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Birthday Gift Ideas for Men: Musician edition

Male musician playing banjo sitting chair indoor.

Whether he’s been playing since he was in the middle school band, or the midlife crisis just hit hard in the form of a musical instrument, catering to his interests is crucial in making a happy birthday boy!

This guide will cover 14 great birthday gift ideas for men that revolves all around music. Regardless of skill level and which instrument he plays, there are ideas in here for everyone.

Contrary to popular belief, getting presents around music for a musician doesn’t have to cost you your first-born child or an organ. I promise.

Check it out!

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Personalize his style with some customized guitar picks

Don't worry, I'll cover more than guitars in this guide - but an easy gift for any guitar player regardless of skill level is guitar picks.

And if you're gonna get them some, make sure to personalize them! Slap their initials on them, their college logo, their favorite musician, or art you think they'll love.

You can customize the perfect picks right here.

Guitar Plectrums

Gift him the beauty of high-quality audio recording with a microphone

Regardless of what instrument they play, microphones can let them not just record themselves jamming out to tunes - but one of the best ways that musicians get better is by recording themselves, hearing it back, and analyzing what went wrong, what they like or don't like.

Maybe they've also wanted to record a few songs just because?

This one is definetely the most bang for your buck, and provides excellent quality.

(trust me, the iPhone/AirPod microphones are not good)

Man playing guitar online at home

Gift him safety for his instrument on the go with a new gig bag

A lot of amateur or newer musicians lack a sturdy and safe gig bag for their instrument!

Whether it's brass, orchestral or guitar, there are gift bags for all sorts of instruments out there that can help protect their instrument in transit.

Check them out here or type in "instrument gig bag"

Acoustic guitar gig bag isolated on a white background

Up his range of musicianship with a looping station

Learning how to play with loops is challenging, but boy is it fun!

If you're unsure what I'm talking about, watch the talented Ed Sheeran demonstrate in the video attached.

It's an awesome skill that can create some truly amazing pieces of music, so encourage your recipient by getting them their very own looping station!

You can either get the best in test here for about $120, or the more affordable options here for about $50.




Gift him true beauty: a customized wooden music stand

For pretty much any musician except piano players a music stand is crucial to be able to read their sheet music, so get them one.

And not just any basic one, because they might already have that = I'm talking a nice customized one! Check out all the beautiful music stands you have to choose from right here or here.



Gift him a capo, every guitarists necessity

... continuing with the guitarists, get them a new high-quality capo!

A capo is a small device that you put on the end of the guitar neck to switch the pitch around. It essentially increases the range of any guitar player and is a must-have for any amateur and aspiring musician.

Close-up of an acoustic guitar on a blurred background.

Gift him some awesome new sheet music

If you go to most music stores or Amazon, you can select from a near infinite amount of these sheet-music books that range from classic rock, R&B, movie scores, game music or literally anything else you can think of.

Make sure you pick a book for the right instrument, then simply scroll through what you think they'll enjoy the most!

For example, my piano-playing uncle is a massive World of Warcraft fan, so I got him this piano sheet music book with music from the game and he loved it!

You can also sort by genre, or artist! Does your recipient happen to love Alicia Keys? Johnny Cash? Billie Joel? Beyonce? Options are endless.


Gift him time. Or at least the ability to keep track of it with a beautiful metronome!

A metronome is a little device that musicians use to keep time.

It also happens to be the most terrible piece of equipment most musicians use, because not only does it remind them how hard it is to keep time - but it's continuously making a clacking sound every beat which can get real annoying real quick.

So lessen their pain and encourage practicing by getting them one of these beautiful metronomes!

Regardless of which instrument they play, this will be a wonderful gift that is not only useful, but looks beautiful in their room, living room or studio as well.


Vintage metronome, on a dark background.

Maintenance is important, so gift him an instrument maintenance kit!

All instruments require regular maintenance, so get them a kit that helps them on the way!

Just type "maintenance kit for instrument" into your favorite online shop, ask a clerk in person at a music store, or scroll through the options here.

Maintenance of musical instruments. Cleaning the fretboard and guitar strings Hands of a man wearing

Gift him a years subscription to MasterClass so he can really up his skill

MasterClass offers some absolute spectacular courses in all sorts of areas, but it truly excels within music.

Whether it's composing, a specific instrument, looping or music theory - the experts show off some truly great classes.

Gift them a years subscription to MasterClass! (don't worry, I'm not sponsored!)

Man playing piano

Music-themed or sheet music art makes for an excellent personalized gift

One of my favorite gifts to give people is customized art work that really enhance their personality, while still looking great on the wall.

Find a high quality photo of something music-related that will mean a lot to them. A great hit that always does well is printing out a part of sheet music from their favorite song, most rehearsed piece, favorite piece to play or a song that has a lot of meaning to them.

Back in 2015 I printed out the sheet music for Billy Joel's Vienna for my aunt and uncles 25th wedding anniversary, as that was their "first dance" song at their wedding, and my aunt teared up.

This is the site I used!


Refresh them strings by gifting your favorite string player some new ones

Guitar, violin, viola, cello -- don't matter, they're gonna need new strings!

These are easy top-up presents that are always useful and show that you actually care about their hobbies and interests.

I am a big fan of simple gifts to cater to hobbies and have actual uses!

Here are the guitar string options, but you can just replace guitar with whatever instrument you need to get ahold of!

Young Musician Playing Guitar At Home

Keep up his banging game by gifting a set of quality drumsticks

If the midlife crisis came with a brand new drum set, they'll also need drumsticks. These are the standard ones for sets, or if you want to give them some variety you can get them a pack like this with different sticks to play around with!

... obviously he already has drumsticks, but new ones, or some cool looking ones, never hurt!

Keep it simple!

Wooden Drumsticks On Wooden Table

Gift him the ability to stay in tune with a new quality tuner

A tuner is a little device that helps musicians stay, well, in tune.

These are great for absolutely every instrument except for piano players, and are super affordable (coming in at just $15).

Just make sure that they don't have one already!


And There You Have It! 14 Great Birthday Gift Ideas For Men: Musician Edition!

No matter what type of gift you decide to give for him upcoming birthday, the most important thing is that it comes from the heart.

Whether you pick one of our recommendations or come up with something entirely unique on your own, just try your best to show some interest in his hobbies and you'll already be doing great.

Need gift ideas for someone else? Check out our other gift-giving guides right here.

Good luck!

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