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Birthday Gift Ideas for Women Who Loves The Outdoors

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Know a gal who is always down for a good hike and you looking for the perfect present for?

You’ve come to the right place!

In this edition of my gift-giving guides, I’ll give you 11 great birthday gift ideas for women who just love the outdoors. Whether they’re big campers, just enjoy a weekend morning hike, or refuse to head inside regardless of the weather, this guide will cover at least something that she’s bound to love.

Let’s head out to the brushes!

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Gift her some dope personalized camping gear

You could of course also just get her any sort of gear for the outdoors, but what fun is that? Get her a monogrammed shelter, like this! Or an engraved fishing rod!

The possibilities are endless.



Senior woman hiking

Immortalize great memories by gifting her a hiking-adventure-camping photobook for her 50th

This one is especially great if you've had the pleasure of tagging along on your recipients adventures.

Put together as many photos as you can muster from a variety of hikes and adventures. An excellent way to affordably show love and immortalize great memories.

I recommend Shutterfly to make your books.

A mother looking at photo album

Help her learn how to cook in the wild with an outdoor cooking class

These are not only useful and sometimes lifesaving, but they're a ton of fun!  Regardless of your location in the world, I guarantee you that there are a vast variety of options for professional-grade classes to choose from near you.

Of course, you gotta tag along to see what all the fuss is about.

Alternatively, you can do a DIY "outdoor cooking class" - where you find a recipe, get all the ingredients, and make a little adventure out of it.

This is a gift from you, of course, so get all the ingredients and tag along!

Cooking outdoor

Get her a handcrafted wooden hiking stick to prep for her later years

Not only a useful tool to have for hikes but a beautiful heirloom that also can look great on any wall. Customize his perfect walking stick right here!

(make sure to really rub in how old she's getting when giving her the present, she'll love that).


If she likes fishing, consider getting her a fly fishing tying kit

Get her all the stuff she needs to build her own fishing flies. Trust me, it is so much more satisfying to catch fish knowing you've built the tools of the hunt yourself.

Sort of a primal experience if you catch my drift (get it?).

Go to Orvis to browse some great kits!

Old fishing equipment with rod and lures. Fishing preparation

Help her relax in the wild with a custom-made camping hammock

Get a custom made camping hammock made exactly the way she'll like it, with her favorite colors and unique patterns that you think she'll enjoy.

You can also customize the hammocks to match the climate that she tends to adventure out in.

There are a million (maybe not that many) options to choose from, and what better way to truly personalize a gift for your lucky lady?

Check out Teton Hammocks to browse all the different options.

Tattooed Woman Laying on Garden Hammock Wearing Blue Summer Dress

Help her appreciate the sky with a stargazing kit for his birthday

For a lot of outdoorsy adventurers, the best part about heading out in the wild is the absence of light pollution - allowing them to truly awe in the beauty of our universe and stars.

So, to be able to fully appreciate it, we recommend getting a stargazing kit that will allow them to really understand the night sky.

Tent under starry sky

Gift her a custom hiking trail map so she can always admire her favorite trail

No, I don't mean a literal map they carry while hiking. Those are unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how with-the-times you are) obsolete in 2023.

Commission an artist to create a custom illustrated hiking trail map of her favorite hiking destination, dream trail, or somewhere with a memory.

Perhaps the trail she was proposed to? Her childhood trail? Where she fell in love with the outdoors? First date?

The key to a good gift is the ability to pack as much love into it as possible.

Before you go find an artist, go check out Etsy to see if there's already a map of the trail you think she'd love!


Update her walls with some outdoor inspired artwork

Following the same vain as the previous idea, getting some adventurous looking artwork is always a big hit amongst the outdoorsy gal.

Simply go to Amazon and browse their selection -- but narrow it down if you can!

From Washington State? Get some WA-trail photos. Oregon? Same thing! Cali? So many options! Missouri?


Maybe skip this one if you're in Missouri.


Get her a real classy present with a personalized compass!

Did you know you can custom order a great variety of beautiful compasses?

Make your recipient feel like that really cool main character in the movies that whip out a golden compass that tells them exactly where to go.

Again, its use might not be as applicable in 2023 as it was a hundred years ago - but it can become a beautiful family heirloom. Engraved with their name, some words that are important, a date or anything else you believe they would love.

Check out more affordable options here, but if you want to go all out and create a life-long present I recommend going for real quality using The Compass Company.

Man with compass in hand

Bless her taste buds with an outdoor inspired gourmet food basket

Assemble a food basket with some gourmet meats and cheeses. There are all kinds of awesome and unique flavors to be sampled out there, including meats like moose, bear, venison, boar etc.

Paired with some jams, bread, cheese and wild mushrooms? Woowiee!

You can make them yourself for the ultimate customized gift, or browse any of Completely Kentucky's gourmet baskets.

Sausages and meat products variety in a store display, closeup view

And There You Have It! 11 Wild Birthday Gift Ideas For Women Who Loves The Outdoors

Picking out the perfect present is always difficult, but I guarantee you that by simply adding some love and thoughtfulness combined with a little effort, she’ll appreciate it more than she could ever let on.

Looking for other gift ideas? Check out our library of gifting guides here!

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