9 Great Birthday Gift Ideas For Men With Severe Dad Syndrome

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Does your old man insist on getting up way too early on the weekends to stare out at the lawn with his coffee? Does he show up way too early to the airport and refuse to let anyone grab overpriced airport food before he ensures that the gate does in fact exist?

Perhaps he needs to make a pun out of every other sentence with terrible jokes, brave terrible fashion yet can somehow fix anything because “damn if I’m gonna pay someone $350 to do it when I can get it done for $20”

Well even if just one of these is true for your pops, we got the perfect list of gift ideas for your dad’s upcoming birthday. In no particular order, check out this latest addition of my birthday gift ideas for men series!

#1 gift him a Personalized BBQ Apron for some ultimate grill swagger

Is your dad the chef of the house? Or perhaps only on the sunny days when he can whip the ol’ grill out? Either way, a custom apron is an affordable, personalized, and fun option.

I had a bud who received a “Bill: The Chef, The Myth, The Dad” and another that said, “Frank. Bane of steaks, smoked cheese and Kansas City Chiefs fans” (for context: he got in a barfight in College one time like 28 years ago and still tells the story every get-together).

Getting one is easy and can be done through Amazon for like $30. Check it out here!

If you’re looking for more cooking-themed presents, check out my gifting guide for men who loves to cook right here.

50th birthday gift ideas for men

#2 immortalize memories by gifting him a Personalized Photo Album

This one is always a big hit for dads who’ve put a lot of effort into making sure their families are living their best life (I’m not talking money, I’m talkin’ looove).

Reserve a page for each child with a personalized message about how much you appreciate your dad from said kid. Some family photos, memories, photos of dad doing dad things or things he loves.

Early childhood photos such as naps on dad’s chest, a ride on dad’s shoulders on the beach, or playtime can easily bring out a nostalgic tear or two.

The options are limitless with this one. You know your dad best so knock yourself out!

I personally recommend using Mixbook. That way you can customize exactly how you want it, and how much money you’re willing to spend.

(also we are not affiliated!)

From mixbook.com

#3 Engraved Leather Wallet because his is Probably too damn old

I have seen too many damn dads with wallets as old as time itself, yet they refuse to replace them. Therefore, you must do it for them.

To personalize it you can also get it engraved with a simple message such as “Love you dad” or whatever else. When you give it to him, maybe print a couple of wallet-sized photos of the kids or a family photo to include so he can always carry you around.

Check out your options here.

New brown leather wallet on dark background

#4 knock it out of the park by gifting him a brand new Smartwatch

I don’t care if he’s called them stupid, the Apple watches are a must-have for any dad – especially one who exercises. He can message you his “ok” or thumbs-up emoji straight from the watch, keep track of his health goals and customize it just the way he wants it.

This is less personalized and more pricy, but if he doesn’t have one already, trust me: he needs one.

I recommend Apple, but if your dad is more into exercises he might already have a Garmin watch in mind.

Detail of Man wearing smart watch

#5 show him you really care about his interests with good ol’ Sports Memorabilia

Does your dad happen to occasionally scream at the TV on Sundays? Is the baseball game always on in the background? Perhaps you’ve had to involuntarily watch too many hours of golf?

Regardless of what sport your dad likes to keep an eye on, some sports memorabilia from his favorite team can be a huge hit. A signed jersey, helmet or ball can be a great addition to any man cave or office wall.

Simply go to sportsmemorabilia.com, sort by your sport and team, and choose something in your price range. Guaranteed hit.

Taken from nikcosports.com

#6 cater to his interests by gifting him some Hobby and Sports Gear

Does your dad like fishing, hunting, golf, biking, or literally anything else? Well then your job is easy! Find something related to his main interests within your price range and get creative! Just ask Mom to make sure he doesn’t already have it.

The best way to do it is to slap open a fresh Google page, put in “activity + gear”, and scroll around a bit.

If your dad is especially sporty, check out our gift-giving guide for the dad who loves sports for some more great ideas!

#7 bless his tastebuds with Gourmet Food Basket

This is perfect for any dad who appreciates some good food that he usually wouldn’t spend the coin to buy. Get a basket filled with all his favorite gourmet treats or snacks, or perhaps some new things he’s never tried before?

Again, we’re not affiliated, but gourmetfitbaskets.com has some great options – delivered right to your door!

stylish easter basket with food

#8 let his creativity and love for beer run loose with a Home Brewing Kit

If your dad likes beer, this is the gift for him.

Amazon has a plethora of affordable and fun DIY home beer brewing starter kits that will create hours of entertainment and good beer.

Get your dad to work making his own beer with personalized flavors that he can’t complain about right here!


Close up of man stirring liquid for home brew beer
… warning #2: hops do not smell great when cooking.

#9 Create great new memories by gifting him An Adventure Experience

Sometimes creating new memories is the best gift of all. Take your dad on an adrenaline-pumping or new experience like skydiving, race car driving, helicopter tour, shark sightseeing, or whatever else you can find.

Go to virginexperiencegifts.com, put in your ZIP code, and see what fun stuff is near you! Make sure the family tags along for maximum great memories. Maybe get some photos you can slap in that photobook for next year…

Portrait of tandem skydivers above clouds and landscape

And there you have it! 9 Great Birthday gift ideas for men With Severe Dad Syndrome

No matter what type of gift you give your dad for his upcoming birthday, the most important thing is that it comes from the heart.

Whether you pick one of our recommendations or come up with something entirely unique on your own, just try your best to put some thought and effort into making him feel special.

As long as he knows how much he means to you and that his presence in your life has been an irreplaceable blessing, then there’s no wrong way to show love!

Need gift ideas for someone else? Check out our other gift-giving guides right here.

We hope this list helps inspire a meaningful present for your father – good luck, and happy birthday pops!

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