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Birthday Gift Ideas For Men: Aspiring Artist Edition

Attentive man painting bowl

Did the midlife crisis of your husband, dad or buddy come in the form of an artistic vision?

Maybe he’s been drawing his whole life and just enjoy spending time with his hobby — or maybe he’s an aspiring artist ready to take Banksy head on!

Regardless, sometimes you’re gonna have to get that guy a present – and what better way than to cater to his interests?

In this edition of our gift-giving guides I’ll give you 13 GREAT birthday gift ideas for men that truly taps into their inner artists.

Let’s get into it!

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Give him the gift of seeing himself do something he loves with an artsy professional photoshoot!

Did you know almost nobody has photos of them partaking in their hobby, or something they love?

Change that!

Arrange a photoshoot with a professional photographer, or a semi-professional photography friend where he's either in his studio, painting outdoors or just vibing with a pen and paper.

cropped view of professional male photographer with digital photo camera in photo studio

Get him a personalized sketchbook with his name or initials engraved!

Get a custom-made personalized sketchbook with his name engraved.

If you feel like that one comes off a bit too feminine (though there's nothing wrong with that gents!) you can also be a little extra and get one of these custom leather sketchbooks instead!

Vintage notebook with leather cover

Help him pass the time on his journeys with a travel sketch kit

Make sure he can take his hobby on the go by getting him a travel sketch kit like this one!

No more boring plane rides.

Or trains, for you eco-friendly Europeans.

Man drawing an airplane with ink on his sketchbook while waiting at the airport

Make his life easier by simply getting him a high-quality drawing pencil set

Art supplies can be pricy for a hobby artist to keep up with because although they don't cost much outright, things like drawing pencils need to be constantly replaced.

So help him out and get him a high-quality drawing pencil set like this one!

graphite pencil on hand-drawn academic drawing

Gift him a whole set of paint in whichever style he prefers!

Get him a paint-set in whatever his preferred method of artistry is, or maybe one he's mentioned that he has wanted to try?

There are a million ways to paint and get creative out there, but the most common ones will be:






Paint brush in clay jug and art painter tool on abstract background texture. Paintbrush painting

Buy your way to his heart by getting him a Wacom drawing tablet (I'm not being dramatic)

Want to treat him real damn nice? Maybe you're going in with the boys, or your siblings?

Then I got the greatest gift you could possible get him right here:

A Wacom drawing tablet.

The price range goes all the way from $50 to like $4000, so find one your price range and he'll appreciate you you forever, guaranteed.

Personally I know that the Wacom Intuos is a great option for its price.

Graphic tablet with pen, close-up photo.

Keep his shirts clean and add a personalized touch by giving him a custom made apron

If he likes to paint at all, he'll need an apron -- so get him a cool and personalized one!

They're super fun and easy to get, and it just has that extra splash of love and customization that really makes a good gift stand out.

You can do it on Amazon right here. Don't worry, he does not have to be a female art teacher to get a customized apron like the product title says. I promise.


Brighten up his mood and space with a daylight spectrum desk lamp

Get him a desk lamp with a daylight spectrum so that he can focus on his work regardless of what time it is.

Fun fact: these lamps also help with anxiety!


Put him in back in school by gifting him a good ol' fashioned art class

Especially if he's in the starting stages, signing him up for an art class or workshop either online or in person can be a great gift!

This is something that people are often hesitant to do themselves, but is such a valuable and exciting way to engage with their skills!

And listen, even if he's one of those "I don't read the manual" kinda guys you can just tell him to suck it up.

Attending art class with friends

Help him match his colors by gifting him a color wheel with mixing guides

Get him a color wheel with a mixing guide like this one!

It's a really useful tool to have for any painter and a must-have in any hobby-studio.

However, it's really cheap so I'd recommend getting it in conjunction with something else; either on this list or... a bottle of booze?

My gramps liked to paint trees and flowers on canvas in the basement while sipping a little glass of scotch when I was a kid and I used to love watching. Miss that man.

A little sentiment from my past there for ya.

Sue me.

Young Fashion designer man working with color wheels

Keep it simple and gift him as many stretched canvas in different sizes you can muster

Just get her a bunch of canvas in various sizes he can knock himself loose on!

For this one, I recommend you go to your local department store selling art supplies, or Dickblick.


Empty horizontal canvas on wooden easel in modern and cozy room. Canvas mock up

Make him blush by turning one of his paintings or drawings into a custom jigsaw puzzle.

Okay, I've done this one twice and I can guarantee you that it works. Even if he's ashamed of his paintings (because all artists are for some reason) he'll at least get a good laugh out of it.

Go over to Shutterfly, upload your favorite painting or drawing of his, and make a custom-made jigsaw puzzle from his art!

Now if that's not creative and personal I don't know.


Jigsaw puzzle

Gift him the best high-end drawing pen on the market: the illustrious Rotring

Get him the nicest high-end drawing mechanical pencil on the market: a Rotring.

Combine it with a sketchbook, and you got a whole little set going that he's sure to use.

And slap a bottle of scotch from my gramps on there too, because why not.



And There You Have It! 13 Solid Birthday Gift Ideas For Men: Aspiring Artist Edition!

No matter what type of gift you decide to give for him upcoming birthday, the most important thing is that it comes from the heart.

Whether you pick one of our recommendations or come up with something entirely unique on your own, just try your best to show some interest in his hobbies and you'll already be doing great.

Need gift ideas for someone else? Check out our other gift-giving guides right here.

Good luck!




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