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11 Brilliant Birthday Gift Ideas For Men Who Have Everything

I wonder whats in here...Shot of a man shaking a box he received at his birthday party.

Did you ask what he wanted for his birthday and he said “Nothing! I have everything I need” and you rolled your eyes and googled some tips on what to actually get him?

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, I’ll give you 11 great gift ideas for the man who claims he already has everything.

Because what it actually means, is that he is now able to receive gifts that have some meaning and/or luxury behind them (don’t worry, I wont give you ideas that are too pricy)

Let’s get into it, so you can learn all the best birthday gift ideas for men who has everything.

Note that I am not affiliated with any of the links I’m providing you with!

#11 gift him something fancy-lookin’ with a Personalized whiskey decanter set

You know in those old-timey gangster movies or time dramas where the big boss goes over to a bar cart and pours himself a “scotch and water” from some fancy decanter?

Let your lucky man be that guy by getting him a personalized whiskey decanter set!

You can find a great variety of different sets in all sorts of price ranges right here.

Whiskey on a wooden table

#10 get him Tickets to a major sports event: the favorite gift of any Sports obsessed man

Sometimes a good memory is the best gift, especially if your recipient is a fan of sports! Take him to watch his favorite team play. Even if the game is far away from his actual birthday, you can present him with the tickets or the promise of them for whichever game he prefers.

If you live far away from where his favorite team plays, you could also take him to your local sports bar to watch the game. On your tab of course. Most bars are happy to change the channel on a TV to the game you prefer.

If this man is sports-obsessed, you can alternately check out our gift-giving guide for the sports-obsessed 50-year-old right here!

An audience of sports fans watching an NFL football game in a stadium

#9 up his tastebud game with A gourmet food or wine-tasting experience.

Almost every city in the world offers some sort of food or wine-tasting experience. Simply google “food/wine tasting experience near me” and see what pops up.

This is perfect for any man who appreciates good food, good wine, or insert anything else he prefers. Whiskey tasting? Tequila tasting? Chocolate tasting?

The world is filled with endless opportunities for new adventures and experiences!

Wine tasting

#8 A subscription to an Exclusive whiskey or wine club Is A gift of Class & Excitement

Out of all the subscription boxes, I think this is the most fun one. Mash&Grape lets you personalize exactly what you’d like to get out of the boxes, and you can then sign him up for monthly arrivals of some great selections of whichever poison of his choice!

This lets him enjoy and try new bottles, and maybe even start a little collection!

Scotch whiskey bottle and glasses

#7 Gift Him brand new memories with A New Adventure or Experience!

Gift your recipient a unique experience they’ve never had before, like skydiving, a helicopter ride, a hot air balloon ride, shark diving, or anything else under the sun that you can think of.

Go to, put in your ZIP code, and see what fun stuff is near you! Make sure the family or friend group tags along as well of course!

Hot Air Balloon At Sunrise

#6 gift him A luxury grooming set to make him feel real fly, but like, in a manly way

Remember how I talked about the big boss at the start of the article with the whiskey decanters? Well, you betcha that guy doesn’t shave with some Wallmart-razor. Only the finest brands will do it.

If your lucky guy is even remotely into keeping a beard, go here to find some of the most luxurious shaving kits that won’t break your bank.

Self care package, seasonal gift box with zero waste organic cosmetics products for men

#5 gift him A personalized leather wallet because his is probably older than dust

I have seen too many damn men with wallets as old as time itself, yet they refuse to replace them. Therefore, you must do it for them.

To personalize it you can also get it engraved with a simple message or their name!

Check out your options here.

Leather wallet on the rustic wood background

#4 make his whole year with A vintage or collectible item related to his favorite hobby or interest

Most 50-year-old men have a hobby of some sort or another. Maybe he enjoys fishing, hunting, golf, or just screaming at the TV on Sundays.

Regardless of what he likes, there are tons of places online where you can get unique and vintage collectibles related to any sport.

For example, if your guy is a big sports fan you can simply go to, sort by his sport and team, and choose something in your price range. Guaranteed hit.

#3 gift him brand new cooking skills with A cooking class or culinary workshop

Even if he’s not huge on cooking, these experiences are so much fun – and often offer tons of different wine options to go along with the meal that you of course get to enjoy at the end.

You learn some new tricks, meet some cool people and get to learn from the best.

Just look up “culinary workshops near me” and watch all the options you never knew you had, get some tickets, and bring along your recipient!

Diverse people joining cooking class

#2 gift him something he’ll never forget with A vintage car driving experience

This one is so cool, especially if your recipient is a big car guy. Get him an experience that will allow him to drive his dream classic car for a day.

Sites like these offer a huge variety of different vintage cars that would otherwise be impossible to get ahold of for him to try. And of course, he’ll have to bring you along!

Always a big hit.

Vintage car
Vintage car

#1 truly stand out this year by gifting him some Custom-made artwork

See, everyone thinks they have everything. But does your soon-to-be birthday boy have customized art hanging on his walls?

Well even if he does, you can never have too many!

Commission an artist you like to create artwork of whatever you think your recipient will most appreciate.

Maybe a drawing of him and his dog, wife, kids, you and the recipient, or friend group. Maybe just of him doing something he loves, or redoing an old photo of him in his college glory days. The options are endless.

Regardless, I guarantee he will love it!

Artist with palette and brush paint on easel

And There You Have It! 11 Brilliant Birthday Gift Ideas For Men Who Have Everything

No matter what type of gift you decide to give for your upcoming birthday, the most important thing is that it comes from the heart.

Whether you pick one of our recommendations or come up with something entirely unique on your own, just try your best to put some thought and effort into making him feel special. Make it clear that you thought of him when you picked it out, and that is all that matters.

As long as he knows how much he means to you and that his presence in your life has been an irreplaceable blessing, then there’s no wrong way to show love!

Need gift ideas for someone else? Check out our other gift-giving guides right here.

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