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Birthday Gift Ideas For Busy Women

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We all have a woman in our life who just works super hard all the time, and we love that for her. Nothing screams empowerment more than a strong female leader in the workplace, regardless of her profession or duties. Or maybe she’s going to school while working. Or maybe she’s just a part of so many activities it’s hard to keep track!

Regardless, sometimes it can be tricky to get that lady a present – even when she deserves it more than anyone.

That is why in this edition of my gift-giving guides I’ve put together 9 great 50th birthday gift ideas for women who are super busy, so that you can make sure she feels loved and appreciated regardless of how busy she is!

Let’s get into it —

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Make sure she gets the opportunity to relax with a spa day

What better way to calm down and treat the busiest lady you know than with well-deserved spa day?

Call up your nearest spa and order her a sweet, sweet day of relaxation.

A massage, facial and some warm bath and sauna time can relax even the most tense woman on the planet.

She's bound to appreciate this one.

Cosmetologist making skincare beauty treatments to middle aged woman in spa salon

Block out the noise and all the stress that comes with it by gifting her noise-cancelling headphones

She might already have headphones, but does she have real noise-canceling ones?

One of the greatest ways to stay focused while working is noise-canceling headphones that she can slap some music or a podcast on.

If you want to get her the literal best on the market right now, we recommend you go with these Sony's.

Alternatively a much more affordable option are the Commalta's!

Audiobooks concept

Make her life a bit more convenient with a multi-device charging station

For the busy lady a good present is often one that helps with convenience and efficiency.

For that reason I really recommend a multi-device charging station, this is especially useful in an area where all these god damn apple products and androids and whatever else all insist on having different charging ports.


Gift her her own personal "secretary" with a personal assistant app subscription

There are a bunch of great personal assistant apps out there, but they all require a subscription. Most will run you between $5-8 a month, so gift her 6-12 months of a personal assistant app!

Personally, I would recommend Calendly, but there are a ton of different options out on the market in different price ranges, so pick one you think she'll enjoy the most!

Focused middle aged woman working online at home

Bless her tastebuds and energy with some gourmet coffee

If there is one thing I've learned about most busy people, is that they absolutely love their coffee.

So make sure she's drinking the good stuff!

Get her a few bags of quality gourmet coffee beans.

Bonus points if you already have a favorite you'd like to share to make it more personal!

Positive middle aged woman drinking coffee while resting on comfortable couch.

Gift her a true lifesaver with a portable charger

Especially great for a girlboss on the move, get her a portable charger!

This ensures that his phone is never dead on the move, and the more he has to use it the better the gift is!


Close up of hand inserting a USB cable charger into portable power bank. Media. Close up of mans

Gift her posture and comfort improvement with an ergonomic laptop stand

If she uses a laptop a lot, consider getting her an ergonomic laptop stand!

This not only makes continuous work from both home, the office, and coffee shops more comfortable - it also helps improve posture.


Bring her home to the office with some persona office desk decor

Bring her a little bit of home on her in-office desk (although it works great for the WFH busy woman as well!).

You can get super creative and personal with this, but some of my top recommendations for you are:

  • Framed photos of the friend-group, family and/or dog
  • Some nice plants for that calming effect they tend to give off (like Bonsais)
Bonsai pine tree

Keep her coffee tempered on the go with a personalized travel mug

Get her a Yeti travel mug. I'm not sponsored or affiliated, I just love my Yeti so much.

It'll keep her coffee hot or cold (depending on how she likes it) the entire day.

It's also great for teas, smoothies, juices or just plain water if that's more her style!


And There You Have It! 9 Great Birthday Gift Ideas For Women Who Are Just SO Busy

Picking out the perfect present is always difficult, but I guarantee you that by simply adding some love and thoughtfulness combined with a little effort, she’ll appreciate it more than she could ever let on.

Recognize that she is busy, and that will show her that you truly see all the hard work she puts in. That will make the gift all that much more special.

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