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Birthday Gift Ideas For Bartending Men

Mixologist making refreshing cocktail with vermouth at home

Do you know a man who loves to put together a nice cocktail or two?

You’re not alone.

If you’re looking to get a birthday present for a mixologist or bartender, you’re in luck, because they’re some of the easiest people to buy for!

Whether he’s just a hobby bartender, or works full time, there’s going to be something in here that he’ll appreciate. Make sure you support his craft by getting him a gift he’ll truly appreciate.

Let’s get into it!

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Get him some brand new copper Moscow Mule mugs for... you know, Moscow Mules

I LOVE Moscow mules, even though they're one of the simplest drinks to make.

Something about the balancing of mint, lime and ginger with the vodka just always hits the spot.

Traditionally, this drink is served in Moscow mule cups - so if you don't think he has any, or he needs more, or his are ugly - get him some fancy new ones!

I like to combine these gifts by getting him a bottle of nice vodka, some Cock 'n Bull ginger beer, and a couple of limes. This way, he can start making the drink right away if he'd like! AND it makes the gift look a lot better than just a couple mugs.

Nothing wrong with that though, in my humble opinion.


Take his bartending to the next level with a fancy aromatic cocktail smoke kit

If you want to go real fancy with it, and you know he's got some experience doing mixology or just likes to try new things, you've got to go with this aromatic cocktail smoke kit.

It's used to create entire new and unique smoky flavors to a variety of cocktails, and takes any beginner or intermediate bartender up to expert level.

Or at least, on the way to expert.


Gift him a vintage cocktail poster to help decorate the space a bit

Nothing sets the home bars stage better than some beautiful wallart to set the scene.

Get him an amazing and cool-looking vintage cocktail poster that highlights his passion for the bar!

My two favorites ones are this one and this one.


Make sure he can show off his bottles in the coolest way possible with LED liquor shelf

Light up his liquor and let him show off his favorite bottles on full display with this amazing LED Light-up liquor shelf!

It looks amazing, is unique, and truly sets him apart from any other hobby-bartender with their lame and stale barcarts.




Gift him some super cool ice molds to help cool down the presentation (get it??)

What's cocktails without fancy ice?

Get him a few different molds so that he can put together all sorts of fun shapes and sizes of ice cubes!

I recommend going with these spheres ones, and these massive cube ones.

So chic.


Make sure he's protected from them spills with a customized cocktail apron

Get cute with it and get a custom apron with his name or a silly nickname like "household bartender" or "cocktail chef".

Opportunities are endless here for a fun, personalized, and cute present!


Gift him a set of cocktail syrups so he can really get to experimenting

In a similar vein to the bitters, more syrups opens up more cocktails - and also gives him more opportunities to experiment!

I'd go with this amazing little syrup variety pack right here, and maybe get him a bottle of a nice mixing alcohol he likes to go with it?

I'm a big fan of combining different smaller gifts into one bigger one, so add more things onto it for a lovely little basket!


Expand his flavor pallet with this amazing bitters set

Bitters are very concentrated spices and alcohol muddled together in a tiny bottle. There are a million different bitters, but I love this set the most.

This really allows him to open up his repertoár of drinks available, and can lead to some serious experimenting.



Take his ingredient list to the next level with an indoor herb garden kit

This one might be more for the more advanced mixologist, but the wonderful thing about this present is that it always doubles up as a wonderful addition to the normal cooking-part of the kitchen.

A lot of cocktail enjoy the use of herbs like mint and basil, and this little indoor garden kit is perfect for it!

Check out the best on the market right here!


Treat him to a nice high-end bottle of his favorite booze

The most obnoxious, and expensive part, part about mixology and hobby-bartending is the price of booze, and the constant need for restock.

If he's a hobby-bartender, you can probably get him pretty much any bottle and he'll be excited - because even if he's already got it, he's inevitably going to run out again eventually.

However, I recommend you do some prodding and figure out exactly which bottles he's looking for the most - then it's just a matter of finding something that's in your pricerange!


Bottle with rum

Gift him some engraved and unique cocktail glasses

Can't serve a drink without something cool to serve it in, so get him some personalized and customized engraved cocktail glasses!

These are both high-quality, look amazing and are perfectly set-up for you customize them in any way you think she might enjoy the most.

I recommend just going with his name, but a special message can also be a hit. You know him best, so get creative with it!


Personalize hIS cocktail making workspace with a customized bar sign

Bling out his bar set-up by getting him a personalized and customized bar sign!

It's a great way to create a space that's more fun and exciting to bartender in, and of course to delve into his hobby.


Go with the obvious and gift him a professional cocktail shaker set with all the tools needed

The most obvious choice of course a professional cocktail shaker set.

Now if he's already been at this for awhile, chances are he's already got a pretty cool set-up. However, if he's just now entering the cocktail shakin' home bizz, this is the perfect gift.



And There You Have It! 13 Fantastic Birthday Gift Ideas For Men Who Loves To Bartend

Picking out the perfect present is always difficult, but I guarantee you that by simply adding some love and thoughtfulness combined with a little effort, he’ll appreciate it more than he could ever let on.

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