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Birthday Gift Ideas For Boys: The Aspiring Athlete

African American teenage boy tying his shoe laces on a basketball court

If you’re getting a birthday gift for a teenage boy who loves to stay active, participates in sports and does what he can to improve both himself and his skills, this is the gifting guide for you.

Any aspiring athlete is a good athlete, because it means they are continously putting themselves through hard things (which is difficult at a young age!). Therefore, you really want to encourage them to keep going.

In this gifting-guide, I will give you 13 wonderful birthday gift ideas for boys that are always staying in motion, so that you can really knock it out of the park when it comes the birthday gift this year!

Let’s get into it.

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Whether it's his main sport or not, it don't matter: a basketball rebounder is an excellent gift

The beauty of basketball is that it doesn't have to be his main sport for him to truly be able to enjoy and play it.

It's a great activity that can be played casually as a way to stay active, and he doesn't even have to be an athlete to appreciate it!

If he has a hoop at home, get him this rebounder so he can practice his shots!




Keep him hydrated in the coolest way with a Smart Water Bottle

One of the most important things any athlete can do is to stay hydrated.

We're living in the future, and one of the coolest new athletic hydration gadgets on the market right now is this Smart Water Bottle that lights up and reminds you to drink.

It also keeps water ice cold and just looks super cool!


Make sure that he's got some of the latest and freshest sports gear out there

Update his sports gear!

Depending on what sport they play, this will obviously vary, but I think any gift that truly caters to his hobby is one he's going to appreciate a lot.

Some examples:

New set of basket or soccer balls for ball-players.

Throwing net for the aspiring quarterback.

New set of running shoes for track and field athletes.

Or anything from my golf gifting guide for the golfer!


football placed in the corner of a football field

Help his nutrition with a protein shaker bottle and some Whey protein powder

Any gym rat or athlete knows that proper muscle recovery involves protein shakes with added nutrients.

Get him this blender bottle, and combine it with a restock of their favorite protein powder! If they don't already have any, I'd recommend going with this one.


Gift him some updated gear with a sick smartwatch

If he doesn't have one already, or his is getting too old, this is probably the greatest gift you can get a fitness junkie.


Garmin or Apple Watch will allow him to easily track his workouts, monitors his heart rates, connect his music and do everything else you need for the perfect workout.

(if he's a runner I'd go with the Garmin)

using smart watch

Make him look fly while sweating with some personalized athletic gear

Why just get him sports gear when you could get him customized or engraved gear with his name or initials?


Depending on which climate you're in, get him a light runner or biking jacket with his name on it that is sure to stand out!

Teenager boy running exercising on treadmill machine at sports gym

Encourage active recovery with a massage gun

These guns are absolute life savers for the athletic guy who's trying to make sure his muscles stay young and healthy for as long as possible.

Massage guns to help the post work-out recovery, regardless of sport, and is a game-changer.

Trust me.

Sporty man does sports outdoors on grass: independently does percussion massage with massage gun

Help him root for his favorite team with sports memorabilia

Chances are your recipient also likes to watch sports, so if that is the case, get him some nice sport memorabilia!


Go to sportsmemorabilia.com and browse by sport and team to find the best additions to their boyroom in your pricerange.


Give them access to all the equipment they could ever need with a gym membership

I mean this one is almost too obvious, isn't it?

If all they have access to is a high school gym or a home set-up (nothing wrong with that), wont you treat them to a couple months at a real gym?

Find the closest/highest rated gym (think LA fitness, 24 Hour fitness etc), and get him a membership!

Regardless of what sport he plays, cross-training is crucial for any athlete to become the best they can be.

Equipment Rack in Gym

Help them roll out those muscles with a foam roller recovery kit

Get him this active foam roller recovery kit that comes complete with everything he needs to stretch and massage those sore muscles!

Again, the key to a proper athlete that a lot of (teenage boys especially) don't put enough focus on, is active recovery. This is the way to do it!


Get unique and creative with it and get them a sports subscription box

Get him a subscription box related to fitness!

It can either be in related to general fitness, yoga, gym-ratty stuff, or something tailored to his specific sport. Check out some of your options right here.

If he plays football, the Gridiron subscription box has by far the best value out of any subscription box I've ever seen!


Sports and games are best with friends, so get him a Spikeball set

The latest and greatest social game that managed to get kids and teenagers off their iPads and back on the lawn again was Spikeball.

This is one of the most fun and active games that he can play with his friends. It's easy to bring with so he can take it to the park, to school for recess, to play before or after practice, or just have some friends over for some good ol' active fun.

This one is great for all ages and fitness levels, so if he doesn't already have a Spikeball set I CANNOT recommend it enough.

I even have one, and I hate sports.


Treat him nice with some wireless headphones, such as AirPods

If you really want to treat him nice, then you gotta go with the AirPods.

Assuming his are getting old, or he doesn't have any, AirPods (or wireless headphones in general) are a must have for any athlete.

It allows them to comfortably listen to their favorite music or podcasts while participating in their respective activity.

Excellent for runners, bikers, gymrats and any sport that requires tedious repetition of the same motion over and over (so pretty much all of them).



And there you have it! 13 Sporty Birthday Gift Ideas for The Aspiring Athlete!

Picking out the perfect present is always difficult, but I guarantee you that by simply catering a little bit to his interests and putting in the effort, he’ll appreciate it more than he lets on.

Looking for other gift ideas? Check out our library of gifting guides here!

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