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Birthday Gift Ideas For Women Who Love Cars

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When I wrote my gifting guide “Birthday Gift Ideas For Men Who Love Their Cars” I was told by a friend that I didn’t have to specify that it was for men, because obviously, only men would love car-related gifts.

Excuse me??

Women can love their cars too! I have tons of girlfriends who are obsessed with all stuff car-related, including one perticular crazy one who will get up at 4AM to watch some F1 race in Europe.

So out of spite, I have put together a set of birthday gift ideas for WOMEN who love cars with a little bit more of a feminine focus, so that you can find a gift for any woman in your life who appreciates her car more than the average person.

Let’s get into it!

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Make sure her car always smells nice and fresh with some cute "candles"

If you're looking for a quick and affordable win when it comes to a car-related birthday present, I recommend you get these Yankee Candle Air Fresheners!

It's a great gift to combine with something else, and will make sure her cars always smellin' fresh


Gift her more than just the ability to clean her car, gift her the ability to keep running too

... which, you know, is arguably a lot more important.

And waaaaay too few people own this.

If she doesn't have one already, these can be literally life-saving!

Or at least, save her some time or money in triple AAA help.

This car emergency kit includes all the tools and safety equipment she might need in a dire situation.


Help him create a unique and customized ambiance in her car with an LED interior light kit

Did you know you don't even need to buy a super fancy car to have to cool interior LED lights?

Well you can get some right here, and they're so cool!

It's the perfect gift for someone who might enjoy blinging up their interior a little bit. I sure know I love making my little cockpit cozy.


Make sure she drives in comfort with a steering wheel cover fit for her climate

Get some functional swag for her car with a nice leather steering wheel cover! This one is specifically great if you live somewhere the weather can have a few extremes.

I think this one specifically is comfortable and stylish for even-tempered areas because it's SUPER cute (although maybe a little overly feminine for some).

If she lives somewhere freezing cold, consider getting her a heated steering wheel cover.

If she lives somewhere really hot, get her a breathable one.



Gift her a portable car vacuum so she can always clean on the go

I know I already included a cleaning kit earlier, but if you don't feel like getting a bunch of slightly cheaper things to help him clean - consider investing in a nice portable car vacuum for her!

This vacuum is great, effective, affordable - and can stay in the car at all times so if it were to suddenly get real messy she can swoop it up on the go.

I personally really want one of these.

Not because I'm specifically in love with my car, I'm just really messy.


Help her stay safe out there with a dashboard camera

The world is crazy man, that's all I'm saying.

I personally believe it should be legally required by everyone to have a dash-cam, just in case something happens. There's a reason all the new fancy e-cars are having ones automatically installed.

If you know she doesn't have one -- there you go! Get her a dash cam like this one! Who knows, maybe it can save her some hefty court fees down the line?


Create a special keepsake for her with a professional car photoshoot

Professional photoshoots doesn't only have to be for new parents, freshly wed or graduated people you know.

I'm a big proponent of commemorating or getting photos of people doing their hobbies, if that hobby is just loving their car a lot, then get her a professional photo shoot with her car!

Hire a photographer to take a shoot with her and her car! This is especially great if she has a car she's maybe working on as a hobby, or if she just got her dream car.

Either way, it's a fun and creative gift to get someone that I guarantee you no one else will!

Capturing moment. Attractive young woman photographing and smiling while standing outdoors

Let her rep her car-thustic interests with some related clothing

Get him a graphic T-shirt that highlights his love for cars!

I personally think this design is super awesome, and truly highlights how the love for their automobile is a core part of their very being.

If you want to just let them rep their favorite brand, you could go for a car-brand specific hoodie - like this one!


Decorate her space with things she actually cares about with some vintage car posters

There are so many amazing girly vintage car posters out there that she'll love.

Anyone with any interest in cars should be able to display it proudly, so make sure she can with one of these posters!

This one is my favorite for some good ol' female car empowerment.


Gift her a scale model of his favorite car for something truly special and unique

Do you know what her favorite car is?

Regardless of whether she's obsessed with her current car, or have a preferred future dream car, there are a million different toy makes and models out there of pretty much every single car on the market.

Get her one that she can proudly display as a memorabilia of her current vehicle, or as a goal to one day achieve her dream one.

Think something along the lines of this one.


Personalize her vehicle a bit with a customized license plate frame

Get her a customized license plate from based on what you think she's going to enjoy the most!

It could be herCollege alma mater, a club or sorority she was/is in, cater to another hobby of her, or a text you think would be fun and fitting like this one!

Get creative with it.


Help her keep the inside clean and tidy with an advanced care kit

Get her one of those fancy advanced car care kit to cover ALL the essentials.

There are a bunch of different ones out there, but the one I love the most is this one.



Help her keep the outside of the car nice and shiny with a high-quality car wax kit

If you know she likes to keep that car nice and shiny, why not get her a high-quality car wax kit?

It's unusual, creative, and most importantly - it highlights that you understand her love for her car! Not all gifts have to be sexy.


And There You Have It! 14 Great Birthday Gift Ideas For Women Who Love Their Cars

Picking out the perfect present is always difficult, but I guarantee you that by simply adding some love and thoughtfulness combined with a little effort, he’ll appreciate it more than he could ever let on.

If he's a runner and you get him one of these presents, you're directly catering to his interests, which already makes you a winner and gift-giving!

Looking for other gift ideas? Check out our library of gifting guides here!

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