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Birthday Gift Ideas For Men That Are Just Dudes

Birthday of guy

Are you looking for a birthday present for a guy that’s just, you know, a dude?

Like I’m sure he’s a great guy, with lots of his own interests and passions. But at the end of the day, he’s just a guy.

Well, there are a lot of guys out there – and while I’ll steer clear of trying to offend by male audience, guys are notoriously simple in what makes them happy.

So, in this guide, I’ve put together 11 great and simple gifts I think are wonderful for just another dude.

Let’s get into it!

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Booze is always a hit, get him his favorite bottle!

Sometimes the best present is something consumable, especially if your dude has ever said things like "I already have everything I need" when you ask him what he wants for his birthday.

Figure out what his favorite booze is and buy him a bottle!

If you want to make it more personal or add something cheap to it, check out these lighthearted gifts for men.

Scotch whiskey bottle and glasses

Customize a high quality leather wallet for him

High quality. Customizable. Amazing print design.

This leather wallet is always a big hit among any man who seriously needs to replace that ancient wallet of his.

And it's a little personal, since you can put his name on it!


Gift him a bluetooth speaker so he can easily bring his favorite tunes around

Why not get him a simple and useful present like a bluetooth speaker?

Everyone's gotta have one, and you can always find use for something as portable as this.

If he doesn't have one already, this will be a great addition to his inventory!


Dudes often like to watch other dudes play sports, so let him rep his favorite team with a jersey

If he's a dude dude, and likes sports, then there's one thing I've learned throughout my years as a purchasing professional: guys can never have enough sports gear.

Get a jersey of his favorite team, regardless of sport!

Example for ya.


Funny, easy, and long lasting novelty T-shirts are huge hits with dudes

There's a lot of fun novelty t-shirts out there, and I think they make for excellent presents for guys that are just dudes.

There's a bunch of really fun novelty T-shirts out there. I recommend going with a hobby of his, or a show or a passion he's got (think Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, that nerdy stuff) or something that's just a pun or funny.

I don't know. But they always love it. And I promise you he's gonna wear that T-shirt for way too many years.

There's a lot of fun ones on Amazon, but I also recommend going Snorgtees.


Make sure this guy gets to drive in a sparkly clean car

Is he a dude, and does he have a car?

Then get him a car detailing kit!

I think it's a fun and great present for anyone who likes to keep their car in good health.


Hot sauce. Guys love hot sauce.

Every guy I've met loves hot sauce, for some reason?

So get him a hot sauce gourmet kit like this.


Vinyl players work for everyone, so get him one with a couple records to boot

There's a lot of really affordable vinyl record players out there; with this one being my favorite!

There's a lot of fun records out there as well, so if he's already got a player you could just get him some records as well!


Customize a jigsaw puzzle for him with his most unflattering photo

One of my all time favorite gifts will always be the personalized jigsaw puzzle.

It is easy, affordable, customizable with literally any photo, and can work for so many different people and occasions.

For the best results, go with this one! Have a photo ready that you want it to slap on there, and you're good to go.

I personally love going with a horribly unflattering photo of my recipient, but you do whatever you think is best.


Make sure he can always slap together a homegame with a brand new Poker Set

Support bad gambling habits with a poker set for him!

I think it's a necessity for every dude household to have at least one poker set readily available.

This one is perfect, and comes with everything he would need!


Keep him hydrated with a high quality hydro flask

Every guy needs a water bottle they're going to keep for way too long to keep them hydrated, so get him some real quality with a Hydro Flask like this one.


You can customize it and everything, and it'll actually encourage him to drink more water.


And there you have it! 11 Great Birthday Gift Ideas For Men That Are Just Dudes

No matter what type of gift you decide to give for him upcoming birthday, the most important thing is that it comes from the heart.

Whether you pick one of our recommendations or come up with something entirely unique on your own, just try your best to show some interest in his personality and you'll already be doing great.

Need gift ideas for someone else? Check out our other gift-giving guides right here.

Good luck!

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