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Birthday Gift Ideas For Men That Run

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Know a man that enjoys heading out regularly to hit those feet against the pavement?

Maybe he just got started on a Couch-to-5k plan, or maybe he’s a long-time marathon runner. Most people will probably be somewhere in-between.

Regardless of what kind of runner he is, I’ve got something in this guide that he’s going to love. See, I’m quite the runner myself, and I know exactly what most of us want!

Getting a gift for someone can be difficult, but the safest way to do it is always by catering to their interests. So, if this sounds like your guy – check out these 14 great birthday gift ideas for men that run!

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For the serious running man I recommend you snag a Heart Rate Monitor to track his training

If he's getting really serious about running, then this one is for him.

A big part of training for a lot of serious runners, especially those gunning for marathons and the like, is heart rate monitoring.

By ensuring that they stay in the correct heart rate "zones" they are able to properly train their body in a way that's going to last them much longer, and keep them running much better.

This handy monitor is a heart rate chest strap that he'll strap on before running, and as a result be able to track his heart rate throughout the entire run and view his progress.

I recommend you go with this one!


Gift him a smartphone armband for easy access to his phone while running

Consider getting him a smartphone armband.

These handy little gadgets simply keeps her phone in place on her arm, so he doesn't have to hold it or bring a belt/vest AND it's a lot easier to access the phone should he need to.

I recommend you go with this one, as it's lasted me for like... 7-8 years now?


Help him stay hydrated outside of running as well with a Smart Water Bottle

One of the most important things any runner can do is to stay hydrated.

We're living in the future, and one of the coolest new athletic hydration gadgets on the market right now is this Smart Water Bottle that lights up and reminds you to drink.

It also keeps water ice cold and just looks super cool!

This is not really for him to bring along on the runs, but to ensure that he stays hydrated in the recovery period - something that is just as (if not more) important!


Make sure he's always seen on early-morning-runs with these light-up LED armbands

Sometimes you've gotta run in the dark, and that sucks.

... but, if you've gotta do it, at least make sure you're safe and seen!

Go above and beyond reflective armbands, with these LED rechargeable ones instead! With these armbands he'll always be seen by any early morning commuter, regardless of how dark it is.


Get him a weather-resistant running jacket for all-weather running

Does it rain a lot where he is?

Trust me, I know the feeling - it feels like I haven't seen the sun in years here in Seattle.

If that's the case for him as well, you've just gotta get him one of these super awesome and lightweight weather resistant running jackets.



Get him a little running fuel gift basket with everything he needs for long runs

All runners need some help with nutrition and fuel to ensure they can surive those long runs.

Regardless of whichever activities your lucky recipient partakes in, protein powdernutrition bars or some good ol' Gu are wonderful options to help her intake of the right stuff!

I recommend putting together a little gift baskets of the various items -- these are things that he's inevitably going to run out of, and is a great addition to the pantry for both the new and experienced runner!


Gift him a massage gun so he can take of those poor, overworked legs

These guns are absolute life savers for running dudes who's trying to make sure their muscles stay young and healthy for as long as possible.

Massage guns to help the post work-out recovery, regardless of sport, and is a game-changer.

Trust me.

Sporty man does sports outdoors on grass: independently does percussion massage with massage gun

Keep encouraging active recovery with this awesome foam roller recovery kit

Get him this active foam roller recovery kit with everything he needs to stretch and massage those sore muscles!

Again, active recovery is the key to staying healthy as a runner but not many people put enough focus on it.

This is the way to do it!


Help him display his running achievements with a personalized medal holder

If you know he's already got a couple of races in his back pocket, or have a few coming up, make sure he can display those beautiful race medals by getting him a personalized medal holder!

I highly recommend you go with this one.


Cover the entry fee for a race he's eying, because sometimes that's all the motivation one needs

If you know he's eyeing a race, or you feel like he just needs a little bit more of an encouragement - why not cover his next race fee!

And no, it doesn't have to be a marathon. It can be a half, a 10k, a 5k... all races are valid, and all them cost money!

Find a race near him at www.runningintheusa.com and cover the fee!


male runner leader running marathon city race

Help improve circulation and recovery on runs with compression running socks

Compression socks are a must-have for any serious runner!

They avoid chafing, blisters and swelling - and as a result can help prevent a whole heap of injuries.

I highly recommending getting her a pack of these, as not only are they the best rated on the market in terms of actual functionality - they look SUPER cute as part of pretty much any running outfit.



Gift him a LuluLemon running belt so that he'll always have access to his phone and keys on runs

If your recipient isn't going for very long distances yet and might not need a whole running vest yet, consider getting them this LuluLemon running belt!

It holds enough room for things like her phone, AirPods, a nutrition bar and her keys while still feeling super lightweight. In fact, I can't even tell that it's there when I'm running.


Go above and beyond by getting him a smart running watch

If he doesn't have one already, or his is getting too old, this is probably the greatest gift you can get a runner.

Garmin or Apple Watch will allow her to easily track his workouts, monitor his heart rates, connect his music and do everything else you need for the perfect workout.

For runners I would personally go with the Garmin Forerunner 255


Keep him hydrated on long runs with a hydration running vest

Once those runs start getting longer, so does the bodies need for continued fuel and hydration.

The best way any runner can ensure they always have the fuel they need for long runs on hand is a running vest, and the best one for your money out there is going to be this one.

The vests are amazing for any runner who's going the distance, and contains over a gallon of water and lots of room for phone, keys, and bars.


And There You Have It! 15 Birthday Gift Ideas For Men That Run

Picking out the perfect present is always difficult, but I guarantee you that by simply adding some love and thoughtfulness combined with a little effort, he’ll appreciate it more than he could ever let on.

If he's a runner and you get him one of these presents, you're directly catering to his interests, which already makes you a winner and gift-giving!

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