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Birthday Gift Ideas For Pregnant Women

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Are you looking to get a gift for a pregnant friend? I got you!

Whether it’s for her birthday mid-pregnancy, a little celebration event, or just a little extra gift to be nice, I’ve got you covered.

Carrying a brand new person into this world is no easy feat, so you’re going to want to get presents that are both thoughtful and personal, but also help ensure she’s comfortable and relaxed for as much of the pregnancy as possible.

As someone who’s had a sister who’s been pregnant for like, 8 years straight (just kidding Susie), I would consider myself a master of getting the perfect present for pregnant women.

Let’s get into it!

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Ensure true relaxation by getting her a prenatal massage (and no, you're not the one who has to give it)

Prenatal massages, also known as God's gift to pregnant women, is an excellent present.

Google "prenatal massages near me" and find one with great reviews, get a certificate or pass or whatever that location has for your pregnant friend and give it to her!

Just note, you usually wont go in for a prenatal massage until about the second trimester!

Pregnant women are enjoying a relaxing massage in bed at spa by massage and aromatherapy.

Gift her a pregnancy body pillow for support while sleeping

Finding a good and comfortable position to sleep in while being pregnant can be a difficult task for a lot of women.

Luckily, we live in the future, and they invented a solution for that!

The solution is this pregnancy body pillow that ensures she can find the perfect sweet spot for the best naps.


Ensure her skin is healthy and happy with some pregnancy-safe skincare products that help with stretch marks

There's a lot of beauty in the stretch marks that come with pregnancy, but if you think your recipient would prefer they don't get too distinct, think of getting her some skin care products!

This little set of skin care products is 100% pregnancy safe, and also helps with stretch marks!


Listen to the baby way before it's born with a baby heartbeat monitor!

Give her the opportunity to bond with her baby way before birth with a baby heartbeat monitor that records all the sounds inside the womb!

This is a great and beautiful way for your recipient to listen in on the life she is creating.

... and peace of mind. A lot of pregnant women can get paranoid that something is wrong, so constantly being able to hear that everything is going smoothly in there can be very beneficial to keep those stress levels down!


Keep those pregnant memories intact with a professional maternity photo shoot

Make sure she has this momentous occasion and the hard work she's putting in to create life on this planet well recorded with a professional maternity photo shoot!

Go through the trouble of finding a photographer, or maybe a friend of a friend, or maybe even you?

Then make sure you pay for the shoot, and she'll be set!

A wonderful and safe present any pregnant woman will appreciate.

Just google "maternity photographers near me" and they'll pop-up a' plenty.

Young pregnant female in a beautiful white dress doing a maternity photoshoot

Gift her some real comfy slippers with arch support because they're awesome

Make sure she's always walking on clouds with these super-comfy memory foam slippers.

According to my sister, it's a must-have for pregnancy. Especially if her feet are prone to swelling.


Get her a perfectly curated selection of herbal teas to help her through the pregnancy

Make sure she's set on the tea front all through her pregnancy with this organic tea sampler set, specifically aimed at benefiting pregnant women.

It's got teas that help with fertility, stress, morning sickness, heartburn, indigestion, and all sorts of other cons that come with carrying a new life into this world!


Nothing ensures comfort and awesome naps better than a heated or weighted blanket, so get her that

Especially if you live somewhere that comes with cold, dark winters -- like my state of Washington. Or she's just a natural snugglebunny. Or she gets cold flashes.

Nothing makes a long reading or nap session better than a weighted blanket, like this one that I'm personally a big fan off.

Alternatively, you could get a heated one if you think that's more her style!


Gift her a portable and calming foot spa to work out those sore feet

Soothe her tired and potentially swollen feet after a long day of nurturing this new creation in her womb.

The absolute best way to do this is, no doubt, this amazing massaging foot spa machine.



Robes are a lifesaver for pregnant women, so get her a personalized luxury one

A pregnant woman in comfort is a happy one, and make it personal by customizing it with engravings!

Get her a personalized luxury spa bathrobe with her name, initials or anything else you think would be cool.

A must-have for any pregnant woman.

Woman in robe standing in bathroom with white towel.

Ensure that she and her baby stays hydrated with a smart insulated water bottle that tracks her water intake

When pregnant it's important that you consume lots of water, and stay hydrated.

Help her achieve these lofty water goals in the coolest way possible with a Smart Water Bottle like this one!

It's what all the cool kids are using these days.


Gift her a hand-held back massager. Self-explanatory.

Solve all her sore aches and muscles with this beautiful and convenient hand-held massage gun!

I mean I'm not even pregnant and I still use this thing every day.


Get her a blanket-hoodie, probably the best piece of pregnancy clothing out there

Blanket or hoodie?

Why not both!

Get her this wearable blanket that turns into the perfect and ultimate comfort garment for absolutely anyone.

This is for sure my favorite item on this list. I need someone to get this for me.


And There You Have It! 13 Birthday Gift Ideas For Pregnant Women

Picking out the perfect present is always difficult, but I guarantee you that by simply adding some love and thoughtfulness combined with a little effort, she’ll appreciate it more than she could ever let on.

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