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Birthday Gift Ideas For Teenage Gamer Boys

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Do you know a teenage or young adult boy who’s only hobby seem to be gaming?

Well you’re not alone.

Gaming is bigger than ever, and more and more boys around the world are putting hours into their favorite games and characters. All the better for it, because it keeps them out of trouble!

In this guide, I’ve collected 11 of the best gifts you can get gamers, that do not include super expensive new gaming machines. These are simply accessories and additions that will make them appreciate you all the more.

Let’s get into it!

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Gift him a nice high-quality headset so he can really immerse himself in the game

Any true gamer boy knows that the key to full immersion into their games requires a high-quality gaming headset that not only blocks sound from the outside world but comes with a microphone they can use to communicate with their buddies.

According to some really high insider information from certified gamer boys, you're going to want to go with this one as it has won pretty much every review competition!

And looks cool too.


Make sure his posture stays good with an ergonomic gaming chair

If you want to go a little above-and-beyond, look into getting him a gaming chair!

Why these chairs are so important compared to a normal office chair, I'm not really sure I quite understand - but it's not my job to understand, its my job to recommend.

So, again, with some really great inside information - I recommend you go with this one.


Customize his set-up with a personalized console controller

I'm a big sucker for personalized or customized gifts. It just makes it that little bit more unique, you know?

So, why not go with a customized controller for the non-PC gamer?

Make sure you know which console he uses! Appearantly Xboxes and PlayStations are NOT the same.

For Xbox check it out here.

For PlayStations, go right here.


Get him some gamer-themed clothing with his favorite game or character

When getting a gift for someone, the more you know your recipient the better, because the more customized you can get the gifts.

If you know what kinda games and shows he likes, I recommend you go with themed clothing! A T-shirt or hoodie representing their favorite game, or even faction in the game.

For example, and although this is like, 12 years ago now, my brother freaked out when I got him this World of Warcraft hoodie representing his faction in the game.

Some other fan favorite clothing I know always do well is:

League of Legends, Call of Duty, Valorant, Fortnite, World of Warcraft.

Again, make sure you know they actually play the game your getting them merch for!


A wonderful affordable gift could be some collectibles for his games such as a funko pop

Speaking of game merch, it doesn't have to be clothing!

Look up some action figures, or collectibles for his games. I know the funko pop figurines is always a fun and affordable gift!


Make sure he's got the best tools for the job with a gaming keyboard and/or mouse

This is a two-for-one!

For the PC gamer, I know that equipment is everything.

Make sure he's got the right stuff with a gamer keyboard and mouse. These light up, which I don't really know if makes a difference for the actual gameplay, but it sure looks cool.

For the mouse you should go with this one.

For the keyboard you should go with this one.


Light up his room or gaming station in the coolest way possible with LED light strips

Hey, maybe he's already got a light-up keyboard and mouse.

Maybe he needs to light up something else.

So let's light up his room!

Make sure his gaming station is looking fly with some LED light strips that he can hang up in his room, that changes color based on what he prefers and just kinda makes the space look really stylish.

I'm a huge fan.



Gift him some amazing game-themed wall art to really add to the whole gamer vibe

On the topic of room decoration, see if you can find some wall art for him as well!

There's so much beautiful art from video games out there, so get it printed and hang it up on his wall! 

If you see something cool you think he'll enjoy, just pull the trigger!

Here are some general gaming ones, but you could also looks for something related to the specific games that he plays!


Send him back in time with a retro gaming console, to play just like we did in the old days

Go old school with it by getting him a retro gaming console. 

Although it doesn't perfectly replicate the Atari or similar things that I grew up with, this redo of the old vintage gaming consoles comes with all sorts of classic games that might be a fun little history lesson for him!



Get him these amazing and unique decorative LED orbs to step up his game

A theme in many gamer-boys set-ups are cool, flashy lights.

Check out these awesome LED decorative orbs that change color based on the game he's playing!

Highly recommend


Send him into Virtual Reality with a VR headset

Want to go all-out?

Is this gamer boy in your life a special one?

Then get him a freaking Virtual Reality Headset!

I don't even need to explain further how cool this thing is. And bonus points, if you live with him, you can use it too!


And There You Have It! 11 Birthday Gift Ideas For Teenage Gamer Boys

Picking out the perfect present is always difficult, but I guarantee you that by simply adding some love and thoughtfulness combined with a little effort, he’ll appreciate it more than he could ever let on.

If he's a gamer and you get him one of these presents, you're directly catering to his interests, which already makes you a winner and gift-giving! Gaming is a valid hobby too!

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