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Birthday Gift Ideas for Men Who Are Fitness Junkies

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Whether he’s been active since his early youth, a midlife crisis continued or a recent effort to lose weight – we all know that one guy who consistently manages to stay active regardless of life and weather.

Sometimes, we even need to get a present for that guy.

That’s where I come in!

In this edition of my gift-giving guides, I’ve collected 13 sporty Birthday Gift Ideas for The Fitness Junkie that are sure to be a hit.

Let’s get into it!

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Gift him some updated gear with a sick smartwatch

If he doesn't have one already, or he is getting too old, this is probably the greatest gift you can get a fitness junkie.

A Garmin or Apple Watch will allow him to easily track his workouts, monitors his heart rates, connect his music and do everything else you need for the perfect workout.

(if he's a runner I'd go with the garmin)

Detail of Man wearing smart watch

Make him look fly while sweating with some personalized athletic gear

Why just get him sports gear when you could get him customized or engraved gear with his name or initials?

Depending on which climate you're in, get him a light runner or biking jacket with his name on it that is sure to stand out!

Mature man running on sand, along coastline

Gift him a resistance band set

Regardless of what sort of athlete your recipient is, getting a pair of resistance bands allows him to do cross-training that can be hugely beneficial.

Combine these with something else on this list and you have a solid gift lined up.

resistance band exercise on white background

Encourage active recovery for his 50th with a massage gun

These guns are absolute life savers for the athletic guy who's getting up there in age.

Our bodies tend to not recover as quickly as they did back in the day, so having a massage gun to help the post work-out recovery, regardless of sport, is a game-changer.

Trust me.

Sporty man does sports outdoors on grass: independently does percussion massage with massage gun

... or encourage not so active recovery with a sports massage!

Speaking of recovery and massages: pay for a professional sports massage!

A lot of great massage places allow you to buy a gift certificate for a number of massages.

These are great options for any hobby athlete to ensure they continuously take care of their bodies.

Sports massage. Therapist working with shoulders

Restock his pantry and body with protein powder, nutrition bars or Gu

All fitness junkies need some help in their nutrition to make sure they're doing everything they can to optimize their bodies.

Regardless of whichever activities your lucky recipient partakes in, protein powder, nutrition bars or some good ol' Gu are wonderful options to help their intake of the right stuff!

Maybe even check out some liquid IV packs for hydration?

Scoop of protein powder, sports drink in glass, shaker and heavy black dumbell.

Gift him some gains with adjustable dumbbells

Get some of these adjustable dumbbells for some good old strength training!

It doesn't matter if your guy isn't a gym rat, because even if he prefers running, swimming, biking, tennis, or softball, cross-training is an important part of any sport!

Closeup shot of two dumbells placed on dark wooden surface

Improve his regimen with personal training sessions by a certified PT

Invest in a couple of sessions with a professional trainer relating to their sport!

This is a great opportunity for them to learn a lot in a short time, or help boost some confidence for the next race or athletic goal

Personal trainers are all over the place in different price ranges. Check them out on sites like these!

Happy middle aged man discussing something with fitness instructor or personal trainer and smiling

Stretching is important, especially after your 50th! So get him a yoga mat with alignment guides

These yoga mats with alignment guides are fantastic additions to the stretch room.

Combine it with a foam roller set and you got yourself a gift kit that they'll appreciate it both emotionally and physically.

Handsome young man doing exercise with yoga foam roller

Let him be fly while flyin' with some running or biking sunglasses

Get them some nice UV-protecting sports sunglasses!

These are game changers for any runner or biker doing their summer workouts, or that happen to live in warmer climates.

Runner man in sportswear and sunglasses

Gift him some great new memories with an outdoor adventure experience

Sometimes a good memory is the best gift, so bless them with an adventure experience in the great outdoors!

Take them rock climbing or zip-lining, or alternatively: offer to cover the sign-up for their next race!

Zip lining in the forest

Zap zap! Gift him an electric muscle stimulator

Again, a 50-year-old fitness junkie is most likely starting to experience the drawbacks of having an older body.

These electric muscle stimulators are amazing additions to the recovery routine, and help with both muscle activation and injury prevention.

Even better is that most likely they don't own this already, because it's yet to become widespread and common.

However I can guarantee that once he starts using it, he'll never stop appreciating it!

An injured athlete applies ems electrodes to his legs to recover muscle tone

Make his 50th special with personalized sports memorabilia

Chances are your recipient also likes to watch sports, so if that is the case, get him some nice sport memorabilia!

Go to sportsmemorabilia.com and browse by sport and team to find the best additions to their mancave in your pricerange.

If you're looking more gifts centered around watching sports instead of partaking, check out my 9 gift ideas for the sports-fanatic dad!


There ya go! 13 Sporty Birthday Gift Ideas for The Fitness Junkie!

Picking out the perfect present is always difficult, but I guarantee you that by simply catering a little bit to his interests and putting in the effort, he’ll appreciate it more than he lets on.

Looking for other gift ideas? Check out our library of gifting guides here!

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