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Birthday Gift Ideas For Men That Will Light Up His Life (or at least his room)

Fire show, dancing with flame, male master juggling with fireworks, performance outdoors,

Men love their fancy backlighting. At least in 2023.

I mean have you seen the inside of a gamer boys room, or the most up-to-date bachelor pads?

If you know any man that fits either description, this gifting guide is for you! Lights add a wonderful ambiance to any persons life, and I think it’s therefor a wonderful present! It’s also a pretty unique and fun one compared to everything else they’re going to get!

Best of all: it’s super affordable.

In this guide, I’ve put together 11 of my favorite birthday gift ideas for men that involve some nice lighting! Let’s get into it!

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LED Toilet Night Light: Motion-activated for convenience.

Okay, I'll be honest and say this is more of a gag gift - but it's still super fun!

I've gifted this many times, and it always gets a good laugh.

So go ahead, gift him the beautiful present of lighting up that toilet bowl! Men think this is really funny, for some reason?

... I mean me too though.

I recommend you combine it with something else though. Get it here!


Neon LED Signs: Customized with his name or a favorite phrase.

Get personal with it by customizing a beautiful LED sign with his name on it!

Tacky? A little. Still awesome though? Absolutely.

Start customizing here!


Add ambiance to any room he's got with a LED light strip kit, controlled from his phone

The greatest way to add ambiance to a room is to set up some cool LED backlights.

You can tell from the pictures just how much of a difference it can make to an average space, so if you think it's something he'd enjoy, look into it! It so much more affordable than people think.

Get it here!


Help him shower in style with this amazing LED shower head that changes color with temperature

Make sure he can shower in style with this super awesome LED shower head that changes color with the temperature.

Cool gadgets are amazing birthday gifts, and this is one cool gadget.

Get it here!


Help decorate any room or patio or space in his life with these LED string lights

String lights are a wonderful way to create shapes and personalize the lights!

As opposed to the ambiance set light strips, these are easily movable and can be wonderful temporary decorations - or permanent mobile additions to the room.

Get it here!


Gift him the Rosetta Star Projector so he can bring the sky into his home

Holy smokes this thing is so cool I can't even put it in to words properly.

Make any room, living-room, gaming room, dorm room, hobby room or mancave look amazing with the Rosseta star projector that just brightens up anyones room.

If I had access to this thing in my teenage days it would have been OVER.

Get it here!


Why not make the inside of his car look fancy with some amazing car interior backlights?

Make any car looks fancy with some amazing LED car interior lights. A lot of people don't know how easy it is to decorate their cars, so make sure you show her the way!

Assuming he's into that kinda stuff of course.

Get them here!


Combine music and lights with this amazing and affordable LED light-up bluetooth speaker

An LED light-up Bluetooth speaker that matches the colors with the music is a wonderful and surprisingly affordable gift!

I mean a bluetooth speaker is just cool on its own, but why not make it even better by adding lights.

It's amazing. Get it here!


Make sure the drinks stay lit with these LED coasters

Wouldn't it be awesome if your drinks always lit up, regardless of what's in'em?

Well now you can gift that to him, with some amazing LED light-up coasters!

Get them here!


Light up her bar with these great liquor shelf backlights

This item is actually what inspired this entire gifting guide.

I went over to my girly's house a few weeks ago and saw all her favorite bottles displayed on this amazing LED liquor shelf, and knew immediately I had to get in on it.

It just makes any apartment, bacholer pad, wet bar or kitchen stand out so wonderfully and adds an amazing ambiance. I guarantee you that if your friend has a few bottles or a barcart hidden away, he's going to love this gift.

Get it here!


And There You Have It! 11 Light-up Birthday Gift Ideas For Men Who Love Ambiance

Picking out the perfect present is always difficult, but I guarantee you that by simply adding some love and thoughtfulness combined with a little effort, he’ll appreciate it more than she could ever let on.

Looking for other gift ideas? Check out our library of gifting guides here!

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