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Birthday Gift Ideas For Mother In Law That Are Guaranteed To Be A Success

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When you get a birthday gift for your mother-in-law, regardless of whether your relationship to her is good or bad or somewhere fuzzy in between (as it often can be), you always want to be safe with these kinds of presents.

You want to get something that shows love and appreciation, that is inoffensive, but also not too over-the-top personal like a “grandkid calendar” that turns her entire personality into being your child’s grandmother.

And on the other hand, you don’t want to just get her a bottle of wine. Wine is a great present, but more for dinner visits, parties, anniversaries or other smaller occasions.

For her birthday, you want to get something that she will actually use and appreciate that doesn’t break your bank too much.

Lucky for you I have curated 9 of the best hitting birthday gift ideas for mother in laws you can think of. None of this 60+ useless trash gifts. Quality over quantity and all that.

Let’s get into it!

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Gift her a beautiful, low-maintenance indoor plant

A wonderful, beautiful, and safe gift to get any mother-in-law is simply an indoor plant.

Either go with what you know she likes, or get something you personally looks wonderful.

Unless she's into gardening, I do recommend going with something low-maintenance, such as a snake plant, orchids or succulents.

Make it an even better and personalized gift by getting her some custom pots to place them in as well!

For this present I recommend you physically go to your local plant-store or depot store.

Collection of various cactus and succulent plants in different pots

Go personal with a beautiful family tree print wall decoration

If you have children and want to go the more personal family-related route, I really recommend going with this personalized family tree print!

Include every person on the family tree that is appropriate, and you'll have some gorgeous and personalized wall-art for her!

If you're looking for more gifts for someone who just adores her grandchildren, check out my birthday gift ideas for grandma right here.

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Make her a custom, personalized candle with her favorite scents

Tons of cities have these "candle bars" where you can go in, and for like $30 make your very own candle with hundreds of scents to choose from.

For example, here in Seattle I've frequented Elm Candle Bar, where I have created candles based on what I think my recipient will like.

So, you alone or with your partner could go custom-make a candle for her and give it to her with all the love and blessings in the world. Better yet if she knows what kind of smells she likes, as the candle bars tend to have every smell imagineable.

Just google "candle bars near me" and you'll have the perfect minimalist present!

Aromatherapy scented candle with blank label

Revolutionize her kitchen with a brand, spankin' new Air Fryer

If she doesn't have an Air Fryer already, get ready to change her life for the better.

Air Fryers are absolutely wonderful additions to the kitchen, and can revolutionalize any cook regardless of their experience.

For a lot of Gen X and above, there seems to be a certain stubbornness in getting into this new technology - so do her a massive favor and invest in one for her, she'll thank you later.

Or hopefully right away.

Get her the best on the market right here for an affordable price!



Gift her a day of relaxation and appreciation with a well-deserved spa day

Being a mother-in-law isn't easy, after all.

I think.

If you've read any of my other guides, you know I absolutely love gifting spa days for people.

First off: it's relatively unique, as people for some reason rarely gift spa days, although it's something almost anyone can enjoy.

Second: it's one of those gifts that are great because we tend to never afford a spa day for ourselves, so when someone else does it for us we appreciate it a lot.

You can either get her a voucher to go whenever she likes, or, if you're a woman, go with her for some quality bonding time!

Spa day

Gift her a wonderful memory by taking her out to a show or concert

Ask your partner for some light research on what you mother-in-law likes to watch, whether it be theater, live music, concerts or experiences like wine-tasting.

Then, find the next performance of whatever fits the best, and you'll have the perfect present. Make sure to get her 2 tickets, or go with her -- wouldn't want her to watch in solitude!

I got my (now ex) mother-in-law Hamilton tickets, and she still brings up how much she loves that musical to this day.

Unfortunately, her son did, in fact, throw away his shot.

At the theater

Go with a perfect blend of functional and personal with some personalized wine glasses

Get some beautiful high-quality custom wine glasses engraved with her last name!

They're beautiful, personal and add a twist on an all-too-common present.

I know I mentioned in the intro not to get wine, but in this instance, the gift does pair wonderfully with a nice bottle of her favorite wine so they can be quality-check right away if she should so wish!

I recommend going with these, as they're wonderful quality for the prize and has lots of customization options.

81moNO7GvCL._AC_SL1500_ (1)

Get her something outside of the usual with a beautiful high-quality bird feeder

Maybe I'm biased because I know so many ladies in the mother-in-law age range who are obsessed with their gardens and birds, but through trial and error I have discovered that bird feeders are wonderful presents!

I personally recommend this best-seller right here. Just make sure she doesn't already have it!


Gift her a weighted or heated blanket for ultimate reading comfort

Especially if you live somewhere that comes with cold, dark winters -- like my state of Washington.
If your mother-in-law is anything like me or my mom, she will appreciate high-quality heated or weighted blanket more than you could imagine, like this one that I'm personally a big fan off.Alternatively, you could get a heated one if you think that's more their style!
Close up of sick woman with blanket holding cup of tea

And There You Have It! 9 Wonderful Birthday Gift Ideas For Mother In Laws That She Is For Sure Going To Love!

No matter what type of gift you decide to give for her upcoming birthday, the most important thing is that it comes from the heart.

If you’re not sold on any of these, that’s okay! We happen to have lots of other guides for you to browse through right here.

Good luck!

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