Birthday Gift Ideas For Mom That She Will LOVE

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Were you blessed with the most wonderful mom on the planet?

Or perhaps you’ve watched your partner be the greatest mother figure to your children you could ever image.

Or maybe in addition to being a super-mom at home, she’s also the mom of your friendgroup?

Regardless, these women deserve the world; or at least a thoughtful and beautiful present to really show how much you appreciate and love their efforts as a mother in your life.

That’s where I come in! In this edition of our gift-giving guide I’ll give you 11 thoughtful gift ideas for the super-mom!

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Get mom to the spa for a well deserved offday!

Super-moms tend to do too much for everybody else, and not enough for themselves.

Make sure she gets a real self-care day, by taking her to the spa! Get her a voucher for her to head in alone whenever she feels like it, or plan a day and go with her for some bonding time.

A facial, warm bath and a good massage does wonders for the stress and psyche.

Spa day

Let mom reminisce on all the good times with a photo album

Make a photo-album compiling all the memorable family photos you can think of in a beautiful album.

You can simply go to Shutterfly and put together some wonderful memories, with notes of course.


Cheerful happy family sitting on the sofa and looking at the pictures in a photo album

Surprise mom with commissioned artwork

Commission a painting or artwork of the family, her favorite subject, or just her.

Just make sure she's portrayed as a strong and appreciated figure.

There are tons of ways to find wonderful affordable artists to commission something beautiful, but I personally like to use Artfinder!

Male artist holding palette and paintbrush. Man artist painter and paint brush

Family cookbook, a gift that immortalizes the familys best recipes

If there are too many damn notecards in the kitchen, collect them all together into a beautiful and personalized cookbook.

This way old family recipes are immortalized forever, and there never has to be any worry they'll get lost.

This also immortalizes the cooks and bakers of previous family generations.

Go to CreateMyCookbook and check out all your options!

Vintage recipes on box

Take mom out for a special outing for some family quality time

Sometime the best time a super-mom can have is quality time with her family.

Just make sure that she is not part of the planning process!

This is her time to enjoy time with her family without having to think about all the details and stress of planning.

There are tons of things you can do as a family: hiking, camping, Zoo, outdoor activities that she enjoys, the beach, picnics, day in the city... you name it! Get creative and cater to her interests.

Head to Intrepid for inspiration!

Man and woman couple in family kayak trip rowing boat on the river, a water hike, a summer adventure

Who says wine isn't a great gift idea?? Treat mom to a wine-tasting tour!

Organize a wine-tasting tour at your local winery or vineyard!

Plan it for the girlies, the 21+ members of the family, or for just her and her partner.

Sometimes mama just needs her wine.

(Make sure there's a DD or pick-up available for her as well!)

People tasting wine in winery

Framed family tree, a forever gift

Create a family tree with names and photos in a large and beautiful frame.

Not only is this a personalized and beautifully thought-out present, but it also looks wonderful on the wall and truly shows the significance of family.

Go to Canva, create a family tree and design it as beautifully as you can muster, print it, frame it, and hand it to her. It's a little work, but that makes it all the more special.

Screen Shot 2023-07-19 at 12.19.41 PM

One of the most underrated gift ideas: concert or event tickets!

I have a sneaking suspicion this particular super-mom does not go to a lot of concerts or events. At least not enough.

So make sure she does!

Get tickets to her favorite band, show, event, musical, theater performance or sports game!

Hall in the theater

Immortalize mom in the sky by naming a star after her

Did you know you can name a star after someone for like $50?

Go to, find a beautiful constellation you like, name one of the stars after your mom, and immortalize her in the universe for all eternity.

Print the certificate and photo of the star, frame it, and make sure she knows she'll always be the guiding star of the family.

Stars and the Milky way stars over a forest in Oregon

Encourage mom's memories with a DIY scrapbook kit

If you know she enjoys some arts and crafts and all those old printed photos of family are rapidly adding up, get her a DIY scrapbook kit!

These are great fun, and incentivize her to finally get those mid-2000s photos compiled together in her very own designed photo album.

A smiling woman working on a scrapbook while sitting on the floor in a home interior

Get moms tears jerking with a heartfelt, personalized video message from loved ones

Gather video messages from family and friends where they express their love and gratitude for the wonderful person she is.

Put her favorite song on top, as well as some videos of her being a great mom, daughter, wife or friend throughout the years.

Be warned: she will probably bawl her eyes out.

Smiling teenage girl sitting on bed in front of video camera

There You Have It! 11 Thoughtful Birthday Gift Ideas Mom That She Will Love

Picking out the perfect present is always difficult, but I guarantee you that by simply adding some love and thoughtfulness combined with a little effort, she’ll appreciate it more than she could ever let on.

Looking for other gift ideas? Check out our library of gifting guides here!








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