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Birthday Gift Ideas For High School Girls

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Need to get a present for a girl who’s currently going through the ups and downs of High School?

Lucky for you, not only was I a High School girl once, but I have an army of nieces who either have been or currently are, in High School. As a result, I have become an expert in getting things they will actually like and use.

Of course, without breaking the bank on too fancy things.

Let me give you some inspiration for some birthday gifts!

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Get her the most sought after eyeshadow make-up pallet on the market

For your average High School girl, I truly believe that getting them a fun and highly-rated eye shadow pallet is the way to go.

According to all my niece's Amazon wish-lists, this is for sure the pallet you want to go with.

It's neutral, fun and usable for girls of all races and shapes and styles.


Cute, stylish, and highly useful - the Lovevook backpack

I'm absolutely in love with this stylish and super-functional backpack by Lovevook.

It has everything a High School girl could possibly need, and also just looks super cute.

You bet I woulda rocked this back in my day.


Block out the noise and stress of high school with some noise-canceling headphones

Boy do I wish I had one of these back in my High School days.

Help her block out all the noise with some high quality noise cancelling headphones so she can actually focus on her school work (or you know, not school work at all).

If you want to get her the literal best on the market right now, I recommend you go with these Sony's.

Alternatively a much more affordable option are the Commalta's!

Young Girl with colored long pink hair listen to music with headphones isolated on gray background

Make sure she can read anywhere she wants with a Kindle e-reader

Encourage reading in the best way by getting her an e-book reader like the Kindle Paperwhite.

It's wonderful for any girl who loves to read but has minimal space to hold all her books, and she can even have textbooks uploaded if she wants to!


Sometimes the best ways to relax is to unwind with some mindless TV, gift her a subscription

Sometimes the best gift is one that lets her just absolutely zone out with some garbage TV after a long day of school.

Find out what streaming platform she might enjoy the most, and then get her a few months (or up to a year if you're feeling generous) of that streaming subscription.

The top ones right now are: Netflix, Max, Hulu, Paramount, Disney + and Apple TV.


Happy afro girl applies eye patches and relaxing at home watching tv series. Weekend morning.

Make sure her phone never dies with a portable charger

I think that all girls needs to always carry around a portable charger, if nothing else for her own safety.

So go ahead and get her a portable charger!

And if my niece has taught me anything, it's that her phone is always almost dead.

Kids these days, am-i-right? (my phone is also always dead)


Gift her some graphic Tees that are personal to her

Sometimes fun, graphic T's are the way to go!

Take some time to scroll through all the options out there, and go with something she loves.

I always recommend either going with her favorite TV show, artist or a funny quote you think she'd enjoy.

There's a lot of fun ones on Amazon, but I also recommend going Snorgtees.


Get her the greatest way to capture memories with friends with a polaroid camera

I got this idea for my niece years ago, and I still think its one of the coolest things she has.

Throughout High School, she would document every-day life through polaroid pictures that she took with this camera right here that includes a few packs of film.

When she eventually went off to college, she would hang up all the photos on her dorm wall so the memories were always with her.

It just looks really cute and aestethic as well!


Give her the gift of new and exciting memories with concert tickets

High School girls love concerts.

I know this because I think I went to like five of them every year, back in my day

Find out who's in town next that you think she'll like, and get her tickets for it!

Crowd at concert

Cozy up her room with these trending LED strip lights

Get that chill ambiance that all kids these days are obsessed with for her room.

This one lets her change the color and patterns the way she wants, in addition to just being super easy to assemble.

At this point it's just a staple in every teenagers room.


Make sure she has the ability to blast her music as loud as possible with a bluetooth speaker

I truly believe that some of the best gifts you can get for any girl is something that will add to her room. Hence the lights.

But another great one is a quality bluetooth speaker, so she can blast the most angstiest of tunes and love-songs to her hearts content.

Get her a simple and useful present like a bluetooth speaker!


61iJoQoiVnL._AC_SL1200_ (1)

Keep her hydrated in the most stylish and fancy with way a Smart Water Bottle. Because that exists.

Make sure your girlie stays hydrated, and make sure its in the coolest way possible.

We're living in the future, and one of the coolest new athletic hydration gadgets on the market right now is this Smart Water Bottle that lights up and reminds you to drink.

It also keeps water ice cold and just looks super cool!


Gift her some room decor to really brighten up her space

Again, building off of the whole bedroom-thing, you can never go wrong with some good ol' wall decorations.

Here are the top three I would personally go with:

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

I urge you to take the time to scroll through some options and find something you feel really fits her style! I am well aware that I tend to lean a little overly feminine, and not all girls dig that.


And there you have it! 13 Great Birthday Gift Ideas for the High School Girl

Picking out the perfect present is always difficult, but I guarantee you that by simply catering a little bit to her interests and putting in the effort, she’ll appreciate it more than she lets on.

Looking for other gift ideas? Check out our library of gifting guides here!

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