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Birthday Gift Ideas For Men Who Work From Home

Man working from home.

Looking to find the perfect present for a man in his fifties but don’t really know how to proceed? I got you!

When picking out a good gift for someone, the most important thing to keep in mind is their passions, profession and lifestyle.

If your guy happens to be working from home, you’ve come to the right place.

Check out these 10 clever 50th birthday gift ideas for men who work from home, for some great inspiration on what you can get to cater to his lifestyle!

Let’s get in to it —

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Gift him a nice ergonomic office chair for everyday comfort

And who doesn't love a big package for their birthday?

This ergonomic office chair looks super stylish, doesn't cost a fortune, and is insanely comfortable.

If they don't already have a big comfy and ergonomic office chair, consider investing in one for them!


Step up their video conferencing game with a 4k webcam

If they work from home, chances are they routinely need to make video calls.

Get them one of the best (while still affordable!) webcams on the market with the 4k Depstech Webcam, this is the one I use and it works amazing!

It even comes with a little stand so it's easy to move around the desk, or on top of the monitor.



Cancel out all the distractions of the home with some noise-canceling headphones

One of the biggest frustrations many WFH-men have to deal with is the constant noise that comes from a home not originally designed to be an office. It could be the dogs barking, the neighbor cutting the gras, kids being loud, the AC blasting etc...

Either way, help him block it all out with some high quality noise cancelling headphones so he can actually focus on his work!

If you want to get him the literal best on the market right now, we recommend you go with these Sony's.

Alternatively a much more affordable option are the Commalta's!

Mature businessman with closed eyes listening to music with headphones

Gift him a beautiful bonsai to light up his space a bit

Help him brighten up his workspace with a Bonsai tree like this one!

They look super nice on any desk and really step up the office decor in otherwise sad-looking work-from-home office desks.

Bonsai pine tree

Keep them toes warm throughout the workday with an electric foot warmer

The hidden gem of comfort: keeping your feet warm, especially as fall and winter approaches!

This foot warmer is so so so comfy, especially for people like me who's hands and feet get cold really easily. Especially in hotter climates where the AC is blasting at negative 1 million degrees.

I guarantee he's going to love it.


Treat him to a relaxing evening with a well-deserved spa day

I am a huge proponent of spa days, regardless of profession and gender.

Nothing relaxes you more after a long day of work, either from home or in office than a nice, well-deserved massage.

Call up your nearest spa and order him a sweet, sweet day of relaxation!

A massage, facial and some warm bath and sauna time can relax even the most tense man on the planet.

He's bound to appreciate this one.

Man receiving professional massage in spa salon

Gift him a portable and ergonomic laptop stand so he can move around the house and city a bit

If he uses a laptop a lot, consider getting him an ergonomic laptop stand!

This not only makes continuous work from both home, the office, and coffee shops more comfortable - it also helps improve posture.

It's easy and portable, and can often encourage him to exit his office cave


Freshen up his office gear with a customized mouse pad

A super easy and cheap present that remains personal is a customized mouse pad!

You can add a photo and tons of notes for the people customizing it to get it exactly how you want, and your recipient will be able to use it every day!

Get him a photo of the family, the dog, the friend group, or anything else that reminds him of not work.

This gift is pretty cheap, at around $12 -- so to make it a "grander" present, consider combining it with his favorite bottle of liquor or a wine.


Gift him the motivation he needs with a fully loaded digital picture frame

Make his office desk a lot nicer and more personal with a digital picture frame loaded with his favorite photos!

This way he can look at his friends, dog, family, beautiful locations and memories that remind him of what he is doing it all for. It's a beautiful and personal gift that truly showcases the love you have for him!

Load it with as many photos you think he'll love, and then maybe spend some time with him to see which over photos he'd like!


Keep his workspace clean with an automatic desk vaccum

This one is especially applicable if he has a bad habit of eating at his desk, and crumbs are falling everywhere.

An automatic desk vacuum gets rid of all the dust, crumbs, and remnants of whatever else you can think of in a quick and easy fashion so that the desk always remains clean!


And there you have it! 10 Clever Birthday Gift Ideas For Men Who Work From Home

Picking out the perfect present is always difficult, but I guarantee you that by simply catering a little bit to his profession, passions and lifestyle he’ll appreciate it more than he lets on.

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