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Birthday Gift Ideas for The Golfing Dad That He Will Cherish Forever

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My dad absolutely loves golf. Alone or with his buds doesn’t matter, as long as he gets to escape the wife and kids for a few hours.

Chances are if you’re reading this, your dad or partner is the same way.

I’ll be up-front with you, I don’t like golf very much – but I can understand why the obsession is there. Something about being out in the fresh morning dew on a Sunday morning, enjoying the beautiful nature, hitting something hard with a stick and drinking in peace must be very serene for an otherwise busy man.

It’s also a great excuse to drink in the morning.

Like, before 10AM drinking.

So let’s show that we support his hobby by getting him a present related to his favorite activity!

Don’t worry, I’m not gonna suggest to just get him new golf clubs. He’s gotta do that on his own.

Let’s get into it!

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Personalize his 50th by gifting him some custom-made golfballs

"But what happens when they inevitably get lost??"

That's not the point!

First off:  golfers always need balls, and getting a customized one doesn't cost that much more than the standard ones.

And second, it's funny and cute! Just make sure he keeps one for display purposes, and the rest can go straight into the nearby golf course pond. No worries it at all.

My dad absolutely loved this one.

Get him the fancy ones of course, right here.



Make his whole year by gifting him a golf GPS watch

If you're going in with someone else, or looking to spend a little extra, I cannot recommend getting him a golf GPS watch enough.

These watches are like smartwatches on crack, but for golfers.

It tracks distance, acts like a virtual caddie, helps with wind and speed direction and essentially gives all information he could possibly need to improve his game.

The Garmin ones are best in test, so I recommend you check it out!


Gift him a customized golf bag for ultimate swagger (yes, I said swagger)

Getting him a fun and custom golf bag that relates to any of his other hobbies! There are hundreds of options over at custom-golfbag.com so just pick one you know he'll love and you're set!

Personally my dad is a massive Star Wars fan, and loved the Darth Vader bag we got him a few years ago (still uses it!).


Teach him the ways of the balls by gifting him professional golf lessons

There is absolutely no better way to get better at a sport than training, and having a coach will exponentially increase how much you learn.

The great thing about golf coaches is that even just one or two lessons can be a huge help for most hobby-golfers.

Get him some professional golf lessons to refine his skills!

Teaching, golf lesson and sports coach help man with swing, putter and stroke outdoor. Golfing, gre

Up the swagger (yes I did it again) even further with a personalized embroidered golf polo

Get him a custom golf polo with his name embroidered!

It's easy, fun and he's sure to appreciate it. Check out your options right here.

Golfer Tees Off on Golf Hole

Gift of Gauntlets with Great Golf Gloves (now say that 5 times fast)

All golfers need solid gloves, especially if they consistently do 18 holes.

Just go to Amazon and browse through your price range!


Let him show off with a golf ball display case

Get him a display case to showcase all his favorite golfballs.

Combine it with a customized golf ball from idea #1, or memorabilia, and he can start collecting all sorts of balls throughout his life, from his heroes or from each course he visits.

It also just looks really cool.

Check them out.


Gift him some club protection with some new headcovers

Protect his clubs in style with some new and high quality headcovers.

They wane over time, so it never hurts to get some new or higher-quality ones.

I recommend combining this one with the gloves and maybe even some golf balls to make it more like a "golf kit present"!


Gift him golf at home with a golf putting green

Set him up with a small indoor putting green so that he can practice putting at home!

Consistent practice always makes perfect, and having easy access to putting can significantly increase his success on the course.


... or maybe a golf swing training mat instead!

Speaking of practice, get him a golf swing training mat!

These allow him to get consistent feedback on his swing so that he can keep practicing even while at home.


Improve his game by gifting him a golf range finder

One of the greatest tools a golfer can have in addition to his standard gear is a range finder.

These handy devices can easily be clipped to his belt, and then be used to accurately see how far a certain distance is so he can gain a better understanding on how hard he wants to hit, which club he wants to use, and how wind will affect the strike.

Check out the best in test!


Gift him a map of his favorite golf course

Get him some beautiful map art from a famous golf course he admires! For example, the Augusta Golf Course where the Masters are played.

Alternatively, if you head to the store at his local golf course, they often have posters of the course there that you could frame as well!

Looks great on any wall, not just the mancave.


Gift him some fun bad habits! Liquor + Golf Flask = great golf

Sometimes, KISS is better.

Keep It Simple Stupid.

Going all fancy with golf equipment can be too much sometimes, especially if you don't know what he owns already, so instead, just get him a bottle of his favorite liquor and a flask that he can bring with him on the golf course!

Why do golfers insist on drinking hard liquor at 9 in the morning?

Beats me, but they sure love it, so who am I to be in the way of some good ol' timey traditions?

Bottle and flask on the grass at picnic

There you have it! 13 Great Birthday Gift Ideas For The Golfing Dad!

Picking out the perfect present is always difficult, but I guarantee you that by simply catering a little bit to his interests and putting in the effort, he’ll appreciate it more than he lets on.

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