18 Clever Birthday Gift Ideas For The Chronic Handyman

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Have you ever had a man say something along the lines of: “Damn if I’m gonna pay $700 for someone to come fix it when I can just do it myself“?

Do you need to get that guy a present?

You’ve come to the right place!

In this edition of our gift-giving guide, I’ll go over 18 great gift ideas for the chronic handyman.

Whether he’s just a normal dude who likes to fix up random things around the house on the weekends or a professional amateur with his own little shop set-up in the garage, I’ve got some great inspiration for you!

But first, try to figure out if he has any of the items below

Tools case. Seniour handyman repairing washbasin at the kitchen

Any chronic handyman needs his tools, which means he probably already has them. Before getting overly creative with your ideas, check if he lacks any of the following (or maybe they’ve just got too old).

  1. Quality toolset: The bread and butter of DIY, and therefore the most important.
  2. A power drill: A reliable and powerful drill is necessary for a lot of projects.
  3. Toolbox: Gotta have a place to put all the nails and screws and tools!
  4. Toolbelt: Convenience in the workplace is always a plus, toolbelts bring just that.
  5. Multitool: Essentially a Swiss Army Knife. A necessary tool to have in the set!
  6. Cordless circular saw: It’s a portable and efficient saw that cuts wood and other stuff.
  7. Work gloves: All handymen need a pair of sturdy gloves to protect their hands during projects.
  8. Safety glasses: Safety first! Make sure he’s got some solid safety glasses!

If you suspect he lacks any of the above, we highly recommend getting him that.

Believe he’s already set on the basics?

Sweet! Let’s get into some more creative ideas!

#9 Literally save his life with a Magnetic wristband

Get him a magnetic wristband! These are super convenient to have while working, as it holds all those screws, nails, and other small metal objects that tend to get lost around the workbench.

Yet for some reason, most people don’t have one. This one he is sure to be appreciated.

#10 gift him humor and help with Woodworking & DIY Books

If he doesn’t already have it, get him the “Bible” of Woodworking and DIY project books: “The Complete Book of Woodworking

We also recommend “The Essential Woodworker“. Or my personal favorite: famous actor and woodworker Nick Offerman’s “Good Clean Fun: Misadventures in Sawdust at Offerman Woodshop” for some amazing tips, humor, and guides!

#11 gift him the feeling of the ultimate handyman with a Home repair manual

In the same vein as the previous recommendation, if your recipient is more of a home improver than DIY woodworker, I recommend getting him the “Complete Home Repair Manual

This book covers absolutely anything that can go wrong in the house.

It’s better than YouTube!

#12 Wood caving tools are 10/10 gifts for any hobby woodworker

If he has shown any interest in woodworking, get him a new set of wood carving tools!

These ($15) are great as an affordable option, but if you want to get him the good stuff I recommend going with these ($120).

Old carving and woodworking tools

#13 gift him hours of fun with DIY project kits

If he’s just recently trying his hand at woodworking or DIY kits, or has shown some interest in it – get him one of these beginner DIY woodworking kits!

The series are all made in Ukraine and have a bunch of different options of things to make that give a gentle and fun introduction to woodworking.

If he’s a seasoned woodworker, this might be a little below his expertise – but can still be a fun and cute little addition to his set-up!

#14 upgrade his Toolbox Air compressor

Air compressors are used to operate pneumatic tools, as well as spray painting, inflating tires, and cleaning/dusting. It’s a necessary tool for any aspiring handyman!

I recommend you go with this one – but you can also ask your local Lowes/Home Depot associate for some great recs.

#15 … or gift an Electric sander

Step up his tool set by getting an electric sander! This is a tool used to sand wood and other materials quickly and efficiently and is wonderful for larger household projects.

We recommend you go with the DEWALT or the RYOBI.

Man sanding wood with orbital sander in a workshop

#16 gift him personalized gear with a Customized workshop apron

Get him a quality customized leather workshop apron with pockets for tools, hangers, and a variety of other little qualities. The best part, you can engrave it with his name for optimal personalization!

If you wanna go all out, head over to leatherbydragonfly.com and check out their variety of customizable options (this one will last him for life).

For a more affordable option, you can also just go with the Briteree.

From: Leather By Dragonfly

#17 let him learn the ways from a professional with Woodworking classes

Enroll him in some local workshop classes near you! Simply Google “woodworking classes near me” and see all the options that pop up.

These classes are often taught by incredibly experienced experts, and your recipient is guaranteed to get some great knowledge out of it.

#18 Magnetic tool holder is a great gift of convenience

These are magnetic strips or racks that he can slap on the wall to help organize and keep his most frequently used tools in one place.

More importantly, it’s a place he can put all the little screws and nails that tend to roll all over the place and get lost.

I recommend this one.

Wood artist in workshop, using woodworking machinery, mid section

And there you have it. 18 Clever Birthday Gift Ideas For The Chronic Handyman!

Regardless of what you end up getting him, just make sure it comes from the heart – and that you recognize his interests and passions. I’m sure he’ll appreciate it either way.

Didn’t feel like any of these recommendations quite hit the spot? No worries!

I have tons of other guides available for birthday gift ideas for men, including one for dads, the sports-obsessed, the man who has everything, or just some more unique ideas.

Good luck!

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