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Birthday Gift Ideas For Women Obsessed With Harry Potter

We all have that one girl in our lives that has maybe an over-the-top, slight obsession with Harry Potter and the magical world the story takes place in.

Harry Potter knows no age either. She could have been reading the books when they first came out over 25 years ago (Jesus Christ) and been a fan ever since, or maybe she’s of a new generation of hopeful Hogwarts students.

Or maybe she’s a 30-something year old woman who writes gift giving guides in her free time and has an entire wall of various Harry Potter related memorabilia.

Who’s to judge?

Either way, you can trust that I’m an expert in exactly what a true Harry Potter fan would want, so in this guide I’ve compiled 13 Harry Potter-related gifts in all sorts of price ranges that cannot go wrong.

Let’s get into it!

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Gift her the gorgeous Jim Kay Illustrated Editions of the books

In 2015, famous illustrator Jim Kay started his Harry Potter project in conjunction with Rowling.

One by one, he has now illustrated the first 5 Harry Potter books.

Why is it taking so long, you might task? Well because the illustrations are amazing and creates and entirely new and different way of reading the books. So although she probably already has the books, and have read them a hundred times, get her the illustrated ones!

For those who can afford it, you can buy all 5 in Hardback here or paperback here.

If you only want to get one or two, you can find the first book here.


Alternatively, get her the illustrated Hogwarts Library set

If you want another set of illustrated books in the world of Harry Potter, you should go it the Hogwarts Library!

It's a collection of three books set in the world of Harry Potter, written by Rowling and illustrated Olivia Gill, Emily Gravett and Lizbeth Zwerger.

Again, these are wonderful additions to any Harry Potter collector or enthusiast, with amazingly detailed lore paired with gorgeous illustrations.

Buy it here!


Not me, not Hermoine, YOU... get her a real replica of Wizards Chess! (moving pieces not included)

A gift paired even better if she likes to play chess is the official Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set!

Wizard's chess is played continuously by Ron and Harry throughout the entire series, and even takes a big part of the plot in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

It's fully functional, looks super cool, and can be enjoyed by any regular chess player as well!

Find it right here.


Gift her the most elegant piece of jewelry with a Time Turner Necklace

I got this for my birthday back in 2005 and I still have it today.

No shame.

This beautiful piece of jewelry is an exact replica of the famous Time Turner that Hermoine uses in the third book/movie of the series.

In addition to having a lot of emotional value for any Harry Potter fan, it also looks gorgeous and can be used either in pair with a costume, as wall decor or as a completely functional piece of jewelry for everyday use.

You can find it right here!

(there's a few different ones that are a little cheaper, but this one comes with a case for her to display it in so you get more for your money)


Make sure she can decorate her space accordingly with Hogwarts House Banners

If in doubt, go with wall art!

There's a million different pieces of art out there and I'm sure they'd love all of them, but a fun and simple one are these Hogwarts house banners.

She can rep all 4 plus the Hogwarts one, or just her own house.

I'm a Hufflepuff.

If you were wondering.


Make sure she can start practicing her own magic with a wand replica

All characters in the Harry Potter universe famously wield their own wand that is unique to just them.

And of course, the beauty of modern day capitalism is that all those wands have been replicated into the real world, so that you can buy one for her!

I personally love Luna Lovegood's wand, which you can get here.

But you could always go with any of these others, such as Hermoine or Harry.



Keep her cozy in a magical way with a Harry Potter Hogwarts blanket

There's a million amazing Harry Potter-themed blankets out there, but I always recommend going with the simple, safest and prettiest one:

Which is this one.

I just love the Hogwarts crest.


Gift her her favorite characters in funk pop style

If you want to be a little cute and quirky with it, why not get your recipient some Funk Pops figurines of their favorite characters?

Check them out here:

Harry Potter



There's obviously a million others of pretty much every character in the Harry Potter universe, so just pick one you think she'll enjoy the most!


Help her relax in the Harry Potter universe with a Hogwarts-themed coloring book

A wonderful past time and way to relax for me has always been fancy adult coloring books.

So get her a Harry Potter themed one!

This one has gorgeous illustrations that she can fill in. And of course you gotta get her some pencils to go with it so she can get started right away.


Make sure she can always show off her house pride with a Hogwarts Crest Pin

Get her these gorgeous Hogwarts Crest Pins that come complete in a glass case ready for display.

It includes the Hogwarts crest as well as all the different houses. They're wearable and look great for any costume!


Gift her the ability to rep her favorite Hogwarts House with a Harry Potter House Scarf

The true classic of all Harry Potter gifts will always be the Hogwarts House Scarves!

Because I'm such a nice gift recommender, I've included links to all the different houses below:





Don't know what house she's in? Go with the neutral Hogwarts Scarf.


Keep her warm, comfy and stylish with a Hogwarts Alumni Hoodie

A true Harry Potter nerd will LOVE this "Hogwarts Alumni Hoodie"

There are lots of great Harry Potter-themed hoodies out there, but that's my recommendation (and I do give great recommendations if I say so myself)


Go all out with the entire LEGO Hogwarts Castle

This is reserved for those of you who want to get her the nicest possible Harry Potter related gift out there...

The absolutely massive and best reviewed LEGO set on the market:

The LEGO Hogwarts Castle.

Is it crazy expensive? Absolutely.

Will she love you forever? Absolutely.


And There You Have It! 13 Amazing Birthday Gift Ideas For Women Obsessed With Harry Potter

No matter what type of gift you decide to give for her upcoming birthday, the most important thing is that it comes from the heart and that you cater a little bit to her interests.

If you’re not sold on any of these, that’s okay! We happen to have lots of other guides for you to browse through right here.

Good luck!

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