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Cheap Birthday Gift Ideas For Men (Under $25!)

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Need to get a present for someone but don’t really have the resources to get them something fancy?

Fret not! We have all been there.

Whether the reasoning is because you don’t have that much $$$ right now, or maybe you’re not that close to them so getting something super fancy isn’t really appropriate, I’ve got something for you.

In this guide I’ve covered 11 of my favorite cheap birthday gift ideas for men that’ll cost you under $25 (and many even under $10!). The whole point of these gifts is that they for sure come of as more expensive or thoughtful than what you’d imagine!

Let’s get into it.

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Gift him a quality, personalized leather wallet (you'd never imagine it was this cheap!)

Did you know that you can get a high-quality, engraved, and personalized leather wallet for only $13?

Well now you do!

A personalized leather wallet is a wonderful and affordable present for any man, so I recommend you go with this one right here!


Make sure he's hydrated with a stainless steel hydroflask

If you're getting an affordable present for someone, you want it to be something that comes off as being a lot more expensive.

For that, I recommend you go with a stainless steel hydro flask! These are amazingly high quality (I've had mine for like 5 years now) and they keep water ice cold all day.

They have a gazillion different models and sizes in all sorts of price ranges, but this one right here is only $24!


Let him rep his favorite team and sport with a team sports cap

Get them a sports cap of their favorite team!

Regardless of what sport and team they cheer for, there are a bunch of different caps out there in all sorts of price ranges - which include stuff under $25.

Here's an example of a Jets or Jaguars cap!


Men don't own enough plants, even though they add so much. Get him a cheap and easy-to-take-care-of Bonsai Tree

Who doesn't love Bonsais?

Get him a cute little plant just for him.

A wonderful little present to anyone, regardless of whether they're into plants or not.

Check out this one right here.


Gift him some fun, novelty socks with the best kind of prints

Get him some cute, novelty socks with funny and cozy designs!

These will forever be my favorite, soI highly recommend.


... or maybe some novelty T-shirts instead

Speaking of fun, novelty clothing - why not go with a T-shirt?

There are, of course, a million different T-shirts with all sorts of designs out there, so you can go with anything you think he'll enjoy.

My favorite for men is this one!


Make sure he takes his coffee with just a tad bit of sarcastic humor with a fun, cute mug

Get him a funny mug for his morning coffee!

It's a cute and useful present, something that I personally always love recieving (because it makes me think of the person every time I drink out one that was gifted).

This one is hilariously inappropriate, so of course you've gotta go with it.


Light up his bathroom with these hilarious toilet seat lights

Not only cheap and funny, but wonderfully unique are some toilet seat lights!

Yes, a little uncouth, but for the right recipient - it can really be a big hit.

Check them out right here.


Get him a set of high quality scented soy candles

Sometimes a candle is the best thing to go with, and there are a bunch of affordable ones out there.

You can either go for a specific scent that you think they'll enjoy, or get them a little variety pack of high-quality candles like this one!


Get him one of the most convenient gifts of the 21st century wtih a phone stand

Another beautiful invention that not enough people know that they need is a smartphone stand.

It's excellent for work, a second monitor while using your computer, or maybe just to watch some videos while he eats. He film on it, or do anything else he likes.

Either way, it's a smart and clever present that doesn't hit the wallet very hard.

Get it here!


Get him a beautiful lazerengraved custom whisky glass

Get him a beautiful, customized, and unique whisky glass personalized with his name on it!

It's a really cool present that so many people appreciate.

This is a great gift to combine with a bottle of liquor as well if you were feeling so generous to include it.


And There You Have It! 11 Cheap Birthday Gift Ideas For Men

Picking out the perfect present is always difficult, but I guarantee you that by simply adding some love and thoughtfulness combined with a little effort, he’ll appreciate it more than she could ever let on. Even if it's a cheap gift!

Looking for other gift ideas? Check out our library of gifting guides here!

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