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Birthday Gift Ideas For Boys That Play Tennis

Young proffesional tennis player doing a serve

If you’re looking to get a birthday present for a boy that plays tennis, this is the guide for you!

When getting a birthday present for someone who matters, you always want to ensure you cater to their hobbies, interests, and passions. If that just so happens to be tennis, you’re in luck, because tennis players are some of the easiest people to shop for!

How do I know this? Well in addition to it being my literal job to buy stuff for people, I’m also an avid tennis player, so I know exactly what’s on top of his wishlist that also wont break your bank.

Let’s get into it!

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Gift him this awesome tennis backpack on the market to make his life just that much easier

Get him this geniously engineered tennis backpack that has several places for him to store tennis balls, rackets and even a special under-pocket storage area for his shoes.

It's one of the greatest inventions in portable tennis, and is not utilized nearly enough.



Get funny with it by getting unique racquet dampeners with all sorts of fun motives and sayings

Get him one of these super inappropriate and hilarious tennis racquet dampeners!

Of course, if he's not into that kind of humor (or maybe a bit too young for it), you can go with some other dampeners customized for him!



Go all out and get him something really special with a tennis sensor for his practice shots

Get him a tennis sensor like this one to measure his speed, analyze strokes and overall help him get better during practice.

The best way to get better in almost any sport is to continuously analyze yourself and see where you can improve, and a device like this one will help him do just that!


Personalize his tennis outfit with this dope and customized tennis visor

Add to his tennis outfit with a personalized tennis visor like this one!

Again, it is up to you to customize it in a way he will love the most - but the one linked comes with a bunch of templates and suggestions for you, and it's super affordable.

I really recommend getting this in conjunction with something else consumable he likes, a restock of tennis balls or something else on this list!


Keep him hydrated in the coolest way with a Smart Water Bottle

One of the most important things any active tennis player can do is to stay hydrated.
We're living in the future, and one of the coolest new athletic hydration gadgets on the market right now is this Smart Water Bottle that lights up and reminds you to drink.
It also keeps water ice cold and just looks super cool!

Help him roll out those muscles with a foam roller recovery kit

Get him this active foam roller recovery kit that comes complete with everything he needs to stretch and massage those sore muscles!
Again, the key to stay healthy as a tennis player is active recovery which is something a lot of athletes don't put enough focus on.
This is the way to do it!

Help his nutrition with a protein shaker and some Whey protein powder

Any tennis player knows that proper muscle recovery involves protein shakes with added nutrients.
Get him this blender bottle, and combine it with a restock of their favorite protein powder! If they don't already have any, I'd recommend going with this one.

Gift him a personalized tennis ball, because it's fun

Why just get him boring, normal tennis ball restocks when you can so easily customize one?

Customize the perfect tennis ball for him with something that you think he'd enjoy! It could be a special message, a photo, his name, or words of wisdom.

He can choose to play with it, or place it in a display case.


Make sure he can always get those practice shots in any time he wants with a tennis ball machine

Help him practice any time he wants, even when he doesn't have a partner, with a tennis ball machine!

I'm sure you've seen these massive contraptions in movies, but it actually doesn't have to be like that at all.

This one from Amazon is small, affordable, and super effective!


Help him get better with personal coaching and tennis lessons

Help him get better with a tennis lesson package!

Find a local coach or professional player and tutor and buy a few lessons for him so that he can improve in the best way possible.

They're easy to find online, just make sure you get someone that is professional and have a good reviews.

Cropped shot of a handsome male coach giving instructions to his younger tennis student on a court

Decorate his walls with something that actually matters to him with a vintage tennis poster

I love gifting wall-art of peoples passions, because people so rarely get anything for themselves.

Get him a vintage tennis poster! It can be whatever you want, but I for one am a massive fan of this one specifically.


Gift him something useful but personal with a customized tennis towel

Get him a personalized and embroidered tennis towel like this one!

Bridging the gap between functional, useful and personable are gifts like these. Something that most tennis players have, but don't have personalized.

It's a great way for you to show just how into supporting his hobbies and passions you are!


Looking for something easy and affordable? Get him this tennis ball saver

If you're looking at getting him a gift that you might combine with something else (like wine or candies or anything else on this list), I recommend going with something cheap and functional like this tennis ball saver.

These functions as way to keep the tennis balls fresh and bouncy for longer, and not just rattling around in their bags or around the house.


Capture his favorite tennis memories by getting him a tennis display case for that one special ball

Get him a ball display case like this one so he can cherish his favorite ball!

It could be from the first game he won, an autographed ball from a game he's gone to, or a customized tennis ball.

Whatever the reason, it's a wonderful way to display something cherished.

I am aware that the product linked is advertised as a baseball display case, but don't worry, it fits the tennis ball just fine as well.



And there you have it! 15 Sporty Birthday Gift Ideas for Boys That Play Tennis!

Picking out the perfect present is always difficult, but I guarantee you that by simply catering a little bit to his interests and putting in the effort, he’ll appreciate it more than he lets on.

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