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Budget Birthday Gift Ideas for Women

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I get it, times are tough right now. Even for people who could usually afford to spend a bit more, investing in birthday gifts tend to no longer be an option for many.

Lucky for you, I’ve managed to find the perfect way to put together nice and thoughtful birthday gifts while staying on budget!

The key is to cop sales for interesting items on Amazon and TEMU at just the right time. If you’re gunning for cheap, I recommend you use Temu — because in addition to their wildly low prices, I’ve come across some coupons for you as well!

If you click here you get a free spin that can get you up to $100 in coupons, and if you use code: aao53367 at checkout you get an ADDITIONAL 30% off!

Does this sound too good to be true?

Kinda. Like I’m certain Temu is actively losing money every week for the sake of growing bigger – but who am I to judge? I love cheap stuff.

Anyways, here are my top-rated Temu picks that will get you the most bang for your buck! (and make your recipient love you without going broke).

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Keep her warm and cozy with this super comfy wearable blanket

I absolutely adore this wearable blanket-hoodie-thing. The quality is amazing, and it's so so cozy and warm.

Make sure you support any of your girlies couch-potato modes by getting this one for her. She's going to love it!

Get it here.



Keep her space cute and Zen with a light-up bonsai tree

Get her this super cute and zen LED light-up Bonsai tree! It's perfect for any bedroom decor, living room or office space.

And no, just because it's got cute lights on it doesn't mean it's only for the holiday season - bonsais are all year baby.

Check it out here.



Encourage self-care with a full all-in-one spa day kit

There is no better self-care out there than a well-deserved spa day, so make sure she can have one with this all-in-one spa day set!

It's got everything from a cute and durable tumbler, to candles, bath boms and creams.

Best of all, it comes with a matching card you can write in - so you don't have to go to your local Target an hour before you're supposed to meet just to spend 45 minutes in front of the cards section looking at all the insanely overpriced $15 cards, eventually ending up with a $8 cat-meme-one that says "Happy Purr-day to you" because it was the cheapest.

Sorry. Might have gotten a little personal there at the end.

Check out the spa day package here though!



Go for elegant, gorgeous and expensive-looking with this double breasted coat

Want her get something expensive-looking and elegant, while still keeping it cheap?

(... and when I cheap, I mean, the company is literally losing money off of this. Seriously. Google it.)

... well then you've gotta go with this amazing double breasted coat. I've been using it for a few months myself now in the cold Seattle weather, I can tell you that the quality is both amazing and true to size - it also has a little belt in front which helps ensure a good fit.

Check it out here!





Keep her jewelry safe in the cutest way possible with this customized jewelry box

I've never been a big fan of gifting cheap jewelry. In my opinion, if you're gonna go that route, you wanna get her something pricier that will last a long time.

However, if you want to get something in the same vein - I recommend you get her this amazing customized jewelry box. It's importable, it's cute, it's high quality, and it comes with a little mirror and everything.

Get it here.


Gift her a comfy and high-quality lounge set for chill evenings in

I'm gonna stick to the theme of comfy. Maybe I'm a little over-the-top cozy-coded because I live in the dreadful, grey Washington weather, but trust me, I know what I'm talking about.

This lounge set is wonderful quality, incredibly cheap, and super cute and cozy.

Honestly it's just such a great present. Cannot recommend it enough.

Check it out riiiiiiiiight HERE.




Help her preach the truth in the comfiest way possible with a hoodie blanket

I got nothing else to tell you. Look at the photo.

It's the best thing anyone has ever created. It's almost making me like capitalism.

Check it out here.





Cowslippers. Get her cowslippers.

Want to make her cry because she just recieved the cutest gift ever handed over to a person ever in the history on mankind?

Then you've gotta get her cow slippers.

I mean, just look at them.

Get them here.




Get her a gorgeous preserved rose

Who says roses are reserved for Valentines? I sure don't!

Whether you're a romantic (or trying to be) for your girlfriend, want to get something elegant for your mom or aunt or friend, or just think she'll enjoy roses - a preserved rose looks gorgeous and is a wonderful reminder of your relationship. 

Get her a beautiful preserved rose, and pair it with a bottle of wine and a card. 

Check it out.




Gift her the moon. Literally. This beautiful lamp is the coolest on the market

This might be the coolest night lamp that exists, and have been found on other websites for over $100.

Temu? $18. With my discount? Another 30% off. That's just wild.

Check it out here.



Make sure everyone around her is aware of the truth with this cute and stylish crewneck

This one is personal for me.

Check it out.


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Make sure she takes care of those muscles with the most affordable massage gun on the market

If she's an active girly, having a massage gun is a must - yet for some reason I feel like she doesn't have one.

Anyway, I've been using this one for my sore calves after my runs, and it's been a game changer.

It's a fun and quirky gifts that really caters to her interests, especially if you know that she likes to stay active!

Get it here.




Get her some sherpa leggings to ensure she's cozy and warm regardless of where she's at

I'm gonna be 100% honest with you, I had no clue these leggings existed until my niece put me on - but holy smokes are they warm and comfy.

I recognize a lot of this list is pointless if you live anywhere that's remotely warm, but I mean, I cannot go an entire gifting guide list without mentioning the comfiest leggings of all time: the sherpa leggings.

Gift her infinite warmth and joy right here.



Gift her a super cool LED charger lamp nightlamp thing

I just think this LED light-up charger turned alarm clock turned lamp turned art installation is just super cool.

It's a fun neutral gadget that she's sure to use at least somewhere in the house, and just looks really cool because not a lot of people have it!

Check it out.


Can't go wrong with an classic, artisan and vintage coffee set

For the classy, artisan lady who loves her coffee I recommend this gorgeous vintage mini manual coffee set.

It comes with a grinder, pot, utensil and a press can. Combine it with a bag of artisan coffee, and you have the perfect gift. 

Get it here!

... and feeling generous? Combine it with the grumpy cat hoodie blanket thing. How fun would that be.



Best Budget Birthday Gifting Guide for Women

Getting a gift for someone can always feel daunting and overwhelming, especially if they don't have any distinct interests or wants that they've expressed.

However, if you just show that you put some effort into it, that'll go along way. Of course, there's no better way of showing "effort" and "love" in our modern day capitalistic dystopia than expensive gifts, which is why I recommend Temu. Not because it's expensive, but because it makes cheap look and feel expensive.

Just don't forget to use the code aao53367 at checkout, and if you're new to Temu - click here for up to $100 free money to spend on anything at Temu! 

Did none of these gifts appeal to you? Fret not, I have a whole hoard of other gifting guides you can check out right here.

Good luck!

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