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Birthday Gift Ideas For Women: The Homebody

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If you have a friend, mom, wife, or any other lady in your life that would much, much rather have a night in than out — and you also happen to need to get them a present, you’ve come to the right place!

Once we get older, the comfort of our home and family becomes increasingly important, and there is absolutely no shame in that!

As someone who can most definitely relate to my fellow homebodies, I’ve put together these wonderful birthday gift ideas for women who just simply love to stay at home whenever possible.

Let’s get into it!

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Gift her the ultimate home comfort with a heated or weighted blanket

Especially if you live somewhere that comes with cold, dark winters -- like my state of Washington.

Nothing makes a long reading session better than a weighted blanket, like this one that I'm personally a big fan off.

Alternatively, you could get a heated one if you think that's more their style!


Allow her to garden inside with an indoor hydroponic garden

Gift your recipient the dopamine boost that comes from growing her own herbs by getting her an indoor hydroponic garden!

These mini-gardens function the same regardless of the climate you’re in, and allows her to grow her favorite herbs a-plenty – as well as receiving the satisfaction of having some plants around.

Check out all the options you got right here.


Take the spa to her with this extensive home spa set

Make sure she can have a nice treat-herself spa day without ever having to leave the house with this amazing home spa set!

It includes bath bombs, candles, and all the essentials for a relaxing day.

Woman in Bath

Increase her TV-options on cozy nights in with a new streaming service subscription

A lot of people don't think about how they can gift streaming services to their friends, but it's one of the most appreciated and well-used presents you can get them!

Learn what streaming services she doesn't have, and based on what you know she likes to watch, find a service and gift as many months as you'd like within your budget.

Guaranteed it's a big hit!

The top ones right now are: Max, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and Paramount

Woman watching TV set on the sofa

Gift her some personalized home decor to make her space just that much nicer

Get some rustic and personalized home decor to make her space feel even more homey and lived in.

My personal favorite is this wooden family name sign, but there are tons of options out there that you can customize!

Get creative with it.


Personalize her scents with a customized "home made" candle

You can play this two ways, and I think both are great!

Tons of cities have these "candle bars" where you can go in, and for like $30 make your very own candle with hundreds of scents to choose from.

For example, here in Seattle I've frequented Elm Candle Bar, where I have created candles based on what I think my recipient will like.

So, you can either go custom-make a candle for them and give it to them directly. OR you can turn it into a little experience by going with them to make it, so they can craft it exactly how they want it and you just pay for it.

With a dinner afterwards, maybe!

Just google "candle bars near me" or get creative online and you'll have the perfect present for her to place in the office!

Scented candle, envelope and reed on white background

Bring peaceful sounds and the touch of nature to her home with an indoor fountain

A beautiful and peaceful gift that turns any house into one that just feels a lot more... fancy and nice.

Get her this indoor fountain to help create a serene and comfortable space in her own home.


Every homebody I've met loves audiobooks, so why not get her an audible subscription

I love reading, but I also love audibooks.

That way I can listen to my books while on my runs, while commuting, doing chores or anything else that requires my eyes to be off a page.

An audible subscription is a wonderful gift for anyone that wants to keep reading, even when they can't do it. And sometimes it's nice to just cuddle up in a blanket, have a cup of tea and listen.

And no: listening audiobooks is not cheating!

Audiobooks concept

Take the gym to her house with this extensive home workout kit

If you know she's had an interest in being more active, and perhaps working out more, but the idea of leaving the house for a run or the gym sounds unpleasant - get her this home workout kit!

It comes with a bunch of equipment for beginner to intermediate gym routines, and is an excellent way to stay in shape without ever having to leave the house.

It saved me during lockdown, that's for sure.

Remember that you always have to be careful when gifting workout equipment. Be sure that she doesn't think you're insinuating she has to lose weight or that her body is not enough -- but that it's for health, benefit and joy and that it is something she is legitimately interested in getting into!

Senior couple, rolling yoga mat and home workout, fitness and exercise on living room floor. Elderl

Make her home both classy, timely and cozy with a vinyl record player

Get her a vinyl record player with a few albums of some of her favorite musicians!

Amazon has some fantastic options of cheap vinyl players like this one, and then its just a matter of finding music you know they'll enjoy from either you local record store or online!

If she already has a vinyl player, consider just getting them a few of their or your favorite records that they don't already own.

It's just a wonderful way of improving a home-space into something so much more.

Vinyl record player with a plate

Gift her some low-maintenance indoor plants like a Bonsai

Help her brighten up her workspace with a Bonsai tree like this one!

They look super nice on any desk and really step up the office decor in otherwise sad-looking work-from-home office desks.

Bonsai pine tree

And There You Have It! 11 Cute Birthday Gift Ideas For Women Who Are Homebodies

Picking out the perfect present is always difficult, but I guarantee you that by simply adding some love and thoughtfulness combined with a little effort, she’ll appreciate it more than she could ever let on.

Looking for other gift ideas? Check out our library of gifting guides here!

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