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Birthday Gift Ideas For Religious Women

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Getting a gift for your friend from Church? Maybe your mom who’s faith means a lot to her, or maybe just someone who you feel would really appreciate having their religion seen!
Regardless of what your personal faith is, respecting and acknowledging someone else’s beliefs and spirituality is a wonderful way to both bond and ensure that your gift is a big hit this year.

In this guide, I’ve collected all the gifts I’ve given to my religious friends over the years!

This guide will mostly focus on the Big 3, but they can all of course be tweaked to fit any religion or spirituality!

Let’s get into it!

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Get her a gorgeous antique version of her holy text

One of the most obvious presents would be to get her an antique edition of her religious texts.

These items are beautiful decorations that looks lovely in any home, and she can of course use it as her person text as well should she prefer.

Here are my favorites of the Big 3!

The Holy Bible

The Holy Qu'ran



Gift her beautiful and spiritual religious artwork

There's a heap of beautiful religious artwork out there, and it's a must-have for any religious home!

I am a huge proponent of gifting artwork, as it's something that not only enhances a home and the personalities inside of it - but it also gives them a little bit of a remnant of you.

Remember, you don't need to be a part of their religion to aknowledge it!

Look at my ideas for some beautiful artwork of the Big 3 below!

Christianity: I love this one and this one.

Islam: These 3-for-1 prints are just gorgeous

Judaism: I love this Star of David art, but also a big fan of this one


Start her morning with some religious laughs or words of wisdom with a custom mug

What's better than a reminder of their faith during a morning cup of coffee?

Cute mugs are wonderful presents for all sorts of people, but there are some fun religious ones!





Make sure she can represent her religion in a beautiful way with some jewelry

Treat her to some beautiful jewelry based on her religion!

Having a small heirloom that now only reminders her of her faith, but you as well, is a fantastic gift that can really solidify your relationship.

Here are my favorites:





Get her a brand new vinyl player with some faithful music records

There is so much beautiful religious music out there, expertly tailored to each faith. Whether it's modern or historic there's something for everyone.

What better way to listen to their favorite religious tracks than on a brand new vinyl player?

Get her this vinyl player, and then find a couple of vinyl records of music related to her religion! It's creative, it's useful AND it aknowledges her faith. 3-in-1.

71IJik+fIwL._AC_SL1500_ (1)

Get her a custom and personalized cover for her Holy Texts

Get her a personalized cover for her religious text! It's a great way for her to both keep a personalized version of her text, while also keeping it safe from harm.

I think this cover is the best one by a long shot, but there's definitely a few different ones to choose from.

(also, it says Bible Cover in the title, but it works for all religIous texts)



Light up her faith with a religious symbol night light

Why just get boring old artwork when you can get something cool lit-up?

For all the younger followers of faith out there, I recommend going with a light-up sign that represents their faith. Check out these ones below:





Gift her a beautiful and special family photo in the form of a jigsaw puzzle

If there's one thing I know about most religions, it's that they put a very heavy emphasis on family. So make a jigsaw puzzle of her family!

Find the most gorgeous family photo she has, then go right here and slap on a Jigsaw puzzle.

It's beautiful and personal, and she's going to love it.


Find a beautiful plaque or wooden decor with her favorite scripture, verse or words of wisdom

I truly recommend going with a beautiful plaque with some art of her religion or her favorite scripture/verse like the ones below:





And There You Have It! 9 Great Birthday Gift Ideas For Religious Women

No matter what type of gift you decide to give for her upcoming birthday, the most important thing is that it comes from the heart and aknowledges her faith or interests.

If you’re not sold on any of these, that’s okay! We happen to have lots of other guides for you to browse through right here.

Good luck!

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