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Birthday Gift Ideas For A Brand New Dad

Happy dad holds his newborn baby in his arms while lying on the floor in a bright child's room. The

Need to get a gift for a man who just recently became a new dad? Well you’ve come to the right place!

When getting a gift for someone who now spends pretty much their entire life taking care of a brand-new child, you want to target things that will either make their lives easier or remind him that he’s more than just a dad; he is his own person as well!

A lot of these gifts can also double up as baby shower presents should you so please, but it is most definitely aimed more at men who’ve been a dad for 0-18 months.

Let’s get into it!

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Gift him a professional photo session for the new baby!

Get him a session with your favorite local photographer that takes baby photos!

In the rush of parenthood, it can be difficult to find the time, energy, and money to get a professional photoshoot done - so help them on the way by getting it all setup.

This way, your gift will also be hanging on their wall for the rest of his life.

Im ready for my photoshoot. Portrait of an adorable baby girl covered in a towel at home.

Commission a custom illustration of the family with its newest member

Hire a local artist to paint or draw the new family in whichever style you think they'll love the most.

This is an excellent way to both help local artists, while giving something super unique and personal that they are sure to cherish for years to come.


Get the greatest gift any parent could ever want: diapers.

Did you know you can actually gift a diaper subscription to parents?

Save your recipient one of the biggest pains in the butt of having a new child by taking care of the diaper restock for them!

Go to Incredibundles and set it up today! They even give you a package that you can physically hand them to show them the gift!

Both him and his partner is going to love this one, I promise you.

Baby diapers stack and teddy on white color floor

Gift him and his baby a personalized baby blanket with the little ones name on it

Gift him a beautiful customized and engraved baby blanket for his child!

It's a wonderful sentiment while being an affordable option for any recent parent.

I think these knitted ones YHN are just gorgeous.


Make sure he gets to treat himself with a well-deserved spa day

Trust me, your recipient is most definitely exhausted from all the work and stress of being a new parent.

Make sure he gets a well-deserved day to himself at the spa, where he can recuperate properly from the stress of new parenthood.

A facial, warm bath and a good massage does wonders for the stress and psyche!

Man on the couch at the SPA salon

Make sure he gets time for himself and with his partner by covering the babysitter

Another tricky part of parenthood is the lack of alone-time for parents. Either to themselves or together for a datenight.

Make sure they still have time for himself or with his partner by either:

  • Getting them a babysitter "voucher" where they just tell you when they want to head out, and you figure out and pay for their babysitter
  • You do the babysitting yourself (assuming the parents trust you enough with their kid!)

This is an excellent gift if you already know a few sitters that you trust will do a good job.

Cute lovely small kid infant newborn baby sitting on mother`s lap. Young mother nanny babysitter

Get a super cute personalized baby onesie with their initials (or sports team!)

Get a cute personalized onesie like this one for the baby with their name, initials, birthday, or whatever else you think would be fun!

... and since this is for Dad, maybe get a onesie of his favorite sports team, like this one.


Alexa, play "relaxing sleepy baby music"

You don't realize how convenient it is to be able to talk to a smart assistant until you're sitting there with a baby, unable to get up, unable to reach your phone, and unable to think with more than 6 of your last remaining brain cells that are awake.

If he doesn't have one already, get him an Echo with Alexa to help out during the parenting journey!


Gift him an electric bottle-warmer to ensure the milk is just the perfect temp whenever needed

Especially useful for dads to need to feed the baby without the ability to breastfeed, these electric bottle warmers put the milk at just the perfect temperature for the baby any time it's needed!

Again, if he don't have one already this is just a must-have for new parents.


Keep him comfy and relaxed with a luxurious engraved bath robe

Again, the stress of new parenthood can be rough - so make it as comfortable as possible with this luxurious engraved bath robe!

It's warm. It's comfy. It's personal.

Better yet, it's perfect to wear for all those middle-of-the-night wake-up calls.


Make sure he doesn't forget who he is by fueling his hobby!

Another commonly missed part about parenthood is the lack of time for other activities outside of your baby.

In a lot of cases, it's not even just a lack of free time for the hobbies - but the basic encouragement to remember that he is in fact his own person in addition to the whole dad-thing.

Fuel his hobby by getting him a gift tailored to whatever his hobby is! Lucky for you, I've already written a bunch of gifting guides for all sorts of hobbies for men.

Check them out here by putting his hobby in the search bar!

Man playing golf

And there you have it! 11 Great Birthday Gift Ideas for Brand Spankin' New Dads

Picking out the perfect present is always difficult, but I guarantee you that by simply catering a little bit to his interests and putting in the effort, he’ll appreciate it more than he lets on.

Looking for other gift ideas? Check out our library of gifting guides here!

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