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Birthday Gift Ideas for Minimalist Women

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When finding a gift for the notorious minimalist, it is crucial to get them something that isn’t going to be immediately thrown in the trash.

Lucky for you, I am ironically a big anti-hoarder minimalist, which means that unless I frequently use something, it gets tossed. Or at least out of my sight and mind.

Come to think of it, that might just be why I’m so good at gifting presents, because from me you’ll never get useless trash (sorry not sorry for the selfbrag).

I’m well aware that it can be scary to get a gift for a minimalist because ultimately they tend to not to be a big fan of… stuff.

In this guide, I’ll give you 11 clever birthday gift ideas for minimalist women that are sure to give you some wonderful inspiration to get a gift they will truly appreciate.

Let’s get into it!

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Keep it sleek and personal with a personalized photo album!

Although a photo-book is an item, and you usually want to stray away from as many "materialistic" things as possible -- this one is an exception as photo albums are usually very thin, sleek, and can fit in a variety of places.

You can play this gift in a variety of ways, but what I would do is collect as many photos that you can muster from their last 50 years, including old photos of relatives, friends, colleges, towns and anything else they've lived in.

Compile everything and use Shutterfly to put it all together in a beautiful custom photo book with messages and notes.

The closer you are to your recipient the better of course, but this can be a wonderful presents for all kinds of people - just tailor it to match the exact vibe of your recipient!

A mother looking at photo album

Stray away from stuff and gift them a memory and experience instead

The greatest present for a minimalist is often one that does not include any item, but an experience.

Memories are wonderful presents!

Take her to a musical that is in town (I hear Hamilton is back on the road), or a concert, adventure experiences like hot air balloon rides or skydiving, shark diving... the opportunities are endless!

At the theater

Go full personal with a beautiful letterbox

I am pitching this one because someone did this for me and it's one of my most treasured presents!

Get all of her friends and family to write a little letter about why she is as great she is, why she means so much to them, and a fun experience they've had together.

Gather as many letters as you can get ahold of, and then place them all in a custom-made box like this one where you can customize exactly what is on the box.

If that price is a little too steep for you, there's also options for cheaper and simpler boxes on Amazon where you could customize it yourself!

Warning: she will probably cry.


Bless their tastebuds without taking up space with a gourmet gift basket

Another wonderful idea for most minimalists is getting them something that can be consumed.

This way they can enjoy the present without it ending up taking more space than it needs, at least after it's all eaten or stored in the pantry.

I recommend this gift basket that has a bunch of delicious, gourmet treats. Combine it with a bottle of wine and you got a sweet set-up.

But of course, you know your recipient best!

Search up the best gift baskets you think they'll enjoy and you have a wonderful minimalist-friendly present on hand.


Decorate their home just the way a minimalist likes it with a sleep plant

If you are going to give them an item, I recommend a beautiful plan in a nice sleek pot that doesn't take up too much space.

A clean and white low-effort pot like these are great option, and then some nice-looking plants like succulents or whatever else you/she likes.

It looks great in any minimalist home!


Gift them some new scents with a custom-made candle

You can play this two ways, and I think both are great!

Tons of cities have these "candle bars" where you can go in, and for like $30 make your very own candle with hundreds of scents to choose from.

For example, here in Seattle I've frequented Elm Candle Bar, where I have created candles based on what I think my recipient will like.

So, you can either go custom-make a candle for them and give it to them directly. OR you can turn it into a little experience by going with them to make it, so they can craft it exactly how they want it and you just pay for it.

With a dinner afterwards, maybe!

Just google "candle bars near me" and you'll have the perfect minimalist present!

Concept of relaxation with aroma candles on light textured table

Gift them a just cause by placing a donation in their name

Another wonderful and kind present that ensures there are no items in the mix is a donation to a cause they truly believe in and stand up for in their name.

If your recipient is a bit of an activist, make sure you find the perfect charity that they care about and make a donation in their name (+ you get a tax break... and you know, helping a good cause)

Conceptual image of charity and donation

A great gift that takes no space: the ancestry DNA kit!

Get her a kit from Ancestry that’ll allow her to trace her genetic heritage and explore her family tree!

Not only does this also make sure you don't get her any extra stuff to clutter their house and mind, but it's an excellent way to learn all about how she specifically ended up where she is through hundreds of years of ancestors coming together.

Most Americans and Canadians are a mix of tons of different races and ethnicities, and this is a great way for her to connect with her ancestral past and culture!


Help her really take the stress of materialism away with a spa day

Similar to an "adventure experience" but significantly more relaxing, treat her to a nice spa day!

Get her a voucher for her to head in alone whenever she feels like it, or plan a day and go with her for some bonding time.

A facial, warm bath and a good massage does wonders for the stress and psyche, and also doesn't add any additional items to the home.

Mature woman having ayurvedic massage

The true dream of a minimalist is a spotless home, speaking from experience

One thing I have learned about most minimalists is that they love a clean home.

This means two things:

  1. They'll absolutely love a gift where you pay for a cleaning service to really deep scrub the apartment or house
  2. They already do that themselves all the time and it's completely pointless present

Make sure you scope out which kinda person they are, and if you think it something they would really appreciate consider paying for a cleaning service to come do all the dirty work that they don't want to do!

Cleaning service worker spraying detergent

Gift a nice bottle of liquor for consumption, not collection

And lastly, in a similar vein to the gourmet basket: any gift that's based around consumption is a fantastic option.

Consider stocking up their bar-cart by getting them their favorite bottle of liquor.

If they really love stuff like that, get them a couple of bottles -- and treat them to something they wouldn't usually get for themselves.

And note that in this instance, you don't want to go for a vintage bottle of wine that is supposed to sit on a shelf: get something they can open whenever they want and enjoy!

Various hard liquor bottles

And there you have it! 11 Clever Birthday Gift Ideas for Minimalist Women

Picking out the perfect present is always difficult, but I guarantee you that by simply adding some love and thoughtfulness combined with a little effort, she’ll appreciate it more than she could ever let on.

For the minimalist, focus more on their persona over anything materialistic. This goes a long way!

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