hobby into the search bar and there is a big chance it's been covered.

Man fishing holding a northern pike fish

There You Have It! 11 Awesome 50th Birthday Gift Ideas For Dad

Picking out the perfect present is always difficult, but I guarantee you that by simply catering a little bit to his lifestyle and putting in the effort, he’ll appreciate it more than he lets on.

Looking for other gift ideas? Check out our library of gifting guides here!

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