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Birthday Gift Ideas For Grandpa

Grandpa and grandaughter having fun in garden

Is grandpas birthday coming up? Are you in a predicament because he claims that he already has everything he needs and doesn’t want anything for his birthday?

Well guess what, I’ve been there many times, and I still always manage to get him a birthday present he loves.

So let me share my secrets with you and give you # great and clever 70th birthday gift ideas for grandpa, regardless on whether he wants a present or not.

Let’s get into it!

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Make him feel like the boss he is with a fancy whisky decanter set

You know in those old-timey gangster movies or time dramas where the big boss goes over to a bar cart and pours himself a “scotch and water” from some fancy decanter?

Let your grandpa be that guy by getting him a fancy and high quality whiskey decanter set!

You can find a great variety of different sets in all sorts of price ranges right here.

Whiskey on a wooden table

Put together a custom-made collection of newspaper stories from his birthday

Go to historic-newspapers.com, select his birthday, and get a custom-made collection of the major headlines from that date in a beautiful custom-made leather-wrapped book!

A fun and unique present that really puts into perspective how ancient he is.

Just kidding...

newspaper stack on table

Gift him a high quality personalized leather wallet because his is too old

I have seen too many damn men with wallets as old as time itself, yet they refuse to replace them. Therefore, you must do it for them.

To personalize it you can also get it engraved with a simple message or his name!

Check out your options here.

Leather wallet on the rustic wood background

Commission a an awesome illustration of him, his family or childhood home

Hire an artist or tinker with some of the new fancy Artificial Intelligence technology coming out and get him a custom portrait of either him, the family or his childhood home.

Nostalgia is a powerful tool to use when you want to get grandpa a gift, so I recommend going all-out and finding an artist that you know is going to do a wonderful job.

And you'll support small artists!

Paint brush in clay jug and art painter tool on abstract background texture. Paintbrush painting

Gift him some beautiful music the way it used to be with a vintage vinyl record player and records to go with

Get him a vinyl record player with a few albums of some of his favorite classical, jazz or ballad musicians.

Amazon has some fantastic options of cheap vinyl players like this one, and then its just a matter of finding music you know they'll enjoy from either you local record store or online!

If he already has a vinyl player, consider just getting him a few of their or your favorite records that they don't already own.

Vinyl record player with a plate

Gift him every book in the world with a Kindle E-reader

If he don't already have one, it might be because he's being stubborn and old-fashioned, but I promise you they always come around to loving it.

Get grandpa a Kindle Paperwhite and also go through the trouble of uploading as many books as you can to it, as the technology part of it is usually what turns the older's folks off the Kindles.

My grandpa reads way more now after I got him one, and I still always make sure to help him get whatever book he'd like next.

E-book reader and tea cup

Help him discover his genealogical roots with an Ancestry DNA Kit

Get him a kit from Ancestry that’ll allow him to trace his genetic heritage and explore the family tree!

This is an excellent way to learn all about how he specifically ended up where he is through hundreds of years of ancestors coming together.

Most Americans and Canadians are a mix of tons of different races and ethnicities, and this is a great way for her to connect with her ancestral past and identity.

My grandpa loves researching his genology and finding his long lost second cousins from tiny, obscure Norwegian towns -- maybe yours can as well!


Personalize and customize the perfect photoalbum just for him

Make grandpa a special photobook with personalized messages just for him. Not just another collage of family trips.

Reserve a page for each grandchild with a personalized message from them about how much they love their gramps. Some family photos, memories, photos of grandpa doing things he loves or hanging out with the family.

The options are limitless with this one. You know grandma best so knock yourself out!

I personally recommend using Mixbook. That way you can customize exactly how you want it, and how much money you’re willing to spend.

Grandpa with his grandchildren looking at old photo albums on outdoor terrace on a sunny summer day

Collect all the family recipes into a beautiful custom-made recipe book

If your grandpa is anything like mine, he used to have a million small recipe notecards put in a neat little box stuffed away in the kitchen.

Notecards written with pen 50 years ago that are slowly becoming illegible and stained.

Put together all of grandpas favorite recipes into a customized cookbook that you create on Shutterfly!

Collect the notecards, write them out, and attach some pictures of the grandkids or photos of times she has made the food.

I have a photo of my niece devouring the thanksgiving dressing next to my moms famous green apple turkey dressing. It's super cute.

Vintage recipes on box

Make sure grandpa gets to enjoy his favorite past times with some hobby supplies

Does grandpa have a hobby?

I hope so! Especially if he's finally in retirement.

Get him stuff for his favorite hobbies, whether that be fishing, hunting, golfing, gardening or whatever else grandpas enjoy these days. 

I cover a wide variety of hobbies in my other gifting guides so check out if I've ever touched on your gramps hobby here!

Senior man playing golf

Gift grandpa some beautiful wall-art with all the grandchildren's names and dates

Get him some beautiful wall-art with his grandkid's name and birthdays to show him the dynasty he has created.

Make sure you include all the grandkids, not just one set of kids.

There are tons of different options out there, but my personal favorite is this one.


And there you have it! 11 Great Birthday Gift Ideas for Grandpa He's Bound To Love

Picking out the perfect present is always difficult, but I guarantee you that by simply catering a little bit to his interests and putting in the effort, he’ll appreciate it more than he lets on.

Looking for other gift ideas? Check out our library of gifting guides here!

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