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Birthday Gift Ideas For Women Who Love Photography

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If you know a lady in your life who just adores photography and photos, you’re going to want to get her a gift that’ll truly embody her interests and passions.

In fact, you always want to cater to people’s basic interests and hobbies when you’re looking for a birthday present.

That’s why I’ve put together yet another gift-giving guide, this one being birthday gift ideas for women who just loves photography.

Whether she’s just the family trip documentor, a professional photographer, or just likes to snap photos of flowers on her hikes, there will for sure be something in this guide for her.

Let’s get into it!

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Make it personal and fun by turning her prints into a jigsaw puzzle

Okay, I've done this one twice and I can guarantee you that it works. Even if she's embarrassed of her photos (because a lot of photographers are for some reason) she'll at least get a good laugh out of it.

Go over to Shutterfly, upload your favorite painting or drawing of hers, and make a custom-made jigsaw puzzle from her photos!

Now if that's not creative and personal I don't know.

Jigsaw puzzle

Literally help elevate her photography with a tripod for her camera and phone

More camera equipment is always a safe way to go. One piece of equipment that is super useful, and also affordable, is a tripod.

I'd recommend you go with this one, and you'll be set! Just try to make sure that you're not getting her something he's already got.

Camera on tripod for landscape photography

Switch it up for a change and gift a photoshoot of HER

The biggest curse of most photographers is that since they're always behind the camera, there are very few photos of them.

Put together a photoshoot by hiring a professional or one of your friends. Better yet, do a photoshoot where she's posing with her camera so she can update any social media profile with her hobby.

Film light for video production camera in studio set or Use as studio photo shoot light

Literally elevate her photography EVEN FURTHER by gifting her a camera drone

Help her capture photos never possible before in the most fun way with a camera drone!

And no, they don't have to be that expensive. The best seller over at Amazon is just over $50!

Get it here.

Modern Drone with camera flying in the forest.

Gift her additional equipment with an external flash

Help him up his night-time or portrait photography with a high-quality external flash.

It's a must-have in every photographer's equipment bag.

Go for the best-in-test here.


Let her improve her skills with a photography workshop

Gift her a session or two for a workshop or photography class where she can learn some new skills, tips, and tricks.

Even just an hour with a professional can elevate a hobby-photographers skills to new heights, and not to mention: it's a lot of fun!

Google "photography workshops" near me and I'm sure you'll find lots of different options for you to choose from!

Online Photography Classes. Young Female Using Modern Photocamera And Laptop At Home

Update her software by gifting her an Adoble Photoshop subscription

Pay the subscription fee for a photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop.

This gives her brand new tools to edit her photos and pictures, and will help her elevate their craft and skills to new heights straight from her home!

It's also a great way for you to be flexible with your budget, since you can choose if you just wanna get her a month, 3, 6, a year or anything in-between.

Photo editing on a computer

Go old school by gifting her a vintage film camera

There are tons of awesome ways photographers can capture the world around them, and one of the most fun ways of doing so by a vintage film camera.

This is how they took photos back in the day, and it makes every photo taken look like it's from the 70's which is just such a unique and cool effect.

It's like driving a classic car: it's not necessarily more effective, but it's fun, beautiful and captures a piece of history in every single photo.

You can go with something cheap like this one from Amazon, or you can go into your local photostore and ask the clerk for recommendations and what you're looking for.

Vintage film camera

... and don't forget the actual film for the vintage film camera

Of course, if you end up getting them a vintage film camera- you need to get her film so she can actually take and print photos.

Alternatively, if you know that she's already got a film camera and likes to use, restock her film supply so they can keep it going!

Get it here from Amazon or at your local film store.

A film roll on a white background.

Make sure she can keep her equipment sparkling with a camera cleaning kit

Make sure she'll always have the opportunity to clean up her camera and equipment with a camera cleaning kit.

Another affordable but must-have tool for any photographer, hobby OR professional!

Check out the best on the market right here.


Gift her a photography vest for stylish effectivity

A fantastic piece of equipment that I don't see enough hobby photographers carry is a photography vest.

This thing helps out SO much during a photoshoot, as it allows the photographer to not have to constantly get in and out of their camera bag -- but rather strap their most used items straight to their vest and have constant easy access.

I've seen this one used the most during my own photoshoots (I'm the one getting my picture taken, I can't take photos worth a penny)


Bring her photography to life by turning it into beautiful wall art

Print their favorite photograph onto a canvas or frame, and gift her beautiful wall-art that they took!

If she has any form of public portfolio pick the photo you like the best, use Shutterfly to print it, and write a little note about why you like that specific photo so much.

I guarantee you that it's not the actual frame hanging on her wall that she will appreciate, but rather the fact that you liked it so much you just had to print it.

home interior - green sofa with watercolor pictures on wall

Update her equipment storage with a brand spankin' new camera bag

Gift her a new waterproof camera bag for their equipment.

This is a much greater gift if they just received a new camera, or you know that their old bag is a piece of junk.

Check out the best-in-test right here.


Make sure she explores photography outside of her comfort zone with a photography challenge deck

Get her a photography challenge deck like this one that comes with a bunch of different challenges, prompts and ideas for her next photoshoot!

This is a wonderful way to encourage your photographing gift recipient to explore their hobby and go out of their comfort zone a lot more.

This one has a bunch of fun challenges that is bound to bring some new inspiration!



Gift her a brand new polaroid camera for some old timey fun

Get them a polaroid camera that comes with a few packets of film like this one!

It's yet another great way for your photographer to explore her hobby, styles and different ways of taking photos -- in addition to the fact that its fun to just take a photo and immediately be able to print the result.

My wall is full of polaroid photos from over the years!

Old instant camera

And There You Have It! 15 Great Birthday Gift Ideas For Women Who Loves Photography

Picking out the perfect present is always difficult, but I guarantee you that by simply adding some love and thoughtfulness combined with a little effort, she’ll appreciate it more than she could ever let on.

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