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Birthday Gift Ideas For Grandma That She’ll Actually Love

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Is grandmas birthday coming up and you’re scrambling in panic to find a present that she’ll truly appreciate? Don’t worry, I got you!

If you’re lucky to have a grandma or know of a grandma that truly deserves the world for her innate ability to share lots of love whenever it’s needed, you’ll want to get her a nice present.

That’s why in this edition of my gift-giving guides I’ll give you 13 great birthday gift ideas for grandma that she is actually going to love!

Let’s get into it.

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Gift grandma some beautiful wall-art with all the grandchildren's names and dates

Get her some beautiful wall-art with her grandkid's name and birthdays to show her of the dynasty she has created.

Remind grandma that she is a true matriarch in a beautiful and wholesome way.

Make sure you include all the grandkids, not just one set of kids.

There are tons of different options out there, but my personal favorite is this one.


Help grandma nurture her interests by getting some hobby supplies

Does grandma have a hobby?

I hope so! Especially if she's finally in retirement.

Get her supplies for her favorite hobby, whether that be yarn for knitting, fabric for for quilting, or materials for crocheting.

Maybe grandma even has an unconventional hobby;  it don't matter, get her whatever you can find in that category!

I cover a wide variety of hobbies in my other gifting guides so check out if I've ever touched on your grams hobby here!

Grandma's hands knits a sweater with pink wool.

Collect all the family recipes into a beautiful custom-made recipe book

If your grandma is anything like mine, she used to have a million small recipe notecards put in a neat little box stuffed away in the kitchen.

Notecards written with pen 50 years ago that are slowly becoming illegible and stained.

Put together all of grandmas favorite recipes into a customized cookbook that you create on Shutterfly!

Collect the notecards, write them out, and attach some pictures of the grandkids or photos of times she has made the food.

I have a photo of my niece devouring the thanksgiving dressing next to my moms famous green apple turkey dressing. It's super cute.

Vintage recipes on box

Personalize and customize the perfect photoalbum just for her

Make grandma a special photobook with personalized messages just for her. Not just another collage of family trips.

Reserve a page for each grandchild with a personalized message from them about how much they love grandma. Some family photos, memories, photos of grandma doing things she loves or hanging out with the family.

The options are limitless with this one. You know grandma best so knock yourself out!

I personally recommend using Mixbook. That way you can customize exactly how you want it, and how much money you’re willing to spend.

Grandma laughing with her granddaughter

Gift grandma the perfect customized candle that she's guaranteed to love

You can play this two ways, and I think both are great!

Tons of cities have these "candle bars" where you can go in, and for like $30 make your very own candle with hundreds of scents to choose from.

For example, here in Seattle I've frequented Elm Candle Bar, where I have created candles based on what I think my recipient will like.

So, you can either go custom-make a candle for them and give it to them directly. OR you can turn it into a little experience by going with them to make it, so they can craft it exactly how they want it and you just pay for it.

With a dinner afterwards!  With grandma, I know that quality time is often the best present.

Just google "candle bars near me" and you'll have the perfect minimalist present!

Aromatherapy scented candle with blank label

Get her some high quality luxury bedsheets for the ultimate sleep and nap environment

Do you know the sheet situation of grandma? Because the older she gets, the more important high-quality luxury bedsheets are going to be. 

These are a game changer when it comes to bedsheets.

No more of that Costco crap, get her some real quality bedsheets. She'll thank you forever. Because they will also last forever.


Help her discover her genealogical roots with an Ancestry DNA Kit

Get her a kit from Ancestry that’ll allow her to trace her genetic heritage and explore her family tree!

This is an excellent way to learn all about how she specifically ended up where she is through hundreds of years of ancestors coming together.

Most Americans and Canadians are a mix of tons of different races and ethnicities, and this is a great way for her to connect with her ancestral past and identity.

My grandma loves researching her genology and finding her long lost second cousins from tiny, obscure Norwegian towns -- maybe yours can as well!


Treat grandma to some nice silk pajamas

Gift grandma the ultimate comfort with some nice silk pajamas.

It's cute, it's both vintage and modern, and it is so so comfy.

This is my personal favorite set.

It's especially great if grandma tends to run hot, as it's comfortable without overheating. 

Female manicured hands on white silk

Put as much love as you can into a beautiful locket with all the kids

Try to fit as much of the family as you can into this 4-photo locket.

Such a beautiful and classic way to honor and immortalize family in a family heirloom.

I guarantee you she's going to treasure it forever.


Gift her every book in the world with a Kindle E-reader

If she don't already have one, it might be because she's being stubborn and old-fashioned, but I promise you they always come around to loving it.

Get grandma a Kindle Paperwhite and also go through the trouble of uploading as many books as you can to it, as the technology part of it is usually what turns the older's folks off the Kindles.

My grandma reads way more now after I got her one, and I still always make sure to help her get whatever book she'd like next.

E-book reader and tea cup

Let grandma do some mini-gardening inside with an indoor plant kit

Get her this all-inclusive mini gardening kit she can tinker with inside!

It's especially a great way for grandmas that like gardening to share their love for succulents and small plants with their grandchildren, as the set is perfectly set-up with small tools so that the kids can help out.


Commission a beautiful custom illustration of her, her family or childhood home

Hire an artist or tinker with some of the new fancy Artificial Intelligence technology coming out and get her a custom portrait of either her, the family or her childhood home.

Nostalgia is a powerful tool to use when you want to get grandma a gift, so I recommend going all-out and finding an artist that you know is going to do a wonderful job.

And you'll support small artists!

Artist color wooden palette

Gift her some beautiful music the way it used to be with a vintage vinyl record player and records to go with

Get her a vinyl record player with a few albums of some of her favorite classical, jazz or ballad musicians.

Amazon has some fantastic options of cheap vinyl players like this one, and then its just a matter of finding music you know they'll enjoy from either you local record store or online!

If she already has a vinyl player, consider just getting her a few of their or your favorite records that they don't already own.

Vinyl record player with a plate

And There You Have It! 13 Birthday Gift Ideas For Grandma That She'll Actually Love

Picking out the perfect present is always difficult, but I guarantee you that by simply adding some love and thoughtfulness combined with a little effort, she’ll appreciate it more than she could ever let on.

Looking for other gift ideas? Check out our library of gifting guides here!

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