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Birthday Gift Ideas For Women Who Loves to Travel

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Do you know a woman who loves to travel? Maybe she talks about it a lot but doesn’t seem to get out the door enough, or maybe she’s always on the road somewhere.

Regardless, you want to encourage her interests in the best way possible – so get her a nice gift that centers around travel!

This edition of my gift-giving guides will cover 9 super birthday gift ideas for women who love to travel, regardless of where, when, and how much.

Let’s get into it!

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Gift her the most useful present for travel with an AirTag Passport Case

Whenever she travels to a foreign country, her passport turns into the most important item and document in her suitcase.

It's her ID, her way around, and her way home.

That is why it is absolutely crucial she doesn't lose it, and I have just the solution.

Get her an AirTag with this AirTag Passport holder (or this one is super cool too).

Now she'll be able to ping a sound off of her passport if she can't find it, but most importantly she can see it's location right on her phone if she ever accidentally drops or leaves it somewhere!




Gift an awesome-looking personalized scratch-off world map

I absolutely adore scratch-off maps. They're a fun piece of art to both display in a frame, and every time you travel you get to scratch one more country or state off the map which just feels so satisfying.

If she's a world traveler, get her this scratch-off world map.

If she sticks to the US only, and especially if she's a road tripping national parks lover, get her this map instead.


Update her luggage kit with a specifically designed travel backpack

Okay, this is gonna look super sponsored but I promise it's not, I just had my life changed when I got one of these carry-on travel backpacks for women!

This beautiful piece of luggage engineering is a must-have for any person who travels regularly.

The pockets and design is designed for airport journeys, and fits all measurement standards for carry-ons regardless of airline.

Tons of colors to choose from as well and it just looks so cute.


Gift her relief and less stress with a portable charger

For any woman on the move, this is just a pure necessity: the portable charger.

This ensures that her phone is never dead on the move, and trust me: there is absolutely nothing more demoralizing and low-key panic-inducing than having your phone die on your while in a foreign country.

Close up of hand inserting a USB cable charger into portable power bank. Media. Close up of mans

Block out the screaming baby behind her with noise-canceling headphones

She might already have headphones, but does she have real noise-canceling ones to block out the deep hum of the jet engines, loud couple and screaming baby that are all conveniently sitting right next to her?

One of the most pleasant ways to travel is being able to block out all noise around you and simply enjoy your music, podcast or even in-flight entertainment.

If you want to get her the literal best on the market right now, we recommend you go with these Sony's.

Alternatively a much more affordable option are the Commalta's!

Baby traveling by plane

Simply gift her the next trip with plane tickets!

Did you know you can actually gift people plane tickets?

What better way to support their world travel than sponsoring their next trip, regardless of where it might be?

Now I'm personally a big opponent of gift cards as birthday presents. In my opinion it's like handing someone a $20 bill. Be a little personal with it!

And that is what you can do over at FlightGift which is why I actually love this one, even though it's sortof just a fancy gift-card.

The "ticket" is flexible and can be redeemed with any airline to any destination, and you can personalize it with a photo and message and print it.

Super cute, super cool gift.

top view of white model airplane with plane tickets on a blue background

Gift her a more travel-centric home with locational artwork

I love gifting artwork because it's both personal and looks great.

If she has a favorite destination she enjoys traveling to regularly, a recent trip she just wont stop talking about, or a destination she's been mentioning she's wanting to see - get her artwork of that destination!

My gramps was obsessed with his Norwegian heritage and would go every couple of years to climb mountains, cruise fjords and pet goats or whatever it is you do in Norway - so I got him something similar to this that he absolutely loved!

... and hear me out: if she's been to less than 5-6 places, you could get something from each place and it'd still be affordable.


... speaking of travel-centric wall decor, gift her a multiple time zone wall-clock!

Wall clocks that display multiple time zones are a great reminder to have around the house that the entire world is out there, regardless of how small things might seem in her neighborhood or city.

I have two big recommendations here:

  1. If you wanna go all out on the wall-art, get this one. I have it on my wall and it looks so cool and professional and I just dig it. However, it only displays 3 timezones.
  2. This one displays all zones in a really cool and creative way, and it's a bit smaller and easier to assemble.

Help her capture every moment on her travels with a new GoPro

Get them a GoPro to document their journeys without worrying about having their phone out!

This way she can not only enjoy the moment in real-time, but save the high-quality footage for later so she can always look back on it.

This is a really, really nice gift that is going to last a very long time.

Selfie of senior woman jumping from a boat in clear blue Adriatic sea

And There You Have It! 9 Super Birthday Gift Ideas For Women Who Loves To Travel

No matter what type of gift you decide to give for her upcoming birthday, the most important thing is that it comes from the heart.

Whether you pick one of our recommendations or come up with something entirely unique on your own, just try your best to show some interest in her hobbies and you'll already be doing great.

Need gift ideas for someone else? Check out our other gift-giving guides right here.

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