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Birthday Gift Ideas For High School Boys

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Are you looking for a birthday present for a boy who’s currently just cruising through High School?

And when I say cruising, I mean potentially hucking himself into a brick wall repeatedly until he (hopefully) graduates.

Well then you’ve come to the right place!

Throughout my years in the industry I have heard many frustrated parents and girlfriends unable to figure out what they should get their special little boy. However, shopping for boys is actually incredibly easy, because they’re typically very happy to please!

Check out these 13 great birthday gift ideas for high school boys, I guarantee you they will all be used and appreciated.

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Make sure he's ready for manhood with a fancy grooming kit

High School is typically the time in a young man's career when hair all of a sudden starts appearing on his face.

Make sure he has the necessary tools to handle it with this grooming set right here!

It's teenage boy approved.


Decorate his room for him with some wall decor

You can never go wrong with some wall decor.

For teenage boys I've noticed a fascination with maps, monkeys and anything related to gaming. So I would probably go with something along those lines.

My two personal recommendations for you to get is this one and/or this one.


Keep him hydrated in the most stylish and fancy with way a Smart Water Bottle. Because that exists.

Make sure your boy stays hydrated, and make sure its in the coolest way possible.

We're living in the future, and one of the coolest new athletic hydration gadgets on the market right now is this Smart Water Bottle that lights up and reminds you to drink.

It also keeps water ice cold and just looks super cool!


Make sure he has the ability to blast her music as loud as possible with a bluetooth speaker

Let him blast his music as loud as possible with a Bluetooth speaker.

It is simply part of being a teenager. I don't make the rules.

Get him a simple and useful present like a bluetooth speaker!

61iJoQoiVnL._AC_SL1200_ (1)

Make his room look really cool with these trending LED strip lights

Get that chill ambiance that all kids these days are obsessed with for his room.

This one lets him change the color and patterns the way he wants, in addition to just being super easy to assemble.

At this point, it's just a staple in every teenager's room.


Gift him some brand new memories with concert tickets for a band he loves

High School dudes love concerts.

I think.

Like 90% sure.

Find out who's in town next that you think he'll like, and get him tickets for it!

Crowd at concert

Get him the greatest way to capture memories with friends with a polaroid camera

Make sure he has the ability to capture high school memories in the coolest way possible with a polorid camera that immediately prints out the photos for him to either keep in an album or hang up on the wall.

I would go with this camera right here that includes a few packs of film.




Get him some cool graphic Tees you think he would enjoy

Sometimes fun, graphic T's are the way to go!

Take some time to scroll through all the options out there, and go with something you think he'll really like.

I always recommend either going with his favorite TV show, artist or a funny quote.

There's a lot of fun ones on Amazon, but I also recommend going Snorgtees.


Make sure his phone never dies with a portable charger

Teenagers are on their phones a lot, which means they die a lot, so get him a portable charger!


Kids these days, am-i-right? (my phone is also always dead)


The best ways to relax is to unwind with some mindless TV, gift him a subscription

Sometimes the best gift is one that lets him just absolutely zone out with some garbage TV after a long day of school.

Find out what streaming platform he might enjoy the most, and then get him a few months (or up to a year if you're feeling generous) of that streaming subscription.

The top ones right now are: Netflix, Max, Hulu, Paramount, Disney + and Apple TV.

Teenge boy watching TV at home

Make sure he can read anywhere he wants with a Kindle

Encourage reading by getting him an e-book reader like the Kindle Paperwhite.

It's wonderful for any guy who loves to read but has minimal space to hold all his books (or he's lazy).


Block out the noise and stress of high school with some noise-canceling headphones

Boy do I wish I had one of these back in my High School days.

Help him block out all the noise with some high quality noise cancelling headphones so he can actually focus on his school work (or you know, not school work at all).

If you want to get him the literal best on the market right now, I recommend you go with these Sony's.

Alternatively a much more affordable option are the Commalta's!

Happy biracial teenage boy with headphones sitting at desk

Gift him the sleekest and most convenient backpack on the market

Get him a stylish, sleek, and theft-proof backpack with tons of functionality!

My personal favorite is this one right here. It's great to carry books and laptops, and just looks super clean.


And there you have it! 13 Great Birthday Gift Ideas for the High School Boy

Picking out the perfect present is always difficult, but I guarantee you that by simply catering a little bit to his interests and putting in the effort, he’ll appreciate it more than he lets on.

Looking for other gift ideas? Check out our library of gifting guides here!

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